By Naomi Cindy B.


Pleasure and sweetness washed through Rosario’s body immediately his thing went into her.

Despite the fngering, she was still so tight, and warm.

He started with slowly, gently guiding himself in and out, taking his time to enjoy the warmth of her hole.


He has been missing this much all these years, all his twenty eight years of age, he has never felt this pleasured

Mary’s mouth remained open, she’s gasping for breath despite the fact that he’s going slow.

The unending sweetness that comes from the mixture of pleasure and pains is what she’s feeling right now, it’s so soothing that she forgot her origin.

She has heard about sx a few times, but it was never explained to be as sweet as this.

She held the sheets so tight as he continued his slow movements.

Then the expected happened, her bI.ood gushed out like Rosario has been expecting, her dignity streamed down her thlghs, and he pulled out.

He inserted the tip this time, he did like he’s gonna insert everything, but he pulled it out halfway, and more bI.ood wet her thlghs.

“Ouch!” She m..oaned gently, and Rosario’s thing hardened more.

Mary badly wants to turn her head and see what he’s doing to her, but she’s scared.

What if she does and he pulls the trlgger???

Clyde is a member of the mo.b and he sh.ot him without thinking twice, talk more of her who’s just insignificant.

Rosario finished calling out the whole bI.ood and without waiting any longer, he thrvsted his thing back into her.

Rough fk started once again, and Mary felt her world getting disarranged.

He held her bvm again to put her in place, going in and out without giving her space to breath.

“Oh jes…

“Stop calling that name!” He snapped, giving her another hard one.

“Ouch!, Yes my Lord!”

“AHHHH!!!, Oh my!”.

“Please go slow my Lord!”

“Ouch!, Ouch!!!!, Ouch!!!!!”

Her bbs were dangling on her chest, and her sweat fell on the bed repeatedly.

Her hole walls started expanding, getting acquainted with his size.

“Oh my Lord!”

“Ouch!, Lord!”

“I’m gonna d!e soon!”


He made sure to shove in all his size at every insertion, slowly knocking breaths out of her.

His balls sI.apped her entrance loudly, he could feel himself inching close to an orga$m, so he increased his pace.

Mary almost ate the bedsheets as he ba..nged her wildly, feeling her w0..mb getting h!t.

He eventually slowed down, and he brought his hand to her cIt.

As he made the last drives, he rubbed her with four fingers, and pleasure h!t her system like hurricane.

“Oh my gosh!”

“Ouchh!, Yes Lord!”

“Ah gawd!”

“Ah yes!”

“Oh my!”


He continued rubbing till he pulled out of her slowly.

“Turn your face” he ordered, and immediately she did, she pvlled her hair, bringing her head down to his swollen thing.

He released into her mouth, and she swallowed it.

He told her to swallow it the other time anyways, so she used that.

She licked the ones on her lips cutely, enjoying how it tastes, she has come to love the taste.

She looked at the bed and saw her blood, she bit her lip lightly, staring at it.

Rosario left the bed and entered the bathroom straight, getting under the shower.

Finally he got what he needed.



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