?The Billionaire’s

Girlfriend? Season 2

?(She is mine)?

By: Kebby NG

Episode 21

?June ?

I arrived at New York late afternoon leaving uncle Ryder behind of course. I took a taxi home.. speaking of home, I contemplated going home to Uncle Ryder’s house but decided against it.

All I wanted right now is to go home, sleep and forget this past few months.

So I went home to I and Kay’s house. It’s been three months since I met Khalid. It’s bittersweet looking back now cause I fell in love with a guy who will never love me.

I’m sure he’ll even forget me immediately, he has many girls willing to kill theirself for him.

He might even blackmail someone else. Sigh, I got myself into this so I shouldn’t blame anyone.

Getting home, I flung myself to bed exhausted after everything.

I wanted to call Khalid so bad, even if it was to hear his cool voice.

I’ve secretly loved the way he call my name, maybe hearing it from him might ease my broken heart.

I’ve heard from people talking about one-sided love, I never knew it hurts nor knew I’ll experience it someday but I guess I am now.

I glanced at my house phone lying beside me wondering if I should or shouldn’t call. If I could hear his voice one last time I’ll go far away from here and try to forget him.

Just as I was about calling him, my phone rang startling me.

I checked the caller ID and blinked.



Why is he calling?

I stared at the phone till it stopped ringing. Then someone started knocking at the door again confusing the hell out of me.

I took a step forward to go check who’s at the door but stopped when my phone rang again.

I had no choice but to pick up.

“H.. hello?”

“June” Khalid muttered softly in the way he usually does.

I instantly felt warm all over”June where are you? Are you okay?”

I swallowed and nodded.

I realize he wasn’t with me so I spoke up”Yes, I’m fine”

He was silent at first then”Tell me where you are June, I want to see you.. I want to know how you are, what happened to you.. tell me June, who took you? ”

I bit my lips, blinking the tears from my eyes, I shook my head”I’m okay Khal, that’s all I have to tell… Just.. just don’t call me anymore, I don’t want to have anything to do with you”

“June.. damnit! Tell me where you are for chrissake!”

“I’m safe” with that I hung up.

The tears spilled from my eyes continuously, I let the phone drop to the ground and cried.

However, it was short lived. The person at the door didn’t let up, kept pounding on the door.

I sniffed, wiped my tears before moving towards the door”Who’s there?”

Strangely, the person didn’t reply, just kept knocking. “I’m coming!”

I unlock the door and froze at the sight. He flashed me a killer smile that got my heart beating.


I blinked”K.. Khalid?”

He smirked”That’s right, who else where you expecting?”

I was at lost on what to say.

How.. when? Who told him where I am? I thought he was in Orleans? I glanced behind expecting to see Kay and Charles but nope, they weren’t there.

I dragged my attention back to Khalid”What are you doing here?”

His eyes became cold as ever”What am I doing here? Should I remind you that we signed an agreement together?”

He started coming closer, I had no choice but to move backwards.

He stepped into my house and locked the door behind him.

I gulped, oh boy.

“What are you doing? I just told you I don’t want to see you anymore!”

He shrugged”About that darling, I don’t agree with that sweetheart. Hmm you’ve already broken the rule for trying to back out from this agreement. It requires punishment”

My back reached the wall, before I could escape,he trapped me and pinned me to the wall.

I gasp”Punishment? But I didn’t see anything like that in the agreement!”

He raised his brows”Did you read the complete documents?”

“I.. I.. Khalid o can’t do this anymore! I can’t continue with this agreement,to this rules and… I just can’t! I’m not that kind of girl Khalid. My life has changed drastically ever since I met you. I’ve been humiliated by your mom in every worse way. I’ve been kidnapped and..I..”

He interrupted me by placing a finger on my lips.

I met his gaze and swallowed.

“Why can’t you do this anymore June?” He asked calmly like he didn’t hear anything I just said.

“Go on tell me”

“It’s because…” I searched his face for a while then I dropped the b0mb.”Because I love you! I love you Khalid,so much”


Finally ? she said it!

How will he react?

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