By Samuel Favour


Nyx lothario

I woke up feeling extremely tired. I looked at my surroundings and I found out I was in my Eric’s bedroom.

How the h’ll did I get here?


The door opened only to see Eric smiling at me.

“Did you carry me ?”

“Ehhh, yes”

I couldn’t help but smile before muttering a thank you.

“Nyx, my designer will be coming very soon to take your measurements for the grand party, so be prepared”.

I just nodded my head.

Finally I’ll be going outside.

It’s been weeks since I haven’t stepped my feet outside and I can’t wait but at the same time I was nervous.

What if I disgrace Eric?

What if i embarrass myself?.

Gosh this is really taking a turn on me because I’ve never been to any party before.

And this is not just any party but where billionaires, millionaires, CEO’s of big companies will be attending.

I couldn’t help but feel nervous.

But why me?

But it’s also a chance for me to see the other part (the rich). I sighed .

“Don’t think about it too much we have three days left before the grand party”.

“There’s nothing fancy about it, we’ll just stay for an hour then we’ll leave”

I just nodded my head.

One of the bodyguards came and whispered something in Eric’s ear.

“They’re here so I’ll meet you downstairs ” with that Eric walked out if the room.

Calm down Nyx you still have time .

I got down from the bed before going downstairs.

I saw as they were taking Eric’s measurement and one of the stylist was blushing hard.

I scoffed rolling my eyes.

It was my turn and I know she was a little bit harsh towards me, like pushing my hand harshly, so I did a little bit of revenge.

I stepped on her toe making her whine in pain.

“Ohh my God, I’m so sorry. It was a mistake” I said, thankfully Eric wasn’t looking as his eyes was glue to his phone.

With that I smirked.

She focused a smile telling me it was okay but I knew she was boiling in anger.

After they were done taking our measurements they left.

I collapsed on the couch, closing my eyes.

“Eric” I called.

“Hmm” he said, not bothering to look at me.

“Can I go to the garden?”

I started to rub my hands together thinking he’s going to decline it.

He finally stopped what he was doing as he looked at me but I quickly looked down on my laps.

“Okay , but don’t think of trying anything stupid. I’m sure you know what I meant”.

A smile appeared on my face as I jumped up nodding my head before running outside.

It’s not like I can actually run away, the security is tight, security cameras everywhere and bodyguards so it’s useless trying.

I walked to the garden as I bent down picking a Lily flower.

Lily has always been one of my favorites flowers but I’ve never seen it physically only in pictures and I’ve always wished I could see one.

Now I’m touching one , plucking one out I smiled widely smelling it.

Smells so good.


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