JUST TWO MONTHS: Chapter 31-40

Just Two Months

Written By Tamara Blair

Chapter 31

?? Kylie’s P.o.v??
I and Austin walked in holding hands, everyone started looking at us, that’s when i saw the Mendes family also starring at me.
“Come on, let’s go greet Aunt and uncle”Austin said and i nodded.
We went over to them, immediately Paris hugged me so tight. “G0sh,i have missed you so much”She said hugging me tighter.
“I missed you too,how are you?”I asked as we pulled away from the hug. “Alright,i see you are doing okay, you look g0rgeous”She said and i giggled.
I went over to Mason who also hugged me so tight,then i went to Mr and Mrs Mendes.
“Congratulations,Sir and Ma’am”I said as i hugged them. “Thank you,my dear”Mr mendes said, they also hugged Austin.
“You look amazing, Kylie”Mrs Mendes said. “Thanks”I said.
I ignored Daniel and that witch called Chantel,am not going to talk to them,am just gonna act like they don’t exist.

? Daniel’s P.o.v?
Kylie was truly breathtaking, she’s g0rgeous. Austin seems to be making her happy,she just pretended not to see me.
“Babe,stop starring at her” Chantel said to me, while i just rolled her eyes. “Everyone is staring at her”I said and she scoffed. “Don’t use that as an excuse,stop drooling”She said.

The party started and everyone was busy enjoying the music,i couldn’t help but don’t stare at Austin and Kylie. They looked like a couple, they were whispering into each other’s ears and laughing. Kylie is so happy without me.

Few minutes later, Austin came to join me at the bar side. “Hey,bro”He said and i scoffed.
“What do you want?”I asked and he chuckled.
“No,the question is what do i have that you don’t?, You know when i saw you with Kylie at Hawaii,i knew something was off,you two were just pretending. You had an amazing woman like Kylie and you pushed her away for Chantel, Chantel the sl”t,Back in college Chantel would sleep with any guy to get her grades high including me, that’s who you traded Kylie for, Pathetic”He said starring hard at me.
“Can you leave me alone?”i asked,he rolled his eyes and walked away

?? Kylie’s P.o.v??
I was looking for Nina and Kris who seem to have wandered off leaving me behind,i didn’t know when i bumped into Chantel.
“Watch where you are going”She said while i just rolled my eyes. “Can you get out of my way?”I asked while she just scoffed.
“You think dressing all rich and Classy will help you get Daniel back?”She asked and i snickered.

“For you information,i didn’t dress up for Daniel, everything on my bodyi worked for it,unlike you,you sleep with guys to get what you want”I said and shd giggled.
“Just admit that it hurts seeing Daniel with me,am carrying his child”She said smiling stupidly.
“Carry his stone,i don’t care,you and i know Daniel’s with you because you are pregnant,if you deliver,he’s done with you. Austin is the ideal man,he treats me like a queen,you see this necklace, it’s pure gold, Austin got it for me,am sure Daniel hasn’t even gotten you a plastic bracelet, Sorry but you can never get what you want,$luts like you can never be happy”I said and walked away leaving her shocked.

? Kris P.o.v?
I was looking for Nina when I was Daniel Mendes with his siblings, I went over to them.
“Hey, it’s Kylie’s sister,you look exactly like Kylie” a girl said. “Thanks”I said glaring at Daniel. “Am Paris snd these are Daniel and Mason,my brothers”She said.
“I know already”i said and Nina walked to me. “I have been looking for you”Nina said. “I was just greeting the Mendes”I said smirking.
“Hi,am Nina, Kylie’s best friend”Nina said greeting everyone.
I kept staring at Daniel who hasn’t said anything. “Hey, why aren’t you saying anything?”I asked and he chuckled.
“I was just observing you”he said and i just rolled my eyes. “Well, why don’t i observe my fist on your face?”i asked and they were shocked. I so much hate Daniel for causing my sister pain.
“Um..Kris, let’s go now before something cr@zy happens”Nina said because she knows how cr@zy I can get when am angry,she dragged me and we left.

?? Kylie’s P.o.v??
It was so late and I wanted to go home but first i had to use the bathroom, I looked at myself in the mirror then looked down to wash my hands when i looked up at the mirror,i saw Daniel at my back through the mirror,i turned back.
“What are you doing here?”i asked and he chuckled. “It’s my house”he said smirking.
“Well, what do you want?”i asked and he started walking closer to me.
“I want you, Kylie Blair”he whispered into my ears.

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