THE CONGRUENCE Episodes 35 – 37


When he came inside, he ran to me and knelt down next to me as I was still on the floor.
“Oh my God!What happened to you in 24 hours?
You look like you’ve been sick for a while
Ara mi, talk to me…”
 He turned to his dad and Uncle Ade
“Has she told you what the problem is?
Were you able to get through to her?”
 “Folahan, you need to sit down
Your fiancée has something to tell you” Uncle Ade responded as he tapped on the cushion next to him, a sign to tell Folahan to come sit there.

There was dead silence
 “Go ahead Aramide, God is in control” Uncle Ade urged me on
 I fought back the tears as I opened my mouth to speak
 “Folahan, you know I would never willingly hurt you
You have shown me so much love…God used you to erase every bad experience and memory I ever had with men…my dad inclusive.
I never hid anything from you right from the start…I told you about my past relationship, my only relationship and how it ended. 

How it brought me to Christ.
I told you about the pregnancy and how I lost the baby…I did not want any surprises so I shared my journey with you.
However, I didn’t tell you the most important part of this journey…not because I didn’t want to but because I did not know until I got to your house yesterday”
I paused for a moment, Captain couldn’t look up while Folahan looked so lost…He was sitting next to Uncle Ade, who held his left hand. “Aramide…go on. God is still on His throne” Uncle Ade said again
I could not help the tears anymore…
“That bad relationship I’ve always talked about was with Captain Festus Awodiya”
Folahan went blank…his face was void of emotions.

I could not tell what he was thinking or how he took it
 Captain made an attempt to say something but Uncle Ade signaled to him not to…at least not yet.
The silence continued…until Folahan sighed heavily.
 He looked at his dad, then looked at me…I felt so bad.
Uncle Ade started to talk
I don’t think I had ever heard anyone speak so wisely.
He shared personal experiences, life experiences and scriptures to appeal to Folahan.

He shared the story of a family…where the husband’s younger brother was the real father of the first born in the marriage. Husband used to travel a lot for work in the early years of the marriage and his younger brother was living with them.
The wife later gave her life to Christ and couldn’t live with the secret anymore…so she talked to her pastor and they informed the husband. It was a hard nut to crack but God came through and there was reconciliation. 


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