By Authoress Popcorn

Chapter Thirty One

Barbie rolled her eyes when she heard what Olivia said. She also can’t believe that she had to come back to work with her to get rid of Erica.

She saw beside her and placed her purse on the counter.
“What can I get you ma’am?” The bar attendant asked.

“A little privacy would do, thank you” Barbie replied rudely. He nodded and left.

“So, what’s the plan?” Barbie asked.

“Relax sweetheart, we just have to harm her”

“She has a gift. She’s gonna see it coming” Barbie said and Olivia smirked.

THE MAN IN MY DREAMS : CHAPTER 31 – 40. Thingscouplesdo

“What if I tell you that Erica doesn’t dream about herself?” Olivia asked.

Barbie loved the sound of that.
“She doesn’t dream of danger when it’s for her. That’s very sweet to hear. Poor Erica”

“Well, it’s a secret. Apart from I and Ava, no one else know about it”

“Wait, I’m not planning to kill Erica. I just want her away from my brother” Barbie corrected.

“Fine. You won’t want to get your hands dirty. I have an idea” she said with a smile.

“Then tell me…”
Erica got home and saw Ava on her bed.
“Welcome home sweetheart” she said.

Erica threw her purse on the bed and started taking off her gown.
“Really? Playing my game? I thought you didn’t like it” she asked.

“Yeah, that was then, this is now. People change, duh!” Ava said, still staring staring at her phone.


“Well, how did your date… I meant dinner went?”

“It’s actually a date and guess what? I got more than three billion dollars by just eating a full chicken”

Ava heard that and threw her phone away.
“Three what?”

“Babe? You just threw your phone”

“It’s lesser than three billion dollar, duh!”

Erica chuckled and grabbed her towel.
“Got to shower” she said and went to the bathroom.

Ava ran downstairs and prepared something for Erica.
Erica came out of the bathroom and saw the snacks Ava prepared for her.
“Uh… What’s this for?”

“I love you Erica” Ava squealed.

“You got to be kidding me. I can’t take any more food. I’m too full” she said.

“Oh… I see. You should try out this pizza. It’s fresh and… Tasty”

Erica dropped her towel and walked towards Ava.
“If you are doing this because of the money, it’s not working” Erica said, touching her shoulder.


“Just get ready because on Saturday, we’re gonna rock the mall!!!!” Erica yelled.

Ava’s face brighten up. She quickly jumped on her and hugged her tight.

“Thank you Erica”
“You don’t have to thank me. You are all I have left”


Erica went to the mansion the next morning.
She was looking so happy than ever.

She wore a pink short gown with a black jacket. She also combed her long hair and made it fall on her shoulder.

“Good morning master” she greeted Calvin. He was coming out of his room.

“Good morning Erica, how was your night?” He asked.

“Great?” She replied and blushed, showing her cute dimples.

“I have to leave early, I have a meeting to attend” he said and they went to the car.

“Eish, I left my wristwatch”

“I’ll help you get it Master”

“The brown one. It’s on my dressing table” he said and Erica left.
She got the watch and stepped out of his room. She met Kelvin also coming out from his own room.
“Good morning master” she greeted and walked away.

“Erica..” he called out and she stopped.

“Yes master”

“I presume you had a great dinner last night” he said.

“Yeah, sure I did” she replied.

He nodded.
“Good” he said and went back into his room.

Erica didn’t understand why he asked that question. She quickly went to Calvin and gave him his watch.

“Let’s leave now” he said and they left.
“You have to sign here sir” the secretary brought a file for Calvin to sign.
He signed it and handed it over to her.

He escorted the shareholders out of the company. They shook hands and went into their various cars.

“Phew… The meeting is finally done” Calvin sighed.

“Yeah it is, sir! Thank you for the credit card” Erica said.

“Yeah, it’s okay. Hey! Here comes Kelvin” Calvin said.

Erica turned and saw him. He walked towards his brother.
He gazed at Erica and walked away.

“Let’s go Erica” Calvin said and they walked towards the elevator.

“Erica!!! My love!!”

They heard Erica’s name and turned to stare the man who called his name.


“Who’s that?” Calvin asked and slipped his hands into his pocket.

“My.. my.. ex boyfriend” she murmured.

“You had a boyfriend?” He asked.

Dylan walked towards Erica and hugged her tight.

“Get your hands off me” Erica said and pushed him away.

Dylan stepped back after Erica pushed him.
“Why are you avoiding me baby?” He asked and touched her shoulder.

“Hands off the lady! You heard her!” Calvin said.

“Who do you think you are?” Dylan asked with anger.

Kelvin folded his arms as he watched everything happen.

“Security!!” Calvin yelled.
Three of them appeared.

“Yes sir!”

“Show this man the way out and never let him in again!” Calvin yelled.

“You can’t send me away. Who are you?!!” Dylan yelled.

“Just get out Dylan and never show your horrible face here” Erica yelled.

“Why? We never broke up… We just”

“Get out!” Erica yelled. She turned and left the scene.

The security grabbed Dylan and send him out of the company.
“Hands off!” He adjusted his jacket and walked away. He took his phone and dialed a number.

“I just got kicked out” he said.

“Fine, meet you there in an hour” he said and disconnected the call.

“I’ll be back Erica. You just wait and see” he murmured and left.
“How can you be possibly dating that kind of person?” Calvin asked Erica.

“I dated him. That was when I graduated from high school”

“He said you two never broke up”

“Well, we quarrelled a lot just because I refused to have s*x with him. He cheated almost Everytime. His family moved out of town on short notice so we lost contact” she rolled her eyes.

“Let’s just forget about this sir. I’m sorry for the little commotion that I caused” she apologize.

“It’s okay. Just continue with your work” he said.
She nodded and left.
“You should have called me. Argh! I do want to rip that dimwit face apart and feed his body to my uncle’s dog” Ava yelled as she pushed the food Erica ordered to her.

“I don’t know how he find me but I feel bad about this” Erica spoke softly.

“I know how much you love him then but you’ve moved on. Just get your mind off him and focus on Calvin”

“Calvin and I aren’t dating” Erica raised her eyebrows.

“I see. You can’t be dating a man but he gave you three billion dollar. Calvin loves you”

“Bye Ava, I can’t talk about love now. It sucks!” She grabbed the meal and left.

“Next time Dylan shows up just make sure to call me!” She yelled and took her phone.

She placed it on her ear, expecting to hear a voice.
“Why do you call?”

“Oh Olivia! I know you are up to something. Why did you tell Dylan where Erica works?”

“Is that a problem? I’m trying to bring them together again. They are such sweet love birds” Olivia tried to sweet talk.

“Oh please, I know it’s all part of your plan. Whatever you are planning, I won’t let you do as you are planning” she said and disconnected the call.
When she heard everything from Erica, the only person that came to her mind was Olivia.

“I need to see Dylan as soon as possible”


Erica went into Kevin’s office to give him his lunch.
“I brought taco and some chilled lemonade” she explained as she placed it on his table.

Kelvin was holding a cup of coffee, sipping it slowly. When he heard Erica’s voice, he walked towards her and peeped into the bag.

“Nice” he said. She smiled and turned to leave.

He purposely hit her shoulder and his coffee spilled on his shirt.
“Ouch!” He yelled. It was very hot.

“I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to hit you”

“It’s my fault. It’s okay” he said.

“I’ll wash the shirt just take it off” she said.

Kelvin secretly blushed.
“You don’t have to” he said.

“Well, I have to. You can’t go around with a stained shirt” she said.

He sighed deeply.
“Fine” he said and started unbuttoning his shirt.

Erica saw his broad chest. She stared at his six packs and sucked in her lips, not wanting to laugh.

“A little privacy” he asked.

“Sure.. privacy” she murmured and turned away from him.

“Why did I even stare at him?” She thought.

“Here’s it”
She turned and grabbed his shirt without staring at his face.

“I’ll be back” she said and head out of his office.

Kelvin smiled and quickly made it disappeared. He didn’t want anyone to see him smiling.

Suddenly, the secretary rushed in.
“Sir, your meeting is…”

“Get out!” He yelled at her.

Her eyes were fixed on his abs. She blinked repeatedly and left.

“That was hot!”


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