THE HEARTS SEASON 2: Episode 1-10

(He’s her idol)

Season 2
Episode 10

By:Tofunmi Nikky?

?Carl’s pov?

The gate opened and we walked inside,, their are many guards positioned inside

“Let’s go”Roy said,and just when we moved;a voice stopped us

“You can’t go until we search you”One of the guards said,I looked at Max and he nodded

He started searching Roy,I looked at the building,,all that kept running in my head is how to get inside

I glance at them and ran inside,they pointed guns at me

I got inside the mansion and they chased after me

“Sir don’t move”One said,I ran further until I got to a passage

“Stop or we gonna shot!!”Another said and I just ran past them

“Leave him,,, let him come in”A familiar voice said and I looked up

Someone sat on a twirl chair backing me

“Dan!”I said slowly

“Yeah,, that’s me”he said ad he turned to face me,he’s changed a lot

Max and Roy ran in and stopped beside me

“Welcome guys”he said,standing up from his seat

“How did you find me,my mother right?”he asked, coming closer

“Hey,,we aren’t here for this chitchat,,where is my sister?”I half yelled

“Calm down Carl”Max said,and touched my shoulder

“Wow,, brilliant”he said as he clapped his hands

“Can you just stop and where the Fk is Rosa”Roy said

He rough his hair and sigh

“But wait, you guys believed she’s dead. So why are you looking for her now?”he replied

?Dan’s pov?

“I did, we believed she’s dead,but what about this?? This her wristband, I think it’s a proof she’s alive,,, but you told us she’s dead”Carl yelled as he held the band


“Do you remember seven years ago,I wasn’t given a chance to tell you if she survived or not,, you never gave me a chance,,,,,I was imprisoned for what I knew nothing about”I yelled back

“Okay,, so now where is she?”Max asked and I just shook my head

Do they take me for a fool!!

“And why should I tell you”I scoffed

“Please,,. Just tell us”Max replied,,

“Okay,,I will tell you,,,, she’s with the Davies family”I said and crossed my hand behind my back

“Wait,,are we going to start searching for the Davies family in the country”Carl said moving forward

“I don’t bloody care,,haven’t I tried enough”I said

” go to h.ell”Carl said and went out

“Bye”Roy said and they went out

I sat back on the chair with a smirk

I’m giving you this chance to find her,so you could face more of my wrath, I’m going to ruin you!



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