Aaron came in with her breakfast and a bag.

“Where the h’ll is she?” He wondered, looking around.

He entered the adjoining room, and Romanio left the apartment immediately.

Aaron couldn’t find her in the room, so he came out.

He was about to complain when Mary came out of the bathroom in only a yellow towel.

His eyes widened immediately, but he quickly controlled himself.

“Oh….chef” she smiled.

“Aaron” he replied.

“Aaron’s in the bible!, I love your name” she smiled but it disappeared when she saw his arms.

It’s full of red swell marks, it’s on every part of the arm, scanty ones are on his face too.

“What happened to you!” She almost shouted.

“Anything can happen in hell, but it’s none of your business” he replied and started leaving.

“No!, Wait!” She shouted and rushed to the bed.

She got the ointment container from yesterday and pulled him to sit on the bed.

“This helps a lot, it cleared my wounds in less than twenty four hours” she said.

He looked at her and she smiled before opening it.

She scooped a large amount on her palms and rubbed it together before rubbing it on his arms.

She applied on his face too, and he suddenly took off his shirt, his whole body is covered with the swell.

“It’s much” she said with concern, rubbing it on his body too.

“Why were you in the church that day?” He suddenly asked, and she stopped rubbing.

“I’m a rev sister, what were you expecting?, I still can’t believe that Reverend Gabriel was just pretending to be a Reverend, and his real name is BI.ood?, He stole the shipments of this empire?” She replied.

“How did you know?” Aaron asked.

“I heard them talking about it before he was klled” she replied sadly.

“Blood is really a bstard, he and his dad… Enzo” Aaron said, anger obvious in his voice.

“I heard them mention Enzo too, they asked where he is, but he didn’t say” Mary said.

“He’s still hiding, together with Mary” Aaron replied.

“Mary?, Who’s Mary?” Mary asked.

Aaron stood.

“Eat breakfast, and that bag contains the clothes that was sent by Hellcat, Lord Rosario ordered her to send them anyways” he said, avoiding the question.

“Hellcat?, Lord Rosario?”

“You’ll know the owner of the names later” he replied and walked to the door immediately.

“Aaron!” Mary called, and he looked back.

“Thanks” she smiled.

He didn’t return the smile before leaving.

He was walking back to the kitchen when he bumped into Nightingale.

“How was last night’s to.rture?” She laughed.

He took the other way but she blocked him.

“Can’t talk back at me anymore?” She said in mockery.

He took another way, and she blocked him again.

“If you had just agreed to fk me when I asked, this won’t be happening” she said lustfully, staring at the sxy abs on his arms.

Aaron looked at her for a minute before talking.

“When do you want us to meet?”

Nightingale smiled.

“I’ll text you”


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