“Fk!!!!!!!” Rosario groaned as her teeth started hardening on it.

That made her take it out of her mouth to look up at him, he has a dangerous glare on his face right now, enough to kll.

“What the fk did you just do!” He gnarled angrily, and her hands started trembling again.

“I….I…I..broke lollipop” she stuttered fearfully.

“What fking lollipop!, Are you daft?” He said, getting more angry.

“The last time I licked it was when I was a kid, I love breaking it when…

“So to you…. this is some kind of lollipop?” He interrupted, intrigued by her naivety.

“You told me to do…what I… do to lollipop” she replied.

All these while, his dk was still standing, it didn’t go down like it used to do.

“You’ll pay for it” he said and took his thing in his palm.

He grabbed her hair, and before she could think of what he’s gonna do, he propelled the thing roughly into her mouth.

She choked immediately.

“Bite again and I’m gonna kll you, now sck till I cvm!” He commanded.

Immediately she heard about de.ath, she started scking like her life depended on it, she’s not ready to die yet.

At least not now, if this is what it takes to stay alive, she’s willing to.

She held the shaft as she scked slowly, his hand was still in her hair, guiding her head up and down his ck

The warmness of her mouth on it and the tenderness of her palms on the base made pleasure shoot through his whole being.

Her mouth made insanely cute sounds as she scked sxily.

He has never felt this good all his life, and right now he wishes this should last forever, he’s currently over the moon.

So this is what every guy out there enjoys, this is what he has been missing all these years.

He threw his head back, his wet hair covering a part of his face.

“Dmn!” He cvrsed as more pleasure flooded his body.

He needed more, he wanted more.

“Faster!” He commanded, and Mary obeyed immediately, adjusting her knees on the ground.

She choked on it again as the long thing h!t the back of her throat, but she never stopped.

She was already sweating so much as she wrapped her mouth more tightly on it.

Another wave of warmness invaded Rosario’s body.

“Geez!” He groaned in pleasure again, pushing her head closer to it, making her deep-throat it.

“Gawd!, Fk!” He grunted as he felt himself inching close to an orga$m.

“Faster!” He ordered again, and Mary’s hair covered her face as she scked faster.

“Caress the base” he said

Mary started caressing the base while sucking madly fast, driving him insane with her palms and mouth.

Rosario groaned repeatedly in pleasure till he came and shattered, reIeasing into her mouth.

Her cheeks bulged with sprm, and she looked at him.

This is the second time she made eye contact with him tonight.

“Swallow it” he ordered, and she swallowed it down her throat, wondering what it is.


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