THE SOUND OF LOVE : Episode 11 – The End




** Zack’s pov **
Immediately Sarah left with Valery, I sighed and got on my feet people had been watching the scene but I didn’t care all I cared about was Sarah forgiving me and I won’t forgive my self If she doesn’t forgive me,
I quickly head back to my office, grabbed my car key and hurried down the flight of stairs, I didn’t take the elevator and I didn’t know why,
I entered my car and sighed heavily I have to see Sarah that were the the only five words that came and played in my mind..

As I was about placing the key in the ignition my hands were shaking, I was scared and nervous I could feel it.. I slammed the key angrily on the passenger’s seat and hit the steering wheel angrily, a huge fvcking lump was hanging at the back of my throat and I suddenly went hot, my grip on the steering wheel became tighter and I hit my head occasionally on it
Dang it..
D@mn me..
D@mn me,
I didn’t know when tears started to gush out of my eyes and I couldn’t hold it In so I just let it all out one of the greatest pain is regret, it is really killing me now, it is eating each and every single flesh in my body and my back suddenly became heavy like I was carrying a burden of guilt..

After cleaning my goddamned tears, I grabbed the key and turned on the ignition and without wasting time I drove to Sasha’s house..
I got to Sarah’s house with my swollen eyes, and red cheeks and nose and packed my car in front of the compound,
I got down from the car and slowly walked to the porch, I sighed heavily and knocked on the thick and plain Woody door, Mrs Sydney opened the door and I breathed calmly I didn’t know what could have happened if Sarah was the one that opened the door
“Zack? ” Mrs Sydney said tilting her head for response and I nod immediately
“please Mrs Sydney I really need to talk with Sa..
“dont worry just come in” she said and gestured her hand backwards and trust me I was surprised and happy,..

I walked in and sat down on the couch and she called Sarah
“Sarah!!” she called and Sarah came out and when she sighted me her glare almost gave me a heart attack.. But I just breathed in and looked at her warmly but it didn’t work she still had that angry look that made my palms sweaty..

“I think I’m going to leave you two alone” mrs Sydney said and walked away with Valery in front of her,
“what? ” Sarah breathed out harshly
“Sa..rah.. I.. please.. I’m..let.. ” I stammered not knowing where to start from
“look Zack or Zachary which ever your name is, if you’re here for my forgiveness then I suggest you leave because I’m not forgiving anyone, not today ” she remarked harshly and the lump in my throat which felt like leaving minutes ago came back and I shut my eyes and played the horrid scene from six years ago In my mental screen, I groaned in disappointment as droplets of tears fell from my closed eyes wetting my eye lashes .”Sarah I’m sorry” I say still with my eyes closed, I didn’t hear her voice so I slowly went on my knees spread out my palms and joined them together and opened my eyes..

“Sarah, please I beg you please forgive me, I did wrong you know that, I’m sorry for not telling you who I was I’m seriously very sorry” I said and the look on her face made me calm down a bit, she had this sympathetic look, she feels pity, for me..

*SARAH’s pov*
Oh no, he’s getting on his knees, his eyes closed what am I going to do
“Sarah, please I beg you forgive me, I did wrong and you know that, I’m sorry for not telling you who I was I’m seriously sorry” he said and I swallowed my saliva and looked at him In a sympathetic way, “you’re sorry I get that” I said and sighed I glanced at the floor then at him
“you’re sorry and you want me forgive, I know that’s the reason you’re here Zack but it’s not really that easy, for all those years it was like I’ve been through hell and—-

“I know, I know Sarah that’s why I want to make up for it, I want to. Make some adjustments and amendment, I want to be a part of Valery’s life, so please just—

“can you please sit down I’m not comfortable with you kneeling down” I said cutting him off and he nodded and sat down on the couch again “so just please let that get behind you, you really have to move forward please Sarah” he said his voice cracking I couldn’t take it anymore, maybe I should forgive him, not maybe I will forgive him, what if mom was right,what if I don’t forgive him and the anger grows and festered in me and I’ll be the one who’s going to end up living In guilt..

It’s actually good, he admits, accepted and apologized, mom was right he is a great person..

“I hate to say that you’re right Zack, but you are right, we both know you did wrong people make mistakes and you’re among those people so actually there’s nothing else I can do than to forgive you, so there you go, you have my forgiveness” I breathed out and his eyes suddenly lit

“really” he stood up in shock and I slowly nod observing his eyes as they suddenly went from sadness to happiness
“oh my God thank you thank you Sarah you don’t know how much this means to me thank you” he said and strangely hugged me, I flinched on the inside but calm down..

“it’s okay you can head back to. Work now” I said as we disengage from the hug and i stood up and held the hem of my shirt..

“thank you so much Sarah” he said and wiped his face with his Hand and I gave a knowing smile
He walked to the door and sighed heavily, a sigh of relief I guess, I felt like a load has been pulled off my chest and it felt good.

“thanks once again” he said and finally walked out and I couldn’t help but smile..

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