BITTER LOVE : Episode 21 – The End

BITTER_LOVE CHAPTER 21 ALICIA’S POV ..FOUR MONTHS LATER.. Diana professionally shut the door behind her after leaving Logan’s room and shook her head disdainfully. I grabbed her by the arm and led her to my bedroom. “He said anything new?” I asked, closing the door and ushering her to the bed where we sat. “I’m … Read more

BITTER_LOVE : Episode 11 – 20

BITTER_LOVE. Chapter 11 ALICIA’S POV “Wow, jealous down, madam! You really do look amazing!” “I do?” I was standing in front of a dressing mirror in my bedroom. The mirror reflected a 34-year old woman clad in a purple jumpsuit, purple nude heels and purple studs. “Purple really suits you fine, madam,” complimented Mule who … Read more

BITTER_LOVE : Chapter 1 – 10

BITTER_LOVE. CHAPTER 1. “Mr Bobby Chizinga, do you take Alicia Zulu to be your lawfully wedded wife?” “I do..” “Do you, Alicia Zulu, take Bobby Chizinga to be your lawfully wedded husband? In sickness and in health, in…..” “I do…” This part of my wedding day had always been a happy and vivid memory to … Read more