By Naomi Cindy B.


“Fk childhood, just d!e” Rosario muttered ragingly.

Hellcat fell on her bvm, screaming out her guts as pains spread through her being.


Her face was already looking irritating, her right eye even got affected.

“AHHHHH!!!!!!” She screamed again, rolling on the ground.

Rosario kcked her out of the way before walking in.

“Boss!!, Boss I can explain!, I can really explain!” Virus begged quickly, running away from him.

His eyes right now are not even something she could look at, they’re bI.oodshot and livid.

“One sec, to get here” he said coldly.

Virus quickly rushed to him in fear, and he smirked.

Get on your belly, hold my right leg” he ordered, and she quickly went low, then she held his right leg.

He started walking out of the apartment, dragging her on the ground.

“Boss please spare me!!, Spare me and I promise not to do such anymore!, Boss!!!” She cried as he continued dragging.

He didn’t stop till he got to the to.rture arena, her screams has made everyone gather already.

Audible murmurs were already going on when Bullet rushed into the arena.

“Virus?” He said with wide eyes, rushing to the circle.

“Boss… She’s… What did…

“Wanna die with her?” Rosario turned his red eyes to him, and he stepped back quickly.

“Bullet save me!, I don’t wanna die!!!, Bullet!!!” She screamed out to him, but he walked farther and farther away from the circle till he was out.

Rosario looked at her, and she shifted back on her knees.

When he remembered how Romanio tortured Mary in the vault, he grabbed a metal and without thinking twice, he h!t it on her jaw, sending three tooth out of her mouth immediately.

Her head cracked on the side and started bI.eeding.

“Spare me!!!” She cried as her bI.ood started wetting her face, rushing down to her clothes.

He gave her a kick on the face and another teeth flew off.

“Boss spare me!!!” She cried again, and Rosa grabbed her hair, pulling her up.

He dipped a finger into her right eye, and bI.ood ran out as his finger went in.

“My eye!!!!!” Another scream escaped her quivering lips as he dipped it deeper and deeper into her eye.

The eye went blind immediately, so she’s left with only one working eye.

He let go of her, and she fell heavily, crying in excruciating pains.

“Get rid of her hair, every single strand” he ordered, and two guards got her.

She was dragged to the metal chair and tied to it, then they got clipper and started the barbing .

“Fire under that chair” he ordered, and the fire was made under the metal chair she was sitting on.

Immediately it started burning, her bvtt started feeling the heat as her hair got barbed.

“Fk!!!!, My bvtt!, My eye!, My hair!!!”


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