By Naomi Cindy B.


Rosario took Mary straight to his apartment and proceeded into the bedroom.

Mary’s slightly opened eyes was on his face throughout the walk.

‘He saved me again, he saved me’ she kept thinking till he dropped her on the bed.


He untied the shirt from her bI.eeding tummy and his eyes twitched when he saw the deep wound, it’s still bI.eeding so much.

He lifted her back from the bed and zipped down her gown, then he slipped it away from her body.

Her eyes still remained drowsy as he got the kit and poured the contents on the bed quickly.

He got gauze and started wiping the bI.ood with it, trying to stop the flow.

“Ouch!” She gasped as he pressed it on the wound.

He looked at her already pale face and kept staring, remembering Rapunzel’s words earlier

“Mary saved you, boss”

He finally stopped the flow and got a bottle.

“This will be painful” he said, and she closed her eyes tightly.

He poured the blue liquid on the wound…

“AHHHH!!!!” She screamed out, her eyes opened immediately, and she started crying.

“It hurts!!”

Rosario paused his hand and dropped the bottle, then he took a good look at all her body.

Even the legs and arms, her face and head, she has wounds everywhere.

He folded his fists tightly as he ran his eyes through her body.

He was unavailable for some hours and these happened to her? What if he had died?

He snapped out of his thoughts and wrapped bandage on the wound before covering her with the duvet.

He stood and made to leave, but she held his shirt, and he looked back to see her eyes opened slightly.

“I’m really glad…. that… you’re… you’re… Alive” she smiled lightly.

Even that light smile moved something in him, and he knows what.

She let go of his shirt and he left for the living room.

Lawrence came in immediately.

“Boss!, You’re awake!” He said surprisingly.

“I’m fine” Rosario replied simply.

“You got injected with wash essence and you woke up after some hours? You’re really the boss” Lawrence bowed respectfully.

“You have someone else to attend to” Rosario said and led him in.

When he saw Mary on the bed, he smiled.

“The runner?”

“You’re not here to talk” Rosario said sharply, and Lawrence dropped the kit with him on the bed.

He made to take the duvet away from Mary’s body …

“Do you still need your hand?” Rosario glared, and he quickly withdrew his hand.

“But I need to take away the duvet if she’ll get any treatment” he said.

“Drop the ointments, I’ll apply them myself, you can just give her a shot of sedative and painkiller” Rosario said simply.

“As your lordship pleases boss” Lawrence sighed and dropped three brown bottles on the bed.

“Apply these on her wounds twice a day, and….

“Does it sting?” Rosario interrupted.

“Of course” Lawrence replied, and Rosario got the bottles.

He threw them on the wall and they broke.

“Drop something mild!, Something that won’t make her shed a fking tear” he yelled.

“Oh…I’m sorry boss” Lawrence quickly dropped another three bottles on the bed.

“Same application pattern” he said simply.


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