By Naomi Cindy B.


The guy fell on his bvtt, bI.ood pumping out of his truncated thing and fingers.

His cries of anguish echoed in the air as Rosario walked to the second one.

“Boss I swear it!, It was Kay’s idea!, I never wanted to tag along but he insisted!, Boss spare me!” He cried.


Rosario wasn’t even hearing him, his anger is still safe inside him.

He did the same thing to the second one, and he fell on his bvtt like the first, his bI.ood wetting the ground too.

Mary covered her mouth with her palms shockingly.

This is the first time she’ll be seeing such ho..rrific scene, and she almost started peeing on herself again.

The third guy received the same fate, and he fell on the rest.

They all bI.ed till de.ath on the spot, then Rosario started calming down.

He threw down the knlfe and faced Mary, she started shivering in fear again.

As he walked to her, her heart skipped beats.

‘Is it the end already? Is he gonna kll me?’ she thought fearfully, gumming herself to the tree.

He finally got to her and squatted in front of her.

She wrapped her arms around herself more tightly despite the jacket, she faced the ground.

“Look up” he ordered, and she faced him shakily, but immediately her eyes met his soulless eyes, she closed it fearfully.

Rosario grabbed her arms and pulled them away from her body, her eyes opened instantly.

He ran his eyes through her swollen bbs for a while, wishing he could kll those guys again, then he stood.

“Go back to your apartment, and you dare not come out without my permission” he ordered.

She quickly stood, pulling the long jacket over herself before rushing away, her legs shaking on the ground as she walked

Rosario watched her till she entered her apartment, then he looked down at himself.

His bulge grew again, it grew immediately he saw her bbs the other time.

“Cazzo (fk)” he whispered, making his way back to his mansion.

He got there and met Nightingale waiting in front of it.

Immediately she saw his bulge, she got insanely wet underneath.

“Rosario what the h’ll!” She bit her lip, looking at it.

Rosario glared, but she didn’t get the message.

“I thought they say your d*ck doesn’t rise, but dmn!, This is attractive, mind shoving that inside me?” She continued.

Rosario started walking towards her.

“I might be your brother’s girlfriend, but there’s absolute love in sharing” She said when he finally got to him.

He grabbed the dk and tried to kss him, but Rosario grabbed her neck tightly, choking her.

“Ros.. Rosa… Rio…” She said in a choky voice, struggling to free herself.

“You dare call me by my name?” He said, adding extra strength to press the neck.

“You’re my brother’s fkmate, so what?, That doesn’t guarantee you the right to say my name, I’m your boss!” He spat, thudding her back on the wall angrily.

Her feet left the ground already, she looks like a doll in his hand right now.

“Ah!… argh!!” She grumbled as the veins on her forehead came out.

“And how dare you touch my bulge!” He said, looking down at his dk, but it went down already.

“I should just end you” he said, letting her go.


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