?The fallen Angel ????


( ? super natural? )

? Episode One ??
(The fallen angel’s battle)

“Saphira! Mirabel! Kizito! come down quickly,it’s time for breakfast” mum yelled..

“Okay mum, I’m coming” I half yelled..

I quickly took my bath, wore a casual dress and rushed downstairs..

There is no school today but my friends are organizing a house party this evening..

I have been invited,I just hope mum agrees..

My parents has never allowed me to go to anywhere apart from school..

I would have sneak out if not for the silly body guard they have sent to watch over me..

I even tried doing that but cilia my annoying bodyguard managed to catch me..

Aish! My life really sucks..

“Good morning ” I greeted as I took my seat..

“Morning baby..hope you slept well?” Mum asked..

“Yes mum” I giggled..

“And guess what baby,mum made your favorite food” mum happily said..

“Really! You’re so sweet mum” I giggled and gave her a peck..

“Here we go again,Saphira this! Saphira that!!can you guys stop all this drama” kisito said..

“Aww..looks like someone is jealous” I teased..

“Jealous? I’m not jealous” he scoffed..

“Whatever” I said,rolling my eyes..

“OK guys,enough of the argument..let’s eat” dad interrupted..

We all kept quiet..
I slowly eat my food,enjoying every bit of it..

“Uhm..mum I will be going over to my friends party tonight” kizito suddenly said….

“Aww my baby boy is all grown up now..just be careful” mum said,pulling his cheeks..

“Same here mum, I would also like to go to my friend’s party.They invited me over” I excitedly said,hoping she agrees..

“No! You’re not going” mum quickly replied..

“But mum,you gave kizito permission to go to his friend’s party..why can’t I also go?” I fired..

“I said No! How many times do I have to tell you that for some strange reasons,your movements will be restricted” mum explained,touching my hand..

“Which reasons mum? I’m no longer a child for crying out loud” I cried and yanked off her hand..

“I know baby,but out there is too dangerous for you”

“You keep on telling me this same flimsy excuse,I can take care of myself you know”

“Why are you so stubborn? Jun pyo please explain to her that what I’m doing is for her own good”

“Your mum is right honey,we’re your parents and whatever we do is for your best interest” dad said..

“I know you will support her..since I was a child,you guys kept on controlling me like I was a robot..Saphira stay here! Saphira do this! Saphira don’t do this! I am feeling suffocated, I am sick and tired of being controlled” I yelled and ran to my room..

“Come back here! Saphira!!! ” mum called but I totally ignored her..

I got to my room and fell on my bed,crying my eyes out..

Why is my parents making my life miserable?

Why can’t they let me live my life the way I want..

What could the strange reasons be?

I really can’t miss this party..

I will definitely look for a way to sneak out..

Just then I noticed that my bed was filled with pearls..

Omg! My tears are turning to pearls..

“Mum!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I screamed,shocked at what I’m seeing..

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