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?Draco’s Room?

“Ahhhhh!!!” Pearl cried out loudly and Draco stopped.

“I’m sorry Gem!” he apologized, feeling bad to see her in pains.

She ignored her pain and kssed him, hanging her hands on his neck.

With their lips sealed, he devoured her tiny mouth, pushing his to.ngue deep inside her.


He trailed the kss down to her neck and licked a particular spot.

His long fangs grew out and he used it to tease her. Pearl shivered from the chills it gave her.

Slowly thru$ting more of him into her, he sinked his fangs on the licked spot.

“Arrgghh!!!” She s¢reamed as sharp pains ate her body when her hymen broke.

Draco stopped and looked at the mark his fangs has made. A satisfactory smile curved on his face as his eyes glowed brightly red.

Returning to her face, he kssed her in a slow and sweetest manner ever.

“I’m sorry for hvrting you” he said and kssed the tears on her eyes.

“I love you Gem!” He confessed with his red eyes burning into her bright blue ones.

“I love you too Dra!” She mumbled and he kssed her.

He tried his best to move slow in her to avoid hurting her. When the pains subsided, he started to increase his pace.

“Ahhh!!!” She mo..aned throatily.

“Oh My!”


“Fk Gem! You drive me ¢razy!!!” He groaned and added more to his pace.

Draco bent and reconnected their lips. Pearl snaked her fingers into his golden hair and played with it as they kssed.

He left her lips and came down to her bbs. His cold mouth scked on one while fondIing the other.

“Gawd!!!” Another sweet m.oan escaped Pearl’s mouth.

The way her fingers played on his hair, made him tease her more.

After much scking of her bbs, he returned to her neck. He fked her slowly as he kssed her there while Pearl couldn’t stop mo.aning from the extreme pleasure.



?Evie’s Home?

Music blared through Rex’s headphones and he kept nodding his head to the beat.

He’s entering the kitchen, but suddenly stops because of what he saw.

Evie is cooking and that is totally unlike her. She’s also humming happily as she did it.

“Hey big sis!” He called and pulled off his headphones to make sure he didn’t see wrong.

“Hi baby brother!” She replied, smiling cheerfully.

“No, I gotta be dreaming!” Rex said and shook his head.

When he stopped, he still saw the same scene and concluded it was real.

“Did you perhaps get hit on the head?” He asked calmly and Evie shot him a hot glare.

“Are you tryna say I can’t cook?” She fired, grabbing a spatula.

“No! No!! That’s not what I meant!!!” He shouted, moving back with fast steps.

“Better!” She scoffed and returned to what she’s doing.

Rex smiled mischievously when he saw the brownies she made. He walked to the fridge and grabbed a bottle of milk.

Returning to where the brownies were kept, he secretly took one.

She’s a very good cook, but she rarely cooks when Rex is around.

“So sis what’s up with today’s cooking?” He asked, chewing slowly on the browny and drinking the milk.

“Don’t tell me you finally noticed my hard works and decided to make me a treat. Gosh! That’s so sweet of you”.

“In your dreams, these are for my man” she said with a big smile on her face and Rex spat a little of his drink.

“Sir Jax!??”

“Is there anyone else?” She asked with a glare.

Rex tried his best to close his mouth so that she won’t notice he’s eating.

She didn’t notice anything both the missing brownies.

Evie kept cooking cheerfully while Rex watched closely and kept stealing more brownies.

“Chief Evie is done for the day!” She announced and cleaned her hands dramatically with a bright smile.

“Rex, could you put those brownies in….”

“Christ! What the fk happened to my brownies!!??” She shouted with wide eyes.

“Am dead!” Rex muttered and swallowed the one in his mouth.

“Of course you’re dead” she said, grabbing the spatula again and he ran off with full speed.

“Come back here, you Flamingo!” Evie yelled, running out of the kitchen too.

“Am sorry Evie, they were too tasty!” He shouted as she chased him around the house like an escaped lvnatic.


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