By Naomi Cindy B.


“I’m innocent!!!” Mary cried out, but her face was met with another ht from Romanio.

She fell flat on the ground, and he kcked her stomach, she rolled down the room, bI.eeding from the mouth.

Clyde made to move, but Rapunzel held him.


“You can’t, it’ll only worsen his anger” she said, and he stood still with difficulty.

“Madonna didn’t do it” he muttered as Romanio went to her.

He dragged her up by the hair and ht her head on the wall, her nose bI.ed as she went down again.

“I’m… I’m..rea…lly… innocent….it was…Vir..vir..

She hasn’t finished speaking when Romanio sI.apped her again.

“It wasn’t me!!!” She screamed painfully.

“How dare you!, How dare you try to outsmart this clan!, How dare you!!!” He yelled, htting her head on the wall again.

More bI.ood gushed out of her, even her ears.

Right now, all he’s seeing is the face of their mother, Mary Kay.

A betrayer, a woman who deserves to die hundred times and more.

Rosario has been standing on his spot since it started, he looks speechless and confused, not knowing what to believe.

Virus smiled secretly, Hellcat pinched herself hard.

Clyde was already shaking with anger, wishing he could interfere.

Nightingale smiled largely, and Bullet started recording the video.

Pandora and Terrius were staring at the Mary with blank expressions.

“Baby Donna!!!” Lush shouted, rushing into the room.

When she saw she’s bI.eeding already, she started rushing to her, but Pandora held her.

“Wanna die with her?”

“She’s not a spy!!!, I refuse to believe that my baby is one!, Shes innocent!!!” She screamed loudly.

“Any proof?” Pandora asked, and Lush went on her knees, she started crying.

Romanio got an hammer and was about to hit it on Mary’s head when Rosario held his hand, bringing it down.

“Stop, right now” he said calmly, and Romanio punched him hard on the jaw.

“Stop?, Did you just say stop?, She was clearly indicated as the accomplice,the phone rang in her pocket so tell me what you mean by stop!, Tell me bstard!” He barked, giving Rosario another punch.

“It was…. Virus… Virus gave me the phone, she… she told me to…help her speak to her….her junior brother” Mary stuttered from her spot.

BI.ood was dripping out of her mouth like gum.

“Is she insane? Her head must have been affected by the several beatings she got, we’re not friends so why would I give you a phone?

We haven’t even talked before, And a brother? Everyone knows that i don’t even know my parents not to talk of a brother” Virus rolled eyes.

“I’m really… really saying the…truth…she framed me…I’m…” Mary cried, spiting out bI.ood.

“The first call you made was last week Friday, the second one was Sunday, and the third one was yesterday, you made the last one this morning, stop trying to deny me now that I’ve been caught!” The spy shouted loudly.

“The phone, I need to check the fingerprints” Lush said, picking it from the ground.


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