THE FIGHT FOR EBUKA : Episode 11 – The End

© Nnenne Uju Izuanagbara

Episode 11

-Ebuka, Rev Thompson called. Continue with your programme. Make sure the main programme is announced. Are the fliers ready?

-yes daddy pastor Real replied.

-ok, where are they, i need to pray on them before they are shared.

-sir, emmm, (stammering and scratching his head) sir, it’s still with the printer sir.

-What? With the printer? You told me you have it with you. Pastor Real, please does your wife knows where the printer stays?

-yes sir

-Good. Call her. Give her directions on how to bring it here now. Ebuka, please go back to the camping. I pray for more Grace upon you my son.

-thank you daddy.

-Pastor Real, have you spoken to your wife?

-yes sir.

-let’s see in your office please.


-Pastor Real, it will be foolishness on my part. If i scolded you before Ebuka. I am very disappointed in you. Is this how you are? Haaaaaa!!!! I had to come down here to see things for myself because the clips i watched on their chat group was Awesome. A programme of this magnitude is held here and you are absent? What report would you have given to me if i had asked how the programme went. Pastor Real, you even had the nerve to ask the young man to stop the camping for committee meeting? Jesus Christ!!! Pastor Real, are you for real? What spirit has possessed you? Argh!!!!! Pastor, you are far away. The devil has taken center stage of your heart. I am ashamed of your leadership. How can you allow them to toss and turn you around? Be careful, pastor Real, be careful. You even lied you have collected the posters and fliers while you haven’t. Why are you fighting Ebuka? Do you think it’s Ebuka you are fighting? You are fighting God. Watch it pastor!!! Watch it!!! Make sure those fliers come in, in 30mins. I want to pray on them before it is shared.

-daddy, I’m sorry. It’s not what you think sir.

-pastor Real, this is not about saying you’re sorry. It is way more than that. Go back to God and reconcile with him. Set your life aright. Renew your covenant with God. You have fallen out of line. Amend your ways PASTOR REAL, AMEND YOUR WAYS.


-pastor, God is not moved with crocodile tears. So stop deceiving yourself.

Pastor Real left the office.

-you even know it’s crocodile tears. Your next action now is to send me packing. I will do that before you do it. I will soon be a G.O too. You won’t have the guts to INSULT me ever again. I will transfer the money you brought for the purchasing of the land into your account. Every other thing belongs to me. I have to call my commitee members. Let’s sit and discuss this. I have to act fast before he does.

EBUKA CALLED on DADDY G.O to come and address the youths.

– can somebody give the Lord a shout!!!!!

There was shouting among the youths.

-Chai, what a programme. I am blessed. I saw the one posted on the General group chat, i said no, i must be here today. This is just appetizer. The main programme is coming. Keep to all you have gotten in this camping. Don’t be like the ground that could not hold the seed of the sower. Don’t be the road side so birds won’t feed on the seeds poured on you. Ebuka, step forward. Please brethren, i want you to stretch forth your hands and pray for him. Enemy is not happy with what is in him. They are fighting to pull him down. Pray against every forces of darkness planning his downfall, according to the word of God, they shall fall for his sake in Jesus name. Prayers!!!!

The youths prayed. Daddy G.o prayed for him as well. They prayed on the fliers and posters.

-First week of next month, there shall be awareness creation. Share the fliers to fellow youths. Let them come and catch revival fire. Our Nation needs youths like Daniel who are ready to walk into the lions den to defend their salvation and to bring deliverance to the Nation.


-Halleluyah !!!!!


-daddy I’m so grateful for coming to our camping sir. I’m really honoured to have you sir. Thank you.

it was time for group presentation of the study from the book of 1 & 2 timothy. Indeed revival took place in the lives of the youths.

In that programme many youths received baptism of the Holyghost and spoke in Holyghost tongue.


On the last day, Juliet ran to Ebuka.

-Bro Ebuka, i have a confession to make.

-ok, Go ahead.

-i tried countless times to seduce you. I even faked to be sick just for you to come to my house. (Crying) i have been a pretender all these while but in this programme, i received salvation. Now i am bornagain. I am a new creation, i am a brand new person.

-wow!!!! Ebuka shouted. Thank God for your life. More grace to remain in faith in Jesus name.


Ebuka left. Juliet got into her car….

-omg, I’m looking so pale. What a meeting. Because of a man, i slept on mat for three days. With my confession, i have won a way into his heart. Soon, he will be mine. Awwww, look at the way he smiled at me…..oh mah gosh, oh mah gosh. can’t wait.

She zoomed off.

Ebuka got home and laid his head to rest. He heard his name.


He jumped up

-who’s that? (He stood up). Who’s there?

-Ebuka poverty doesn’t look good on you, the voice said.

-who are you? And point of correction, i am not poor.

-i am the queen sherima. The marine world is interested in you. We will make you stupidly rich, powerful, the world will hear your fame.

-Hahahahahahahaha, it’s only stupid people that make stupid people stupidly rich. Do i look like am poor? Your power is worthless compared to what i carry. Please get out i want to sleep. Speak no more in.Jesus name.

The voice seized.

Ebuka started praying.

Pastor Real consulted a pastor friend. He told the pastor friend how REV THOMPSON is planning to throw him out after all his suffering

-you see, have i not told you to follow me to PROPHET UDEME. He is a powerful prophet. He will help you in this fight. Enough of that monkey dey work, bamboo dey chop rubbish. I finished growing a branch, the idiot i was working for did not see when we were just 5 members to discover I’m compromising. Now i built a big cathedral with people filled to the brim, he is getting message that I’m compromising. I contacted prophet Udeme. Just one bottle of olive oil, i possessed my possession.

-i will follow you this time. I will.

Meanwhile that night, Ebuka had a revelation. He saw pastor Real and a man on black, removing the signboard of GLORIOUS INVASION CHURCH. He started fighting with them. He drew down the ladder with which pastor Real climbed. That was when he woke up.

He picked up his phone and called brother divine.

-hello sir

-brother divine, pls I’m sorry to disturb you. There is going to prayers in my house tomorrow night. Just you and i. Pastor real is planning something evil. I saw him in my revelation trying to tear down the signboard of our church. We will not let that happen. IT IS TIME TO BATTLE ON OUR KNEES.

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