Mary started crying again, full of pity for his lifesaver that’s about to get klled.

She suddenly stopped when she remembered something.

The cinnamon scent she perceived from him.

Now she remembers where she once perceived it from.

When she was in the snakes kingdom, she perceived it faintly before passing out.

That only means one thing, he’s the one who saved her!

Her eyes widened.

“Take him to the torture arena, it’s your deathday” Romanio ordered, and two guards took Clyde out.

Romanio looked at Mary and she shrunk, but that didn’t stop her from going on her knees.

“Please spare him and just kll me instead!, Just kll me instead!!!”

He smirked with his lip corner before walking out of the room as fast as light.

Mary sat on the ground and started crying loud, but she suddenly stood and ran out, finding her way to the to.rture arena.



Aaron came in, and excitement shone on her face immediately.

“Is it safe?” He asked.

“Of course baby” she walked to him and trapped his neck with her arms, kssing him hard.

Their mouths started sliding and grinding fast on each other, the kss was roughly mad.

He literally off the armless shirt he’s wearing, and she started rubbing his beautiful tattooed body.

Aaron pulled down her crop top and since that’s the only thing covering her body, her extra large bbs fell on his palms.

“Fk… Aaron press me, so hard” she mo..aned throatily against his lips.


“To h’ll with Romanio!”

“Aaron more please!”




“Oh no!”

“Oh yes!”

“Harder baby!”

“Yes baby!”


He pulled out and went in through her back too, giving her @$s numerous sI.aps as his thing decorated it.

“Oh my!”

“Romanio is a bstard!”

“Aaron let’s do this forever!”

“Aaron oh my fk!”

When she started riding him, she lost her brains completely, cvrsing Romanio throughout, saying junkies about him till the last minute.

They finally collapsed beside each other after three hours straight.

“Aaron let’s do this again” she said, trying to caress him to hardness again but he stood.


He threw on his pants and got his phone from where he set it on the dressing table.

He pressed save on the video before playing it, showing her.

Her eyes widened.

“What the fk is this!”

“Our sx video, we’ll both die if Romanio sets eyes on this, but I’m not scared of de..ath anyways, you’re the one obsessed with life” he smiled sinisterly, and Nightingale got down from the bed.

“How dare you set me up!” She shouted at his face.

“Fk Romanio!”

“To h’ll with Romanio!”

“Romanio is a bstard!”

Aaron started mimicking her m.oans, and she made to sI.ap him but he grabbed her hand and pushed her.

She landed on the bed.

“If you still wanna live, stay away from me in this clan, bch!” He glared and left for the door.

“I enjoyed the fk anyways, it was nice fking a wide hole” he smiled before leaving.

Nightingale stood from the bed and heaped her hair in her palms.

“Sht!, Aaron!!!!”

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