Rosario just finished lightening a cigar, he’s gonna try smoking again.

Since he got mature, he hasn’t felt what a cigar smoke feels like in his mouth, he’s always having difficulty to smoke.

Anytime he forces himself to do it, he gets sick after smoking a stick.

As usual, he wasn’t able to take a puff before throwing it down.

He marched it and opened the drawer in the bedstand, he got a gun and smiled as he ran his fingers on it.

It’s the gun his late dad used throughout his life as a mafia, not like he doesn’t have others, but he loves using this particular one.

He remembered his face and smiled, but when his mum’s face appeared, the smile disappeared.

He remembered how his dad hid him in the closet with Romanio that night when the empire was invaded.

“Stay here, you both must not come out ok?” He had said before closing the closet door.

He dropped the gvn and entered the bathroom for a shower.

Immediately he turned on the shower, Mary’s thought hit his head.

As the water ran down his body, her face became clearer in his head, and merely that….made him hard.

He looked down at his erect thing and decided to just ma.stvrbate, but he changed his mind at the last minute.

He tapped the wall, and a wall phone appeared.

He dialled Clyde’s line.

“Bring Mary to my mansion” he ordered.

“Sure boss” Clyde replied, and he hung up.

He stayed in the shower till he heard the living room door open.

He knew she’d surely stay in the living room without coming in, so he left the bathroom and wrapped a towel around his waist.

He entered the bedroom and opened the door to the living room, she was standing there innocently.

The worse is what she’s wearing, a very short gown that’s barely covering her fresh thighs.

Why would Hellcat send her such dress???

She shoved her face in the ground immediately she saw him.

“Get in” he ordered, and she walked to him fast.

He shut the door immediately.

“Do you know lollipop?” He asked, and she looked up slowly.

“I… I’ve… licked it several times” she replied, swallowing hard.

“Cool, get on your knees” he ordered.

“Huh?” She replied, still trembling.

“I won’t say it twice” he replied.

She knelt in front of him quickly, and he unwrapped the towel from his waist.

His erect thing pointed right at her face, and she quickly closed her eyes.

“Do what you do to lollipop” he ordered, and her eyes opened slowly.

Her small slender hands were trembling as she raised them to his thing.

When she finally held it, Rosario groaned at the warmness of her palms, he closed his eyes, expecting her mouth on it.

Mary kept holding the machine gvn, not knowing how to start, but when he remembered his command…

“Do what you do to lollipop” ..

She swallowed hard and brought it to her mouth.

“Fk! Rosario groaned in pleasure immediately, her mouth feels like honey on his thing.

Mary is always impatient while licking lollipop, so she breaks it with her teeth immediately she starts licking.

“Do what you do to lollipop” his order echoed in her head again, and she did the magic….

She pressed her teeth on his thing like she does when breaking lollipop.

Fireworks, thunders and electric shock sounded in Rosario’s head immediately….



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