Mary Ann Adams

Chapter 21

Britany’s pov

Some days later…

Tiana and I decided to go to a carnival taking place in town. She is going to college in few days and the carnival was a good idea to hang out.

I was at the location already waiting for Tiana. She told me she is on her way and I have been waiting for about 10 minutes.

I brought out my phone to call her again. She picked almost immediately.

THE RICH MAN’S TEENAGE WIFE : CHAPTER 21 – 30. Thingscouplesdo

“Where the h’ll are you?” I asked.

“In front of you, dummy!” She said and I looked up to see her coming towards me.

My eyes widened to see he had company. It was Ezra.

They reached where I am and I think I lost my voice.

“Hi Brittany” Ezra said smiling.

I didn’t say anything until Tiana tapped me and I lapse back into consciousness.

“Oh hi” I said.

“I kind of told Ezra I’m hanging out with and he decided to tag along” Tiana explained.

“Just want to see you even if it would be for the last time” Ezra said his eyes on the ring in my fourth finger. I moved uncomfortably.

“Nice…” I said feeling awkward.

“Let’s have fun!” Tiana screamed raising her hands up and I rolled my eyes.



The venue for the carnival was really crowded as lots of activities was going on.

We were at the place they are doing food competition.

“I can never win this game. I love eating my food slowly” I said

“That’s why you take 2 hours to eat” Tiana snickered.

“I don’t take that long” I rolled my eyes at her.

“You are like the slowest person on earth when it comes to eating. “ Ezra started. “Back then in high school…”

Tiana interrupted him. “Hold on there Mr. We finished high school this year. Stop acting like some old man”

“Must you always tackle me” Ezra grumbled.

“Yes of course” Tiana said and winked at him.

“As I was saying before the cockroa…” he stopped when Tiana gave him a dangerous look. “Tiana, I meant Tiana interrupted me” he chuckled nervously. “During high school, while we had lunch together, till the bell rings, you are still on your food. It’s just kind of sad we won’t be going to college together”

I felt sad instantly but I quickly covered it up with a smile. “It’s fine. I will join you guys next session”

“Why don’t you just stay in Hilton till you graduate” Ezra suggested.

“I want to go to Harvard and besides, Hilton haven’t even given me admission”

“I’m sure they will and it’s your choice if you still want to apply for Harvard next session”

“Yeah. So when are you leaving and where are you gonna stay?”

“I’m going next week. And my dad got me an apartment already. I met this dude online and we already agreed to be roommates”

“You met him online and you wants to live together with him?” Tiana asked.

“He is also a fresher” Ezra said.

“Well, that doesn’t matter. He could be a serial kller for Pete’s sake”

“And you really need to reduce your addiction to movies” Ezra utters.

“It’s not about been addicted to movies. You haven’t really met the guy. Got to know him, get to know his flaws, everything about him and you just want to stay in the same house with him. Just like that? It’s not the right thing to do. Brit, don’t you agree with me”

I looked at Tiana and then Ezra. “Well, if he thinks the guy is cool then it’s not a problem. Ezra is a guy and he is not a baby”

Tiana knocks my head.

“Ow, that hurts” I said.

“That’s for betraying me. You should have supported me”

“I’m sorry, mom” I said sarcastically.

“I would be staying in the school hostel for now and look around for a good apartment”

“Good for you. You can come over to my place. Maybe you would fall for my roommate and leave the single life”

“I’m so going to kill you, Ezra!” Tiana gritted her teeth. “Well, you are single too”

“Happily single” He said and I bowed down my head as I watched then exchange words.

“Let’s play some games!” Tiana suggested and we both agreed with her.

We played till it was almost evening.

“Why don’t we have an early dinner at a restaurant. I’m finding it hard to say goodbye” she said.

“It’s getting late. Brit would need to go to her husband you know?” Ezra said and for some reasons, the words hurt.

“No, it’s fine. It isn’t that late. Let’s have dinner. I would call Hayden” I rushed my words and Ezra nodded.

We drove to a restaurant in Hayden’s car. Jacob was the driver. Ever since the incident, Hayden have insisted I let Jacob drive me whenever I’m going out.

We got to the restaurant and ordered for food.

“I need to use the restroom, would be right back” Tiana said and excused herself leaving me and Ezra alone.

“So” Ezra started. “How is marriage treating you?”

“Good, I guess”

“Nice, you are glowing” he smiled.

“Want to ask you a question” I said.

“Go ahead”

“If you get to college and you see a girl you like, would you date her?”

“If she wants to date me, I will. Gotta move on you know?” He chuckled painfully and I nodded trying my best not to cry.

I think he noticed. “Common it’s fine. You would be fine. I’m sure you would be happy with your husband. I would check up on you once in a while. Wouldn’t be nice if I communicate with you often.” He said.

“Yeah” I nodded. His words hurt and I just want him to shut up.

Tiana arrived and I was glad.

“Would leave soon” I told them.

“Why? What’s wrong” Tiana inquired.

“It’s almost 7 Need to be at home” I utters.

“Oh yeah” she nodded

About 2 minutes later, I stood up to leave when my phone beeped.

I checked and it was a text message.


I finished reading and half smiled.

“I have been offered admission” I said to Ezra and Tiana jumped on me happily.

I wasn’t as happy as she is but I’m glad I wasn’t rejected.

This was it. Saying goodbye to my best friend and a guy I like who probably don’t give a dmn about me anymore.

“Happy for you” Ezra smiled while I just rolled my eyes.


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