By Authoress Rhema

Two days later**

It’s been two days, just like a normal days with everything going the usual way,Della going to work, Irish still in the comma, Crystal still busy in her school, Suzy taking care of Jenna, it was also two days ago when Kaylee left the house


Della just got back home, she met Kaylee sitting on the couch and bitting her fingers, her eyes red and swollen, her hair scattered, she looked awful

Della just stared at her, thinking she’s looking like this because she’s regretting what she did to Irish all because of a man but little did she know that she’s wrong

“I’m home” Della announced

Kaylee stood up immediately, she walked up to Della and held her hands


“Irish, how’s she?” She asked

“She’ll be fine” Della replied

“So, did Jake came to see her or not?” She asked again

Della stared at her for a while before nodding

“And what happened, what did he do?” She asked with widened eyes

“He transfered her hospital, he said she can’t recover well in that kind of hospital so he took her to his private hospital where she’ll get good treatment” Della replied

Kaylee released Della’s hands and moved back in anger, she bit her trembling lips together and glared at Della as tears kept falling from her eyes

“He left with her?” She asked

Della sighed and nodded

“How could you let him take her, just how could you!! How could you agree!!!!” She yelled out in tears

“Why won’t I agree, he promised her good treatment, you know it was your fault to begin with, why can’t you put your stupid jealousy aside and let him take care of our best friend!!!” Della yelled too

“It’s not about any fking jealousy!!, Can’t you see what is happening!! Everything is always about Irish, she has high tolerance to shock, she can’t sleep at night, she hates kids, she’s this, she’s that, argh!!!!” Kaylee screamed out and scattered her hair

Della stared at her in shock and shook her head

“I don’t even know you anymore, you keep acting like a bch!!! What about me?!, When Sally stole Beau from me did I fight back!!” Della snapped

“That’s because you’re dull, you’re a fool, you don’t have brains, I’m not like you, I’ll never be like you, Jake is mine, he’s mine, I saw him first, I crushed on him!!, He’s supposed to be mine, he was my first love, yes it will remain that way, fk Irish!! Fk her!! I wish she dies… She’s a..

Della hands flew to Kaylee’s cheeks before she could finish what she was saying

“Disappointed, I’m so disappointed in you, we made a promise to ourselves, we made a friendship pack, we said we’ll be BFF for ever, when we were in highschool when Irish was crushing on Tyler, she confessed to him and he turned her down harshly,then Tyler met you and asked you to go to the prom with him, you accepted, you kssed him at the prom dance, Irish was there, she was so hurt but, she didn’t hate you”

“Then in college, when you slept with my boyfriend by accident, then he losses interest in me and began chasing after you, I didn’t hate you, now for this small issue you wanna ki.ll your own friend!! Shame on you, shame on you!!” Della yelled

Kaylee burst out in tears, she removed her hands from her cheeks and rushed to pounce on Della, taking her anger out on hey by trashing her badly

“Let me go!!” Della tried fighting back but she wasn’t Strong enough, she kept on blocking her face as Kaylee almost killed her with beatings

Then the door burst open and their neighbors rushed in, they forcefully pulled Kaylee away from Della

“Bastard!! Dmn you to h’ll, both you and Irish!! Damn you both, I hate you… Let go!” Kaylee yelled, struggling to break free from the people holding her

Some helped Della up, her face, hands and part of her body was filled with injuries

“You’ll regret this Kaylee, you’ll regret this I’m telling you, shame on you, it’s a shame…. I can’t believe you were my friend, go to he.ll” Della spatted

“Then let’s cut it from here, let’s never be Friends again!!, To hell with that stupid friendship!!” Kaylee spatted too, she freed herself from the neighbors grip and rushed upstairs, packing her things in anger

After packing her things, she grabbed her luggages and forcefully left the house, people kept looking at strangely as she walked outside like a mad woman but she didn’t care


Della checked her face in the mirror, the cream she recommended for herself is really working, her bruises are almost gone

“Irish, when will you wake up, I’m bored here” she pouted and checked the calendar

“I’m still on a leave till next tommorow, what should I do?” She asked herself and suddenly her eyes cought the invite card from J designs

“My gee, how could I forget about this, gosh!!” She screamed in excitement

“Wait,I just have one day left… I better go now, I’ll buy some clothes for Irish, Crystal.. Kay… No she doesn’t deserve it” Della shook her head and ran to the bathroom to go shower and change.



“I’m sorry but you’re not qualified for this job” the old man in a neat suit shook his head

“But why, I have a really good university degree” Kaylee replied

“It’s not about that, it’s just that you failed the little test I gave you, how will cope in the company, I’m sorry but I need pretty girls with full brain” he replied

Kaylee gasped, did he just insulted her!?

“But if you’re badly in need of money then..” he licked his lips and trailed off

“Then what?” Kaylee asked angrily

“Then you can just work as a sx sIave for me, you can come plea$ure me everyday and I’ll give you everything you want” he smirked

“To he.ll with you, old fool! I should dismantle your face!!” Kaylee spatted and walked out

Well that’s how life is for her now, since this past two days, she keeps going about, looking for job but instead get insulted especially by old men

“Irish, this is all your fault” she thought angrily.



“Go now, tell Mich that we love him” the woman yelled

Before the little girl could take a step forward, the car exploded, creating an everlasting loud noise

“Argghhhhh” Irish woke up with a very loud scream as usual, blocking her eyes and crying out

“Sht” Carlos cursed and entered the ward with two nurses, they held Irish in place and he injected her, making her pass out again

“For how long will this go on” Carlos sighed

Then his phone began ringing, checking it to see it was Jake, he picked

? Any progress?” Jake asked

?No sir, still the same as before” Carlos replied

?Oh just keep trying then, make sure to give her every treatment she needs”

?I’ll try my best” Carlos replied

?Good” Jake nodded and hanged up

Carlos sighed and dropped his phone, he faced the nurses that are with Irish

“How’s she now?” He asked

“Stable” the replied

“Good, everyone leave, let’s leave her to sleep in peace” he said and they all left the hospital.


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