??(I never knew her, never met her but she gave birth to my child)??

Written by bella writes???
EPISODE 21??????

?lily pov?
“I just asked a question,whats going on?”he said behind me

“Max its not what you think”i said trying to explain

“Finally,thank God youve finally caught us”james said behind me

I turned to stare at him and he gave me a cruel smile

“Care to explain that a bit “max said

“Lily and i have been lovers for a while now and its been pure t©rture to keep it in hiding,now that you know kindly let us be “he continued

“Lies!!! Those are pure lies max,please dont believe it “i said running to hold max

“Its the truth max,she is doing this to get her revenge on you,tell him my love,tell him how we both vowed to make max pay for hurting you in the past,lily plan had been to make you love her and then she breaks your heart “james said

“Shut up james,you know that its a lie”i said yelling at james

“My love youve got to believe me,i love you okay and i wont ever do a thing to hurt you”i said starring at max

But he already believed what james said,i could see it in his eyes

He had this condeming look on his face

I held his hand trying to make him see reason but still nothing

He gently pulled his hand away and then he walked off

“Max,max”i called and was about to run after him but james pulled me back

“Dont go after him,he is a fool for believing me”james said

Feeling so very angry,i slappped his cheeks hard

“Ooouch!!! That hurts lily”he said

“And you deserve much worse than that ,i thought you were my friend,why did you say those to him”i said angrily

“To break you two apart”he said

“But why would you want to break us apart,what did we ever do to you”i said

“Not to me but to someone”he said

“And you ruin someone happiness just because someone sent you to,you have no idea how much i hate you and i hope your happiness doesnt have to be taken from you”i said angrily

“Lily i……”

“No,stay away from me,stay far away”i said and ran back in

The party was in full swing and no one had noticed max and i gone

I searched aro)und but couldnt find max,

“Whats wrong lily ,you look a bit worried”kate @said

“Am searching for max,have you seen him”i said

“No i havent,is something wrong “kate said

“No,nothing is wrong” i said going off to search for him

I was still walking about when finally i heard his voice at an outer room

I was about going in when i saw him with brenda behind him holding him

“She is a goldigger,i tried telling you about her right but you just wont listen “brenda said pulling him close

“I never knew lily could be this cruel,i loved her,i really did”he said

On hearing this i opened the door and walked in

“And i love you too,why wont you let me explain”i said walking in

“Max has seen it all,so you dont have to explain with your lies “she said

“Just shut up brenda,this is none of your business”i said

“Please max listen to me,please”i begged him

“No lily,no more lies from you ,i should have known that it was all a lie coming from you,you never really love me,you were only after your revenge”he said

“I never wanted any revenge against you,i genuinely love you ”

“You dont love anybody lily,you never did “he said and walked off with Brenda tailing behind him

I felt so hurt,why wont max believe me

Why should he,you didnt believe him in the first place and you brought james in,if only you hadnt,something like this would never have happened

My concience said to me and i felt bad,i cant let things go like this,have got to talk to him and make him listen to me

I thought as i ran out of the house to search for him

I got outside only to see him leaving in his car and there was no doubt that Brenda was in it with him

“Max,max,max”i called but no answer

I went back to the party,pretending to be alright

Max is angry and he need time to think and am going to give him that but just thinking about him with brenda got me so mad

While the guest were leaving,kate pulled me to the other side of the room

“Something is going on,now spill the beans before i get it out from you “kate said

Knowing Kate ,i told her everything that happened

“You dont know where he is right now?””

“I dont know kate and i figured that max needs sometime on his own,thats why i havent talked to him or try to see him yet”i said

“You need to go and see him,go to him and talk this out”

“Will you be alright alone”i said

“Dont worry i will be fine and dora can stay with us ,so you can leave,go and straighten things out with max”she said and i nodded

“Thanks sis”i said waking off

I picked up my phone and dialled his head of security number,only he can know where max is

Within minutes,i was in the taxi heading for peter lounge and bar

I got there and saw one of the receptionist,i asked if she knew where max could be and she gave me a key

“He is in room 23″she said and i left going to search for him

But it seemed odd though,why would max be in an hotel room and why would the receptionist give me a key and tell me that this is where he would be staying

I got to the room and opened the door with the key and what i saw there broke my heart

There was brenda laying in max hands nked and whats worse max was nked too

As gently as i walked in,i also went out that way……

?max pov?
I woke up to find myself in an unfamiliar room

The last thing i remeberd was getting myself so drunk that i couldnt stand on my own

So how did i make it to the room,i turned only to find brenda sleeping beside me

What the h’ll!!! Did i sleep with her,i thought as i got up from bed still in my trousers

“Hey babe,why did you get up”she said

“Why am i in bed with you!”i said

“You were drunk and so i brought you here “she said

“And did you have to get me nked?”

“Relax,i only got you undressed because you vomited on your clothes,we didnt make love or anything”i said

“you still shouldnt have okay”i said as i got dressed ready to leave

“And a piece of information ,lily came here yesterday and she found us naked on the bed “brenda said

“Lily had seen us?”

“Yes she had and am very sure that she would be thinking the worse of you right now “brenda said smiling

I need to talk to lily,to tell her that what she saw last night is not the truth………

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