THE POTTER’S HANDS : Episode 1 – The End

The Potter’s Hands

Written by Sonia Okehie

Episode 6

We serve a faithful God that never abandons his children nor put them to shame. Everything that happens under the surface of the sun, happens for a reason; whether good or bad. We as humans have limited vision and might not get the message behind every situation in our lives, but God sees and knows why he permitted whatever happened to occur.

Nothing can ever catch God by surprise because he knows the end from the beginning. Maybe, this kidnap incident needed to happen just for Terry to make that prayer of agreement and genuinely turn from his bad ways. Despite the fact that Maya’s influence was gradually rubbing off on him, he wasn’t a hundred percent pure and free from his fraudulent lifestyle. It’s apparent God let everything happen, just for that genuine change to finally take place.

Terry and Maya’s reunion inside the deep pit was heartbreaking and extremely touching. It felt as though they hadn’t seen themselves for ages and just wanted to dwell in each other’s presence. Terry was grateful to God that Maya was found at last and wasn’t dead as most people feared. He openly thanked God as he hugged her because he just couldn’t contain how he felt at that moment.

It was after they were done hugging each other that Terry noticed the malnourished state of Maya’s body. At that moment, he almost burst out in tears because the lady in front of him looked nothing like the lady he knew before the kidnap.

Deep down in Terry’s heart, he felt as though he had failed Maya by not protecting her well enough. He low-key blamed himself for every misfortune that had befell her. Too bad the deed had already been done and he didn’t have the power to turn back the hands of time. After being overly emotional, Terry gradually helped Maya up the ladder and they came out from the pit.

Immediately they got to the surface of the pit, some officers rushed Maya and carried her to their van because she was too tired to walk. After the rescue, they all zoomed out of that area and headed back to the police station. Maya’s family were contacted immediately and everyone couldn’t hold back the joy in their hearts.

Shortly after they arrived at the police station, Maya was taken to the hospital but unfortunately, Terry wasn’t allowed to go with her because he needed to be questioned at the police station. Just when we thought the problem was over, it actually just got started.

Unfortunately, Terry was now in trouble for two charges which were; accomplice to kidnap and fraud. Despite the fact that the officers knew Terry had been consistent about finding Maya from day one and was even the one that first reported to them about her abduction, the fact that his closest friends were the ones behind the kidnap, made matters a bit complicated. Also, the police were now aware that he was a former ‘Yahoo’ boy, which added to the injury.

The only thing that could save Terry from the big problem he was already in was if his friends testified that he quit the ‘Yahoo’ lifestyle a while back and also didn’t have anything to do with Maya’s kidnap. This was a tough one because these group of guys were highly upset with Terry for abandoning them and also quitting what fetched them money, all because of a woman. If there was anything they wanted to do, them it was to drag him down with them. We all know that a drowning person will grab anything they can lay their hands on. There was fire on the mountain and things weren’t looking too good at all.

While Maya was at the hospital receiving treatments, her people were on their way there. In no time, they were already by her bed side and kept singing songs of praises and giving God thanks. Maya was asleep due to tiredness, while her family members and well wishers sang praises to God. It was later disclosed to them that Terry’s friends were the ones behind the kidnap and everyone was greatly shocked. Due to that, Terry’s name became ‘Bad News’ to them as they didn’t want any sort of connection between him and their child again.

The whole world seemed as though it was crumbling and everything began to get super complicated for the young man. Every one step forward equalled several steps backward. Terry began to get into one trouble to another all because of his friends selfish act of kidnapping Maya.

Day in day out, the police questioned everyone that was arrested due to Maya’s case and Terry always voiced out that he was innocent. “Officer, I am very innocent. I know I have done so many foul things in my life but kidnap would never be among. Maya came into my life few months back and her presence in my life began to affect me greatly. She drew me closer to God and was one person I respected so much and could do anything for. Because of Maya, I got admitted into an adult school that I am supposed to start anytime from now. If you want to see the admission letter, it’s in my house and I can show you. I quit this Yahoo lifestyle a long time ago and washed my hands off it because I wanted to live a better life and not the one I was living then. I guess my boys who used to work for me became jealous and angry that I wasn’t into that lifestyle anymore and that’s why they did what they did to Maya. If you want sir, I can call the person that revealed to me that these guys were the ones behind Maya’s disappearance. That guy can come here and be my witness that I am not part of this evil act” Terry said to an officer during interrogation. The officer knew he was saying the truth but still needed to follow protocol. “Your friends testified against you and said you were part of the kidnap, what do you have to say about that?” the officer asked, “Sir I told you, these guys are angry with me and can go to any length just to bring me down. All I can say is that we call my witness to come and testify against them and prove my innocence. It’s better you charge me for my past fraudulent lifestyle than this kidnap because I’m innocent of this one” Terry replied.

Thing became serious and was headed towards the court direction. Terry needed to prove his innocence before the case gets to court because when it does, the issue would only get more complicated for him. His witness was contacted with immediate effect. The guy was scared to come at first but finally agreed to come when the officers assured him that they only needed his statement.

While Terry was fighting for his freedom and life, Maya was recovering from the incident. She started eating properly and gradually began to add weight again. As at then, she was now aware that Terry’s friends were behind her kidnap and she also knew their reason behind what they did. Despite the fact that Maya’s family members tried to dent Terry before her, she knew he was innocent and wasn’t as bad as they were painting him to be.

The officer that came to check up on Maya, told her how much positive contribution Terry contributed to her case. They informed her that he was the one that first reported about the kidnap and also informed her parents. However, the officer also informed her that he was under investigation to truly ascertain if he had a hand in the kidnap.

Deep down, Maya knew that Terry was innocent and kept praying for a miracle in his case to prove his innocence. She felt bad that things turned out the way it did but too bad the deed has already been done. Everyday, Terry prayed from his police detention cell and kept asking God to complete what he already started and not leave him halfway. Maya also prayed from the hospital for his release and for God to intervene. Well, a miracle happened shortly.

Turns out that the guy who was to serve as Terry’s witness, came for questioning and proved Terry’s innocence before the officers. Every proof they needed was provided; starting from phone call proofs and the messages he sent to Terry. That guy proved beyond reasonable doubts that Terry was innocent. God stepped in and finalised everything by touching the hearts of the officers and instilling a spirit of conviction in them.

Since Terry was clear and wouldn’t be charged to court for kidnap like the rest, he still had issues as regarding his past ‘Yahoo boy’ tag. Now, what saved him was that there was no hard evidence of his past yahoo transactions to charge him to court with. This development made the case less authentic to be presented before the court of law. Terry was therefore granted bail on a fee, while further investigations continued. Terry wasn’t entirely free but at least he was off the kidnap case and could go home.

Immediately after the bail money was paid and some sureties signed that Terry wouldn’t run away in the course of the investigation, he headed straight to the hospital Maya was admitted in because she was the only person on his mind. He got the name of the hospital and Maya’s room number from one of the officers that normally visited her and brought message back to him from her.

When Terry arrived at the hospital, he ran straight to the ward Maya was admitted in and was able to locate her room. When he entered the room, some of her family members were seated there and all eyes were on him. When Maya turned and saw him, tears fell off her eyes as she smiled faintly.

Without seeking any approval, Terry rushed to where Maya laid and she opened her arms for him to dive in. They held each other tightly as they sobbed gently. Maya’s family members were confused and dumbfounded at the same time, without knowing what to do or say.

As they held each other, Terry kept sobbing like a baby. Maya cleaned her eyes and held him tighter. “It’s OK, I’m here now so don’t cry, everything is going to be alright” she gently said. She lifted his head with a smile on her face and tears on his eyes, he said; “I really thought I lost you”.

Maya chuckled and loudly said, “No way!”.

Written by Sonia Okehie

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