THE SOUND OF LOVE : Episode 11 – The End




** Sarah’s pov continues **
I gave Zack the extra blankets we have and he thanked me once we again before taking it from me and sitting on the couch
“so good night I guess” he said and I nod.
“good night” I walked to my room, I got inside and laid gently on the bed, Owen flashed in my head and i squeaked his words played in my head
“fine. I’ll leave but forgiving Zack is the biggest mistake you’ve ever made just wait and see” .. I kept tossing and turning he’s crazy he’s absolutely crazy, I couldn’t sleep so I stood up and went to the living room, the lights were still on and I knew Zack was still awake..

“hey” I said and sat down on the other couch opposite the one Zack was lying on and I covered my shivering body with a blanket “oh hey” he said and sit up..
“couldn’t sleep” he asked
“me too” he replied..
I swallowed my saliva and said
“Owen came here today”
“he did” Zach replied his voice full of surprises
“yes and he k.. he k!ssed me ” I said and his fist tightened
“what the hell? Why” he almost yelled and his fist tightened even more..

“don’t yell everyone’s asleep and he told me he loves me and that forgiving you is the worst mistake I’ve ever made that I should wait and see and it’s been bothering me since he left so I just felt like telling someone and you’re the only one awake” I explained and his breathing got heavier
“and when did he come here” Zack asked his voice very low..
“four thirty like three minutes after you and Valery left” I said
“that son of a b!tch I sw—
“please don’t do anything” I said and he gave me a look
“he’s getting fired, but tell me the truth is forgiving me the worst thing you’ve ever done” he asked
“what? No.. Owen is just being difficult and stupid” I said and he nods slightly.. to be sincere Forgiving Zack is one of the best thing I could have done, seeing him and Valery together made me the happiest mother on earth..

“okay but still he’s getting fired” Zack said and laid down back on the couch facing up and placing his hands on his stomach and I stared at him as he closed his eyes his fist still tightened he must be mad about Owen.. I sighed and stood up to go back to my room , I grabbed my blanket and was about going away when I stepped on the goddamned blanket and trippee falling on Zack’s lying body
Oh. Geez
He quickly opened his eyes and his eyes grew wider seeing mine “Sarah” he called his breath all over my face and it smells Like strawberry cotton candy.. He must have given Valery a lot of it
“I’m sorry I tripped ” I said and was about to stand up but he held my waist and said
“no I’m kind of comfortable this way”
“what but…
He shut my mouth with a kiss, oh geez, I didn’t know what to do but I had only one choice in my mind
I reciprocated ..
We k!ssed passionately like it was our first time….
and it is our first time k!ssing, I tug my hand in his hair and he m0aned in my mouth.. We k!ssed till were both out of breaths and then we stopped.. And started to breathe.. Okay that was one of a kind and also awkward
“I… I.. have to go to bed” I Say and stood up immediately and walked briskly to my room..
I laid on my bed and start to breathe, what just happened I place my hand on my chest and listened to my heart beat go, it’s kind of weird why did I reciprocate I don’t even like him.. I mean I liked him when we were still in high school but now I don’t think I do or is my heart playing jokes with me, I know he loves me but wow, this is cr@zy..
After tossing and turning during nighttime I finally fell asleep.

The next morning which was Sunday I woke up feeling great, as always I guess , I could perseve a great smell of toasted bread, I got down from the bed and quickly brushed my teeth before heading to the living room, I felt a little jealous seeing Valery on Zack’s thigh, now she found out he’s her father, she won’t want to spend time with me but Zack but what can I do I’m happy she has a father who’s ready to accept her..
“mommy, good morning” she said still sitting on Zack’s thigh
“hey sweetie how was your night” I asked
“fun” she squeaked
And I smiled and said “glad it was fun” ..

“why haven’t you left yet” I asked zack
“she wouldn’t let me she kept telling me to stay and your mom said I should have breakfast before going and I couldn’t say no” he replied and I nod and bit my bottom lip.. Okay looks like my family likes him..
My mom made tea and toasted bread for breakfast and while eating Valery just couldn’t stop talking..

“Valery keep quiet and eat your food for god’s sake ” I yell and she shut up immediately and stuffed a bread in her mouth..
She turned to Zack and said I’n a whisper “mommy’s mean” and Zack nodded and smiled
“I heard that ” I tell her and she turned to her food..

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