THE CONGRUENCE Episode 5 – 8

The Congruence

Written by Lanre Olagbaju

Episode 5

I got my first clue the day another girl in the room crossed Deola’s path and called her “Aristo” (a term coined for girls that slept with married men for money). Deola didn’t fight the girl, she only promised to deal with her and somehow, that girl got a beating of her life about a week later. She had bumped into a guy on campus, (although she later recalled it was the other person that intentionally bumped into her) and before she could apologize, about 3 guys pounced on her and beat her silly for what was supposedly a mistake.

The look on Deola’s face when the girl got back to the room was enough for me to know she had something to do with it. It wasn’t long before other people started to connect the dot but there was no proof.

The girl that got a beating was a cousin to one of Deola’s “high class” friends (which explained why she knew enough about Deola to call her what she called her) and this caused a rift between them which made their other friends pick sides. The drama was too much that people considered allies ended up being moles from the other side.

It got so bad that Deola decided to move out of the hostel to a BQ (that’s what we called them…they were like private rooms on campus and they cost so much). I felt so bad when she told me she was leaving…then she asked if I wanted to come with her.
“Me? Where will I get the money from?” I asked in bewilderment
She told me it was free and all I had to say was yes as she didn’t want to be there all by herself and didn’t trust any of her other friends enough to live with them either.
I asked if I could check with my folks and she didn’t object.


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