Written By Mary Ann Adams

Chapter 1


“Dad, can you please repeat that again?” I requested finding it hard to believe what my dad just uttered.

“You’re getting married, Brittany” he said and I knew at once he isn’t joking. My dad isn’t the type to pull my legs or play pranks on me.

“You…you are joking…” I laughed. It can’t be.

THE RICH MAN'S TEENAGE WIFE :  CHAPTER 1 - 10. Thingscouplesdo

“I’m not. You will be getting married to…”

I don’t have interest in who I’m getting married to. H’ll, I don’t care. I interrupted my dad before he could blurt out the name of whoever it is.

“Dad, I’m 17!” I reminded him.

“And I am aware of that…” he said.

“I’m not even done with high school!” I added.

“I know that, Brit!”

“Then why do you want me to get married?” I inquired.

“Because it will bring us lots of money”

“Dad, we are rich! We are rich enough. What the h’ll do you need money for again!” I groaned.

“We would be richer if you marry this man”

“But I don’t want to get married at this tender age. Dad, are you okay, or are you drunk?” I asked observing his face.

“You are getting married and that’s final!” He said with a strict tone and made to leave.

“I’m calling mommy. This is ¢razy! You’re ¢razy!” I said but his voice stopped me.

“Your mom is aware of this and she is in support so don’t bother yourself!” He stated and walked away.

“No, no, no, this can’t be happening.” I groaned. I’m just a teenager who is graduating from high school this year. I have no plans of getting married. Not now, at least. And I do have someone I like and he likes me too. My classmate, Ezra. He asked me out early last year but I told him I am not ready for a relationship yet. I’m planning on accepting to be his girlfriend on prom’s day. How will that even be possible if I’m getting married.

I went to my room and walked around not knowing what to do. My mom went out and would be back in the evening. My dad said she is in support of this marriage. How could she? She is the one I need the most right now. After about twenty minutes of walking around my room. I decided to go out. I need to clear my head. Maybe go out with friends or something.

I took my car keys from the drawer and exited the room. I got downstairs and on opening the front door, my dad’s bodyguard stopped me.

“Excuse me, you are in my way” I rolled my eyes.

“I’m sorry but your dad gave orders not to allow you go out of this house” he said with a straight face.

“What! Are you kidding me? My dad can’t do that…let me go out this minute. It’s a command!”

“I’m sorry ma’am but I can’t”

I looked at him feeling the urge to strangle him. I turned back and walked away. I went to my dad’s room upstairs. I entered without knocking. He is on his bed operating his phone.

“Dad!!!!” I screamed and he looked at me dryly.

“What’s it this time?”

“Why can’t I go out?”

“I just told you you are getting married. You might be planning to elope”

“I won’t. I just need to go out”

“Well, you can’t.” He deadpanned and went back to operating his laptop.

I fell on the floor and started screaming at the top of my voice. He is going to get frustrated and allow me go out definitely.

I noticed I didn’t hear my dad’s voice so I looked up and was shocked to see my dad already plugged his ear pods to his ear.

“Oh well,” I groaned in frustration.



I stayed in my room contemplating on whether to call Ezra or not. But how would he feel?

“There is no need for him to know…I’m not getting married. My dad can’t force me. Right? Right? Okay, now I’m ¢razy. Talking to myself”

I scrolled through my contact list. I have tons of contacts and that’s because literally everyone in my school wants to be my friend and it isn’t surprising cause I’m rich.

I only have one close friend, Tiana but I don’t know if I should tell her. Knowing her, she would come over to my house immediately but I’m sure my dad won’t allow her Enter at the moment.

So It’s better to keep the information to myself for now and talk to my mom when she is back.



(Later that same day)

“My love, heartbeat, sweetheart, best after….”

My mom interrupted me. “Honey, do you need something?”

I stopped my mom in the living room immediately she came back not giving her the opportunity to go into her room.

“Well, mommy. Have your sit” I said calmly and she sat down on the couch while I sat beside her.

I stared at her blinking my eyes rapidly.

“Okay, that’s creepy. You want to tell me something?” She asked.

“Dad said I’m getting married. Is it true?” I went straight to the point.

“Oh honey, your dad told you already…”

“So it’s true?”

“Yes darling. Aren’t you happy about it?”

I scoffed. “Happy, I should be happy I’m getting married at 17. Really mom?”

“I got married to your dad at 16. It’s no big deal”

“Wait, really?” My eyes widened.

She nodded her head positively.

“But I’m not ready And I would be getting married to someone I don’t even know.”

“Oh it’s definitely someone you know. It’s Wyatt Hayden” she announced.

“Wait, are you serious. The owner of Wyatt Company?”

“You got that correctly.”

“But…but still. I don’t want to get married to him. Why is he even interested in me? He is like twenty five years or even older.”

“Age doesn’t matter!”

“Mom! I’m 17!”

“We can’t reject his offer. He wants to marry you and he is offering us lots of money”

“So you are selling me out because of Money” I said angrily.

“And a partnership with his company”

“But we are rich enough!” I groaned.

“You don’t understand, Brit!”

“And I don’t want to understand! I’m not getting married to someone way older than me. I don’t even love him!”

“You will get to love him”

“I love someone else!” I said at the verge of crying. My mom and dad don’t even care about my feelings. What changed? They have always respected my decisions.

“Brit, Hayden is nice man, he will take care of you and …”

“Eww mom, I don’t want old Hayden. I want Ezra!”

“And who is Ezra?” She inquired facing me.

“The guy I love”

“Oh really, we will take care of him” She said and her facial expression changed.

“What do you mean, mom?” I asked.

She didn’t answer me, instead she walked away up to her room.

I scrunched my brows hoping it isn’t what I’m thinking.


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