THE FALLEN ANGEL: Chapter 31-40

? The fallen Angel ????

? Chapter 33 ?

? jun pyo’s POV ?

“Are you in love with her? ” Mrs Nina asked..

Am I in love with pumpkin?

Could it be that I have finally fallen in love again?

Phew..Am just so confused..

“I really don’t know how I feel,I don’t know if I have fallen for her” I replied.

“Think deeply sir..try to think with your heart and not your head”

“Am really trying to do that but I would I know if I have fallen for her?” I asked..

“It’s really easy..OK,how do you feel whenever she’s close to you?” She asked..

“Uhm..I feel different whenever she’s close to me..why heart is always filled with unexplainable joy whenever she smiles or look at me..she is brave,smart, short,words cannot describe her..”I explained..

“Tell me more” Mrs Nina said.

“For some strange reasons,I feel attracted to her.I keep on thinking about her even when I don’t want to..pumpkin! Pumpkin!! Is what I think all day,sometimes I become angry at myself..There’s something strange about her,sometimes I wish other women can be like her” I said,smiling..

“OMG! You’re in love! You’re in love!! She exclaimed,excitedly..


“Yes my dear”

“Am in love! Am in love” I screamed as my heart raced with happiness..

But my joy was cut short when the doctor finally came out of the theater with sadness,clearly seen on his face..

We quickly rushed to him..

“Doctor! Doctor!! How is she doing?” I nervously asked.

“Uhm..we really tried our best to save her, but..”

“But what doctor?” I interrupted as my heart missed a beat..

“Actually,she has slipped into coma..To be sincere,her chance of survival is thin..Am sorry” The doctor replied and gave me a pat..

Hearing such bad news, made me weak as I slumped on the floor with tears on my eyes..

“Can we go see her?” Mrs Nina asked..

“She has been moved to the ICU for proper care,only one person is allowed to see her until she recovers”

“Thanks doctor”

“My pleasure ma..if there’s anything you want,just meet me in my office” he replied walking away..

“Young master! You have to be strong” Mrs Nina said sitting close to me..

“Strong?? How can I be strong when pumpkin is gradually going away from me..I couldn’t even save her,maybe I’m really a bad person” I cried

“Hush..come here” she said,hugging me.

“You know what? It’s believed that a person who is about to die ,can come back to life when he hears the voice of his loved one” she added

“Really! Does that mean that pumpkin might wake up if she hears my voice”


“Then I’ll go to her right away” I excitedly said,running to the ICU..

? pumpkin’s POV ????

I suddenly became unconscious..

I saw myself in a dark place and was gripped with fear..

“Pumpkin!!” A Familiar voice called out..

I quickly turned back and my joy knew no bounds when I saw father,standing over there with smiles all over his face..

“Papa!!!” I called out and hugged him..

“You’ve finally fulfilled your mission on earth,your father is proud of you my child” he said as we disengage from the hug..

“Thanks papa” I replied giggling..

He stretched forth his hand and touched my heart..

It felt as if I was dipped into an ice but stopped after a while..

“What did you do” I asked confused..

“You were shot in the heart and I’ve just healed you..Today is your last day on earth,I’ll come tomorrow to bring back to our kingdom” he dropped the bomb shell as my eyes widened..

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