THE FIGHT FOR EBUKA : Episode 1 – 10


Written By Nnenne Uju Izuanagbara


Glorious invasion church, city of praise parish lost their youth leader, Brother Dotun, to the cold hands of death and because of the controversial situation in that parish, the G.O, Reverend Thompson peter has decided to send another youth leader from the headquaters.

A firebrand brother, born again to the core, A no nonsense person, he is the Assistant youth leader of the Headquaters parish. Rev Thompson believes so much in him. He is no other than BROTHER MAXWELL UZONNA EBUKA, simply known as BROTHER EBUKA.

It’s the second sunday in the month of April 2010. “The youth nation” as it is fondly called by the parish had their meeting. Pastor Real ikedioha, the parish pastor mounted the podium.

-somebody shout halleluyah.


-if you are a vibrant youth in the house, give the Lord a vibrant shout.

(their was noise in the church hall)

-Amen, pastor real continued. Since the Demiss of our brother Dotun, the youth of this church have been without a leader. And because of what went on in the youth fellowship that led to the death of Brother Dotun, Daddy G.o in his capacity as the overall head, decided to send us a leader from the Headquaters until he certifies the youths of this parish matured. I must confess, what happened almost ruined my position as Head pastor of this parish. I am grateful for having my G.o, a great leader. I have always prayed that such incident will never occur in this parish in Jesus name.

-Amen, they replied.

-so, with Jesus joy in our hearts, jam your hands together as we welcome, the new youth leader of this great parish. All the way from the Headquaters, BROTHER MAXWELL UZONNA EBUKA, simply known as BROTHER EBUKA.

There was clapping, noise of jubilation, cheers and all in the hall. EBUKA mounted the podium. A very tall, handsome, fair skinned guy. He mounted the podium with a smile.

-Halleluyah. Wow, I’m so honored. I’m delighted to be here. Thanks so much for the warm welcome. Thanks so much for having me. Well, as you all know, My name is Ebuka.
I will be the youth leader of this great parish. By the Grace of God, what happened before, will never happen again. I have imformed three months ago by Daddy G.o about my coming down here. I must tell us, it is a great Assignment and a great privilege to be found worthy to lead in the house of God. Hallelujah!!!. Now, i am a servant called to lead. In other words, i am a servant and a leader at thesame time. As a servant of God, i have to be submissive to God to be able to lead his people well. I pray for grace in Jesus name.

I have been praying and The Lord Has shown me alot and i must say, this is a congregation of MIXED MULTITUDE.
According to what the Lord revealed to me, there are alot of black sheeps amongst us, very few are white and more are mixed colours, white and black.
I want to assure you, if you are a black sheep please do yourself some Good and ask the Lord for mercy and repent because you won’t be comfortable.
There shall be a mighty move of God in this fellowship henceforth.
The compromising members, i pray for God’s mercy upon your life because no matter how you cover up, God will expose you.
We want the fire of desire for God to be rekindled back into the youths of the house of God. (He smiled) i see many are already hating me.
You don’t need it. It is for your good. Living righteously gives peace of mind. May God help us in Jesus name.

The Lord has assigned two people here to lead along side with me. He gave me their names. I haven’t met them before but the Lord himself singled them out of the crowd. Please who is Brother Divine from Enugu state?

Woooow, the crowd was thrilled. Which Divine? What?? That low life? The murmuring was just going on. Some clapped. Brother Divine was surprised how God singled him out from among almost hundred and something youths. He was shedding tears. He held his bible tightly to his chest as he came out.

God bless you brother Divine. Keep on doing what pleases God. I don’t know you, i have never met you but God chose you. No one needs man’s certification to be appointed and approved by God. Congratulations brother, you are my assistant.

There was clapping and cheering.

Now, the second is a lady. She will head the prayer team of the youths. Please who is SISTER TONIA from Delta state.

Haaaaa, another surprise and truly, she is a prayer machine. She can pray. Tonia is another fire brand among the youths. Tonia was shocked, so God knows my name? He knows me? Was her thought.

Pastor Thompson prayed for the three of them. After the meeting, Pastor Tom called Ebuka into his office.

-you are welcome once again.

-thank you sir.

-emmm, i have pastored this parish for sixteen years and I’m very sorry to say that your choice of leaders WILL NOT WORK. You should have discussed with me before doing what you did. Things are not done that way.

-point of correction sir. Not MY CHOICE of leaders, do i know who they are? These names were expressly given to me by God. They are not my choice sir. But, if i may ask, why won’t it work?

-their parents hold no post in the church. They are among the low class. Infact, they don’t deserve it.

-hmmm, pastor, i am surprised at what you’re saying. No matter what you say, i won’t change them. They are God’s choice, not mine sir.

-hmmm bro Ebuka (he laughed) let me tell you, you see this your hot water faith, it will soon get cold. You haven’t seen anything yet. These people will frustrate you till you bend to their own. Be careful. I wish you goodluck.

-pastor, the Lord is on my side, what can man do to me…….Nothing.

He left. As he stepped out a lady walked up to him……

-good afternoon bro Ebuka

-good afternoon sister.

-welcome to our parish. I am Juliet Benson, marketing manager of dewsom pharmaceuticals. Pleased to meet you.

-God bless you. How can i help you?

-on the contrary, i want to drop you, are you going my way? This is my car. (She smiled)

-no thanks. That’s my car over there. (He tried walking away)

-wow, she turned around. Really? Emmm, excuse me, please can i have your number so we can talk later, seems you’re in a hurry.

-what do you need my number for?

-well, emmm, as my youth leader, will love to call you anytime.

-there’s no need. You can see me in church when ever you wish. Good day.

He left.

Omg, that guy is cute. I will get him before anyone else. I’m already feeling sweet. Kai. I will follow him. I need to know where he stays. This one no go pass me oooooo.

As Ebuka got to his car, a lady was leaning on the driver’s side.

-excuse me.

-wow bro Ebuka, this your car? Please can you drop me?

-I’m not going your way.

-but you don’t even know my way.

-Have a nice day sister, God bless you.

He entered his car and zoomed off.

-i can’t wait to have you. You sweet abeg. Chai

Juliet walked up to her,

-stay away from that guy, he is mine.

-see this mumu, abeg get out. E never come, you don dey claim ownership. No try am o

-hmmm, don’t dare cross my path o. Animal.

Juliet zoomed off.

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