By Authoress Tee

Chapter 61

?Draco’s Mansion?

Pearl hummed and greeted everyone she came across happily. Her face is beaming brightly with smiles.

She’s on her way to the dining area for breakfast. When she got there, she’s surprised to find the table empty with no single meal on it.

Just when she was about to ask a maid what was wrong, her nostrils picked up the smell of something, something sweet.


Pearl traced the sweet smell and found herself in the kitchen.

Her eyes nearly left their sockets because of the shock of seeing that Draco was the one cooking.

She instantly pinched herself hard.

“Am not dreaming, he’s actually cooking” she muttered with her mouth open.

Her eyes caught the maids that were drooling and she rolled her eyes and scoffed.

“Playing an angel role wouldn’t still change the d’vil for who he is” she said mentally as she kept staring.

Draco turned and his eyes met hers.

“You finally decided to wake up” he smirked and Pearl swallowed.

Even with the apron on and some beads of sweat on his forehead, he looked so hot and sxy.

The way he handled everything with care was also impressive.

He cooked professionally like it was absolutely nothing.


?The Dining Table?

The maids placed the all meals down on the table, and placed the drink next.

The mouthwatering dishes made the table look like a food contest.

Draco sat down and Pearl hurriedly sat too. Her eyes never left the feast as she drooled hard.

She’s trying to be patient to get Draco’s order before digging in. Her hope was cut short as a call came into his phone.

Pearl frowned, hating the caller already. Draco smirked and she knew might d!e before he’s down with the call, so he gave her a signal to go ahead before he stood up.

Pearl smiled heartedly and rushed to start eating. The first scoop of the food into her mouth, her eyes eventually left her.

“Am I eating something else or is it still food?” She thought.

The taste of the food was too overwhelming. She couldn’t concentrate on one meal and kept eating from different plates.

Draco came back and was surprised to see that most plates were already empty.

“Master” Pearl mumbled as he averted his gaze to her.

She blinked cutely as she kept eating the chicken in her hand slowly.

“Now I have a glutton as a pet” he muttered and sighed.

“Sorry, they were too tasty. You’re a great cook” she grinned and Draco noticed the crumbs besides her lips.

He walked closer to her and held her chin up. He leaned in and used his tongue to lick off the crumbs.

Pearl remained motionless when he withdrawed and he smiled, making their eyes stare into each other.

“Now I believe it’s tasty” he said in his husky se.ductive voice and Pearl blushed hard, biting her lower lip.

“Master” she called and he raised his brow.

“Aren’t you going to eat? There’s still some left”

“Am not hungry. As a matter of fact I crave for a different food”

“Different food?” she repeated his words and he nodded.

“What kind of food is that master?” She asked curiously.

“You’re the food Pearl” he replied with a devious smile.

“Me? But am human not a food” she frowned and Draco chuckled at her innocence.

“There are different kinds of food Pearl, some takes time to get eaten and you’re that type” he said and stood up with his hands tucked in his pockets.

Pearl just kept staring at him like he has lost it. She doesn’t even have a clue of what he’s saying.

It suddenly came to her mind that he’s a va.mpire and she gasped.

“Is he talking about my bI.ood? He wants to svck it” her heart started beating hard from her imagination.

Draco shaked his head at her thoughts, she’s too naive.

“Go to your room and change to what I gave you last night, then join me in the hot spring” he said authoritatively and disappeared.

She nearly freaked out from the disappearing act, but she composed herself since she had to get used to it anyway.


?The Hot Spring Room?

They were already in the water with their attires. Pearl has a sexy red bikini on, a very revealing one.

Draco just looked hot as always in a simple short but no shirt.

Pearl had her back on a rock while Draco had his head on her bbs.

She felt uncomfortable about it, but she didn’t dare to complain.

She’s massaging his shoulders while his eyes are closed like he’s sleeping.


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