BITTER LOVE : Episode 21 – The End




Diana professionally shut the door behind her after leaving Logan’s room and shook her head disdainfully. I grabbed her by the arm and led her to my bedroom.
“He said anything new?” I asked, closing the door and ushering her to the bed where we sat.
“I’m afraid he hasn’t, Ali. This guy is really good at building a facade around him. Sweet Jesus, it seems it’ll take me so much energy and time just to get him talking.”
“Dee, I really wonder what he must be hiding. The dude seems so broken that I can’t help but feel sorry for him. You’ve been talking to him for two months now and all he keeps on saying is his life sucks, his life sucks! I’m beginning to grow impatient, Dee. If Logan will have to stay in my house any longer, I have to know all about his past.”
“I don’t like the tone of your voice,” said Diana frankly. “Pressuring him to re-live his past can prove to be dangerous, Alicia. Let me ask you this, ever since you took him in straight from the hospital, has he ever showed signs of being suicidal?”
I bit my lower lip in a bid to recall clearly. “No.”
“Homicidal, maybe?”
“Oh my, Diana. Of course not.”
“There!” she excitedly pointed out. “The guy is harmless so you should let me handle him my way. After all, I’m now officially known as Doctor Diana Maliti.”
“Here we go again,” I was teasing her. “And she just has to boast about being hired.”
We burst out laughing.

Well so what had happened in the last four months? Nothing much I guess but here’s a summary of some of the developments that had come up in these four months.
Upon learning Logan Meleki had nowhere to go after being released from the hospital, I had decided to take him in and now he had lived with me for close to four months. Seeing how lonely and lost the boy seemed at times, I had decided to get Diana involved as I realized Logan was really in need of her speciality, he needed a psychiatrist. Diana had been trying her best for the last two months all to no avail.

Speaking of Diana, she was now employed as a psychiatrist at a renowned private hospital and she was making a name really fast. Still on Diana, she and Baison were now officially a thing. Everyone who knew them knew they were going out as boyfriend and girlfriend. I couldn’t be more happy for both of them as their love showed even just from the way they stole glances at each other. Besides, they really did make a cute couple that they could pass for the best couple in town.
Curtis L. Maliti. I know you’ve been eagerly waiting to hear about this hunk. Well he remained adamant and continued pursuing me. His charm swept me off my feet that I found myself deeply in love with him. Lisa had given him a child, this I accept. But my sister Lisa was late so I didn’t see anything wrong with me going out with her baby daddy. After all, I didn’t fall in love with the dude intentionally. And Curtis’ love for me showed in his eyes so I was glad to know the feeling was mutual.

Speaking of mutualism, Curtis and Faides were still in the dark. Curtis still didn’t know Faides was his daughter and Faides didn’t know Curtis was her father. I was really trying my best to tell Curtis the truth but the courage to do so is what I could not muster.
“Alicia!” Diana snapped her fingers in my face. “You seem to be lost in thought, what’s up?”
“Nothing,” I flashed her a weary smile. “I’ve just been thinking about the last four months.”
“So much has happened, huh? But I know what’s bothering you, it’s Logan. Don’t worry, I’ll get him to open up sooner or later.”
Her phone beeped, a text had just come through. She was all smiles as she read it. “It’s my handsome guy, B. I gotta go, Ali. See you later.”
Once she was gone, I went over to Logan’s room. I found him playing Zuma on his laptop, I’d bought him one seeing as he spent most of the day locked up in his room.
“Hey, Logan.”
“Hi, aunt Alicia.”
I winced on the title ‘aunt’. It made me feel kind of old but Logan had insisted on calling me that.
I stood in the doorway and folded my arms across my chest. “You want anything to eat?”
“No, thank you.”
“Okay. You should tell Mule when you feel like eating so that she can prepare you something.”
“I’ll do just that.”
I closed the door and headed to Faides’ room. She looked so peaceful in her sleep. And she also looked like a 10-year-old Lisa. Thank God Curtis hadn’t seen Lisa at that age otherwise he’d have figured by now to say Faides was his daughter.

“What’s the occasion?”
Monde had come over to my place, literally forced me to take a bath and put on a red extravagant off the shoulder long dress which had slits running from ankle to thigh at both sides. She took care of my braids and then forced me into red wedge shoes.
“It’s Valentines Day, girlfriend. You have to look presentable.”
“For who?” I frowned at Monde. “Curtis is out of town for his stupid tour so who I’m I getting this dressed up for?”
“For me, your bestfriend. Now quit whining and let me take care of your make up.”
“Bossy b—h,” I muttered under my breath.
“I heard that,” she giggled as she began applying make up on my face.
“OMG, Curtis?!”
“The one and only, baby.”
Monde had forced me to go outside and here was Curtis waiting for me outside his sports car. OMG, my evening had just gone from boring to exciting!
“You two have fun,” Monde whispered in my ear before going back into my compound.
“Won’t you give me a hug or kiss?” Curtis spread his arms welcomingly.
Shaking my head, I threw myself into his arms where I stayed for a good two minutes, inhaling his heavenly cologne. Him and I shared a brief k!ss before he finally made me get into his car and he drove off at high speed.
Our drive was a loud one as Curtis and I couldn’t seem to stop talking. We had only been apart for three days but it seemed as if we’d been apart for three decades!
“Why didn’t you tell me you were coming?”
“I wanted to surprise you, Ali baby. Why, don’t you like my surprise.”
“Don’t I like it?” I said with emphasis. “I love it!”
Curtis drove me to his house where we had a r0mantic candle lit dinner. To say I was having the time of my life would be a massive understatement. I was literally on cloud 9!

After we’d had dinner, Curtis turned on his radio and played Shayne Ward’s ‘Breathless’. He led me to a spot where we could dance. I wrapped my arms round his neck while he wrapped his round my waist and we smoothly followed the rhythm of the song that was softly playing.
After Shayne Ward’s ‘Breathless’ came Shania Twain’s ‘Forever and For Always.’
It was while this song was playing that Curtis nibbled at my ear. I shut my eyes and moaned. He k!ssed my neck passionately and trailed k!sses down my bare back. I could feel chills being sent down my spine but I let him do as he pleased. I’d resisted him for far too long but I realized I could do that no more. I had to let go of the guilt of him being Lisa’s baby daddy and let him have me.
Curtis then found my mouth. He k!ssed me for a good five minutes before he finally decided to do away with my clothes. He laid me on the couch and did things to my body that no man had ever done. This guy was an explorer!
By the time he was done exploring my body, I was practically begging him to have me already.
“But the door’s not locked,” I said in a husky tone as I pulled down his trousers. “What if someone walks in on us while we are at it?”
Curtis chuckled. “My maid definitely won’t show up as she’s in the village visiting her parents and Diana? I can bet on my life she and Baison are doing exactly what we are doing.”
I stifled a giggle. “I so love you, Curtis Lawrence Maliti.”
“And I love you too, Alicia Zulu.”
Even as we merged bodies, I buried my fingers in his n@ked back and enjoyed the moment of Curtis and I becoming one.

I was all smiles as I entered my house the following day. Curtis and I had made love almost all night and I had no regrets about the romantic night I had just had. Oh boy, what had I been waiting for all this time?
My smile broadened upon seeing Lubona in the living room. Remember Lubona? My other friend from Mufulira? Angie’s sister? Yes, that same Lubona.
“OMG, girlfriend! To what do I owe this-”
My smile vanished as fast as it had appeared. Lubona was crying uncontrollably and Mule was trying to console her. I sat beside her and wrapped a hand round her shoulders. “What’s wrong, Lubona? Why the tears?”
“It’s…” she was sniffing. “It’s Dad, he’s dead, Alicia. Dead! The doctors say he was poisoned. Who would want to poison my lovely father, who? Dad was a down to earth man who never-”
She was interrupted by her ringing phone.
“Are you sure you don’t want to pick that?” I asked Lubona when I noticed she was ignoring the call.
She sniffed more and finally picked it. “Hello.”
She went silent for a few seconds. “Oh.. Ok, you’ll find us.”
No sooner had Lubona ended the call than she stared at me with puffy eyes. She sighed and said, “It was Angie, she and Bob will get on the next available plane from Nairobi to Lusaka. They’re coming for Dad’s funeral, Alicia.”

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