THE LONGEST NIGHT Episodes 1 – 4

The Longest Night

Author : Unknown

Episode 1

It was 8.00pm as I checked the wall clock again for the umpteenth time. Uzor wasn’t home yet. This is unlike him but it was a recent habit adopted by him. Thank God Ada was sleeping she would have quizzed her Dad’s whereabout. I pondered on why he wasn’t yet home. He closed by 2pm on Fridays and this was past 8pm. I decided it was time to allot my energy somewhere else . I went into the bathroom to take a warm bath but my thoughts wouldn’t let me be. Where might he be? Is he alright?
I have dialled his number for the 5th time before I started my bath.

I turned off the shower and reach for my towel. Just as I wrap the Towel around myself. I heard the door bell. That might be him, with water dripping all over I ran to the door ready to welcome my husband home. I almost fell due to the water dripping from my body to the floor but in other to avoid Insult like the previous days, I prance to the door. Just as I unlatch the hook, he made his way into the house, his breathe stinking of alcohol, at his first step into the house he pushed me to the nearest sofa.
“Leave my way woman, you want to blow my phone up with calls?”.
Struggling to stand upright after that push.
“ I was bothered and I am sorry”.
“Keep those bothers at bay, no one got time for it”. He stormed into the room leaving me and my dripping body and my attempt to act s*xy and seduce my husband unachievable.

I remember when the sight of towels around my chest aroused a bulge down his boxers every morning and how we play hide and seek till he finally finds me and we make sweet love
. I was juggled back to reality when the a.c hit my bare skin . I ran towards the room to wear something warm when I noticed the door to the room I shared with my husband locked. I knocked and got no response. I went back to the sitting room to cuddle like a child. The tears started but I wiped them off as today wasn’t a day to cry. After staring at the T.v for what seemed like an eternity, I drifted off.
The unpleasant sound of the door woke me up . My eyes immediately went to the wall clock. Just 8.45pm, I stood up to see who was entering the house.

Then I saw her, with her long weaves and nails. She entered into my home like she was entering a familiar territory, I looked at her from her head to toe. She wasn’t even Dera’s age. Dera was my little sister.
My attention drifted back to this intruder in my house, as I pounced on her dragging off her weave and tearing at her clothes. The towel seemed not to shift as it was properly nested around my chest and body. She kept on shouting and pleading . Uzor stood after his effort to drag me off proved abortive.
“Osinachi, is there food in the house, my guest is hungry”. Uzor asked.

I was recalled from my violent thought as the girl wasn’t stripped of anything and the only person stripped of self respect was myself. I slowly walked away into the room to get my things out and then prepare for a full dose of tears. I heard noise from the kitchen but I ignored. The tears started but I wiped it off. Uzor wasn’t going to see me this way. I walked out of the room with my joggers and a tank top. I entered into my daughters room, Locked the door and the water works started. I wrapped a clothe around my mouth to muffle the sobs . I didn’t want to disturb my princess. Through the fights and disagreement she was my joy.

I couldn’t phantom why Uzor would bring another woman into the house we built together. I was pissed but a part of me felt like a failure. I wanted to crawl on my knees to beg him. I haven’t deprived him of anything in our years as man and wife. My mind drifted back to when we met, how I tried to avoid him like a plague and how he tried his best to get me to fall in love with him .


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