JUST TWO MONTHS: Chapter 41-50

?Just Two Months ?

Written By Tamara Blair

Chapter 41

?? Kylie’s P.o.v??
Daniel still doesn’t trust Austin that much.
“What’s going on here?”He asked clearly angry.
Paris looked so scared and nervous.
“Daniel,just relax and listen to them”I said trying to calm him down because i know how he gets when he is so angry.

“Daniel,i promise am not trying to hurt Paris”Austin said.
I and Daniel came closer to them.

“Okay, Paris, explain”Daniel said while Paris nodded.
“Um..bro,i and Austin..we are dating,we have been dating for the past two months”She said looking at Austin.
“Yeah, it’s true,I really love Paris and i won’t hurt her”Austin said holding her hands.
Aww,they are so cute together,i already love them together.

“So Austin, you are telling me that You and Paris have been dating for two month now?”Daniel asked.
“Yes,Daniel.. dude,i promise i won’t her”Austin said
“Okay,fine, You have been making her happy and i have been noticing it so fine you two have my blessings”He said.

Paris jumped on him, making him laugh,he hugged Austin.
“Thanks so much”Paris said and hugged me.
“Just don’t break her heart”Daniel said.
“I won’t, she’s the love of my life”Austin said and peeked Paris cheek.
“Aww,you two are so cute”I said and we all laughed

A week later,I and Daniel have not been able to get sometime alone, it’s either he is stuck in a meeting or i am in a meeting with an important investor.
It’s so annoying that we only see for like 20 minutes.

“Nina,what do i do?”I asked Nina while at the office.
“Honestly,i don’t know,i and Mason still have time together but you and Daniel are like the major people in the companies”She said making me sigh.

“I feel like we are losing our spark”

“Really? , That’s not good at all”

“I know and i don’t want to lose him”

“Maybe you two could take a time off work,like let’s say 3 weeks”
“Yeah,that sounds good but is it possible?”
“That’s the question”

After spending almost the whole day at work,we finally came home,i was so tired that i just took my bath and slept off.

Few minutes later,i heard a knock on my window,i stood up and saw at Daniel was at my window,i quickly opened it and he got in

He looked so tired,he was in all black and his hair was scattered giving him that bad boy look.

“What are you doing here?”

“I just wanted to see you”
“Why didn’t you use the front door?”

“I didn’t want anyone to see me,i just want to be alone with you,i miss you so much”

“Oh,babe,you don’t know how much i miss you”i said hugging him

“We barely have time for each other”

“I know and i feel like am losing you”

“You can’t lose me,i rather see you for 2 minutes than not to see you at all”he said

“Am so sleepy”He said rubbing his eyes.

“Let’s cuddle up and sleep”

We ended up cuddling and sleeping in each other’s arms

? Daniel’s P.o.v?

“Babe,i have to go but i promise i will make time for you”
“Okay,i love you”She said

I have to find a solution so that i and Kylie can be together.

?? Kylie’s P.o.v??
I got to the office but surprisingly Nina wasn’t at the office,she left the house before me so how come she isn’t here

I was about to call her when Austin arrives.
“Hey,Good morning”

“Good morning,Austin,have you seen Nina?”

“No, I haven’t but i want you to do something for me”

“What is it?”
“Don’t come back here for the next 3 weeks”

I was so confused,why would Austin say that.
“Are you okay, Austin?”

“Am perfectly fine,just do as i say,infact your driver is waiting for you downstairs”

“Driver? What driver? I drove myself to work”

“Enough with the questions and go” he said dragging me towards the door.

I got downstairs with Austin and behold there was a driver in black Range Rover with a driver waiting for me.

“Ahh,Miss Kylie,you are here,you have little time, let’s go” the driver said opening the door for me.

I looked over to Austin and he was signaling me to go.

I said and entered the car,we started moving,i tried to ask him where we were going but he refused to tell me

We later arrived at an airport and then i saw Daniel,i got down and rushed towards him

“Babe,you are here, come on, let’s go” he said dragging but i resisted.

“Where are we going,what..i don’t understand what’s happening”

“We are going on a 3weeks holiday to Paris”

When he said that,i heard a loud bang in my head.


“Yeah,so let’s go,my private jet is waiting for us”

“I have to tell Nina and my family”

“They know already,Nina was the one who packed your luggage, that’s why she wasn’t at the office”

“Oh God,Daniel,you always blow my mind”

“I haven’t started,Babe, let’s go and have the time of our life in Paris”

“Let’s go” i said and we walked over to his private jet.

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