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The story tells us about a billionaire who is having his vacation under disguise. He traveled to an island and worked at a well known hotel there.

While working there, he met Isobel Dane who is the only daughter of a business tycoon. It turns out that Isobel intends on getting married to her long time boyfriend on the island but all that changed when she found out that her fiance was only after her money and was also cheating on her with her best friend.

After making a scene at the wedding, she ran into the arms of this billionaire and asked for his help in running away. Having no choice, he helped her escaped.

For three days Isobel lived with him and also depended on him for everything and unknown to her. She slowly stole his heart.

THE ISLAND BRIDE : CHAPTER 1 - 10. Thingscouplesdo

The billionaire had no chance to confess his feeling because Isobel left without saying a word and his trial to find her turned fruitless.

For a year, the two were separated but as luck would have it. Isobel came to his company looking for employment and it all turned complicated when she doesn’t remember him or her stay with him for three days on the island.

Now the question is, why did Isobel forget him?

What will happen now that the two have finally found each other?

How will she end up being his Island bride?

You don’t want to miss this story.




Somewhere in Chi resort

?”You look lovely Isobel”

“Like the queen of England”?

?”The gown compliment your curves”

Isobel Dane stood in front of the mirror in her wedding dress while she listened to her friends enthused happily about her gown.

“Thanks guys”She muttered as she took another glance at herself in the mirror.

She looked everything they told her she is and that’s all due to her father’s wealth. He had spent a hefty fortune just to make today’s wedding come true. He even booked the whole island for the wedding. She thought as she silently thanked her father.

“What’s going on here?”Stephanie Blaze. Her best friend and maid of honour asked as she stood in the door way.

“We were just helping Isobel here” one of the girls replied.

“The wedding is about to begin. You all should go downstairs. I will handle the rest”Stephanie told them tersely and immediately the girls left the room.

“Feeling nervous?” Stephanie asked as she moved towards Isobel.

“A little”Isobel replied as she kept smoothing her dress.

“It happens. All bride are always nervous on their wedding day and besides you are getting married to Peter who had been your crush since high school. You should feel nervous”Stephanie countered.

“Was my crush on him that obvious?” Isobel asked.

“Not really. I wouldn’t have known if I hadn’t read your diary that day”Stephanie confided.

“And that’s why am grateful to you. You ‘ve been the only one I could talk to about Peter and most importantly you helped me begin a relationship with him”Isobel said as she hugged her.

“If you that grateful treat me better than this” Stephanie clipped out as she hugged her in return.

“I will. I love you”Isobel added as she gave her a kss on the cheek.

“Stop with the cheesy words and get ready. Your father will be here to escort you soon. I will be in the waiting room” Stephanie informed as she left the room.

Isobel was still straightening out her gown when she heard a knock. She opened it only to see a delivery man with her bouquet.

“A note came with it Miss” The delivery man said as he handed her the note.

She went back in and tore the envelope open. What she read there got her feeling sad and heartbroken and wanting to confirm if it’s true. She left the room heading to the waiting room where Stephanie will be.



“Oliver can you help me with this” Mark John. A co-worker of Oliver said as he asked him to help set the last table in the hall.

“This is the first time I see people make a fuss over a wedding”Oliver remarked as he looked around them.

The hotel staff were running around. Setting things right just to make sure that everything is perfect before the wedding begin.

“When it comes to the Dane family, every one would certainly make a fuss” Mark replied.

“The Dane? Are they some one popular?” Oliver asked not having heard of them.

“No. They are just rich and Isobel Dane that’s getting married today is the only daughter of Mr Dane. She is his precious daughter and so the wedding has to be perfect though there is a rumour going around amongst the staff that her husband to be is cheating on her with her best friend. I haven’t really seen it but I suspect it too. The little have seen going on. I can tell that something is going on between them and the bride to be doesn’t even notice it. How gullible she is” Mark mocked gently.

“More like too trusting”Oliver stated as they finish setting the table.

“Oliver” his boss called and quickly Oliver went to him.

“Take this to the waiting room” he said giving him a bouquet.

Oliver set off to the waiting room and was about to go in when he saw a man and a woman in the room and what he heard prevented him from going in.

“Why are you sulking about it? You know that have got to marry her”The man said to the lady who was sitting by the desk starring at him.

“Do you have to go this far in acquiring what you want?”the lady replied looking angry.

“You know that I have to. Mr Dane didnt want to give me the company shares unless I marry his daughter. So I had to agree” The man explained.

“Just the thought of you going out there to marry Isobel makes me angry”The lady said again and Oliver watched the man walked towards her to give her a kss.

“You’ve got to endure it. To get the wealth of the Dane family. We’ve got to sacrifice things and this is one of them. You don’t have to worry because even though am married to Isobel. I will always have your time” He tried to cajole as he kssed her again.

The rumour is true. Oliver thought as he turned to leave only to see a girl dressed in her white gown standing a few paces away.

Judging by the stricken look on her face she must have heard the conversation.

She began to walk towards him and instinctively he stood in her path. Not wanting her to go in and listen to more of their deceit.

She lifted her bright blue eyes to stare at him and for a while he found himself being lost in them.

“Move” She said slowly.

“Going in there will just hurt you more” He replied. Surprised by his interference in all this.

“And who are you to tell me that?” She asked as she moved past him.

He watched her walk towards the door and when she was about to open it. She stopped.

“I really pity Isobel. The fool is deeply in love with you. She doesn’t even know that you are just after her money” Stephanie confessed to Peter while they both laugh at her ignorance.

“And she shouldn’t know until I get to lay my hands on her father’s money. Once that is done. I will get rid of her “Peter chipped in as he kssed Stephanie again.

“I wonder how she will feel when she gets to know about us” Stephanie cried out excitedly.

“Hurt and dejected. She might even want to kll herself” Peter replied.

“You think so? That will be a tragic end for her. Not that I would feel any loss at her absence. After all have always hated her” Stephanie confessed.

“Come to think of it. You’ve never told me why you hate her? “Peter enquired.

“It’s because she acts all big. Just because her father is rich. She rubs it on everyone faces . Even me!”Stephanie burst out angrily.

“Well I can’t wait to get rid of her. I will gladly accept this wedding of yours as long as it will help get rid of that girl” She added as she gave Peter a smile.

Oliver watched Isobel move away from the door. He watched her walk past him without saying a word.

Oliver followed her, not because he cared but because he didn’t want her to do something ¢razy.

She went back to the room assigned to her and a while later he saw an older man walk into the room. Knowing that someone was in there with her. He left, returning to the hall to get back to his work and also to know if she will go ahead with the wedding or put a stop to all of it.



“Are you ready?” Marshall Dane asked as he stared at his daughter.

“Am ready” Isobel replied as she forced a smile on her face.

She left the room with her father. Heading to the hall where the wedding will be taking place.

Peter’s and Stephanie’s deceit is a huge blow to her. She should have confronted them earlier by going into the waiting room but she wanted to do something else and that something else will be done during the wedding.

The wedding march began and Stephanie came to help her with the bridal gown just like the maid of honour is meant to. She smiled at Isobel and Isobel wondered for how long she has been smiling at her with malicious thought within.

Peter stood in front of aisle. Smiling at her too. A smile she knew was a fake.

She got to the front and just like every tradition. Her father gave her to Peter and while the judge began. She waited until the big question was asked.

“Before we proceed with this marriage. Is there anyone who object to this union?”The judge asked.

She stared at Stephanie wondering if she would object and when there was nothing from her. Isobel raised her hand up causing everyone in the hall to gasp out.

“Young lady it’s not time for you to raise your hand and…..”

“It is. I clearly heard what you said Mr judge and I can clearly tell you that I want to put a stop to this wedding” She said with all certainty.

“What are you saying Isobel?” Peter asked as he moved towards her.

“You heard me Peter, am putting an end to this sham” She grated out.

“Why? Why are you suddenly doing this?” He asked looking flabbergasted.

“You will know soon” She replied as she pulled her hand away from his hold before moving towards the guest.

“First of all I would like to apologise to my dad. What am doing now is the best thing for me” She said assuring him of her decision.

“The reason why am ending this marriage is because of him” She said pointing at Peter.

“I just found out recently that he can’t satisfy me in the you know where” she began looking a bit embarrassed which is far from what she is feeling.

“Everyone certainly understands. I don’t have to explain. He isn’t man enough to give me what I want in the you know where. I can’t spend the rest of my life being with someone who isn’t even man enough to give me what I want “she continued insulting Peter’s manh.ood.

“What rubbish are you spewing? We both know that we haven’t even made love with each other” Peter whispered as he moved towards her.

“That’s exactly why am doing this” She replied as she turned to the guest again.

“Now. Everyone am sorry that you had to waste your time in coming here but this wedding would have to end now. I can’t spend the rest of my life with a man who can’t satisfy my urge. You ladies will agree with me right?” She asked and some of the female guest muttered one or two things in reply.

“So that’s that. It’s bye bye now” she said as she pulled off her veil throwing it on the floor and in front of Peter. She turned to leave but Stephanie came to obstruct her path.

“What are you doing?”She asked.

“Making it easy for you two to be together. I must have been a pain for the two of you right?” She asked muttering this part to her.

“What nonsense are you…..”

“Stop with the act Stephanie. It doesn’t suit you. I know for a fact that you and Peter are in a relationship. I was dumb not to notice it but now I do and am paving the way for you to be with him. He is all yours and I hope we all never get to see each other again. Just like the saying goes ‘Good riddance to bad rubbish’ Adios” Isobel said as she walked out of the hall majestically.

As soon as she heard her name being called by Peter and knowing that he would be coming after her she picked up her gown and began to run.

She was meant to run back upstairs but she found herself running downstairs. She could still hear the sound of footsteps and wanting to get away as fast as she could. She spotted a man on his bike who is just getting ready to leave and quickly she ran towards him.

“Please get me away from here” Isobel begged and Oliver surprised by her sudden appearance was lost for words at first but when he saw Peter heading towards them. He spoke immediately.

“Get on” As soon as he said that. Isobel got on his bike and he rode off before Peter could get to them.


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