DARE TO LEAVE : Episode 11 – The End

Dare To leave

Episode 11

Lucia was about to leave the store when a call came in from Bobby

“Hello madam ”

“Yes Bobby, what is it”

“I am at an event now ”

“And this is my business because ”

“Because am here with your husband and the lady from the mall just walked in and she’s with your husband now”.

“Are You insane….. What do you take me from… Some lousy wife who would Do the d@mnedest thing to catch her husband cheating… Is that why you want to make a fool out of me”

“Madam… I… Mean… I… Ahhh… I thought that was why… You hired me”

“And so…. Is that why you think you can just pranks with me….. Telling me Pascal is at an event so I can rush there and then when I get there you will tell me the girl just left ”

“Madam am not lying……. I’m staring at the both of them right now”

“And how can I be sure of what you are seeing ”

“I will uhmmm…. Send you some pictures right away ”

“Pictures ”

“Yes madam…. Lemme hang up and do just that ”

He is actually going to send pictures of her husband and that cheap slut

But Pascal never told her about any event or any party he would be attending today.
She dialed his number quickly and he didn’t pick the first time so she had to call again

“Hello….. ”

“Hello… You where are you ”

“Am at a company’s event…. I’ll be home a bit late”

“And why are you just telling This now… ”

“Sorry it was impromptu…. I didn’t even know I was going to attend”.

“That how you treat me like an insignificant part of your life all the time. If I didn’t call to ask you.. You wouldnt have bothered to tell me”.

“Look Lucia.. I have to go and stop acting like a monitoring spirit.. When You are always looking for faults you will always find one”.

He hang up and almost immediately the pictures came in with a text.

“I couldn’t get a clearer view…. ”

She clicked open the picture and it was truly the same slut.. She was wearing a blue dinner gown and sitting next to Pascal on the round table.

She was smiling and feeling like she is on top of the world

Lucia’s blood was boiling… Her eyes were getting red, she paced around for awhile before calling Bobby back.

“Hello madam… Have you seen the pictures ”

“Send me the address right away ”

“Okay madam ”

He sent the address and Lucia immediately ran out of the shop and into her car.
She has had enough of this cr@zy girl and her tactics…
She has to put an end to this once and for all.

The minute she got into the major roads, she realized that the road was blocked.
Mad traffic everywhere.
She screamed in her car and hit the steering several times.

The vehicles were practically crawling and at times even on stand still.
She tried to call Bobby to make sure that they were still there but Bobby wasn’t answering.

She spent over two hours on the road before getting to the venue
When she got there…. The bouncers won’t let her in without an invitation.

“My husband is inside, just call him out for me.. I have something important to tell him and I can’t seem to reach him… Please, just let me in.. I promise I won’t waste time”

They didn’t yield to her plead and after about twenty minutes they turn their attention to people that were coming out of the hall so she quickly ran inside

When she got into the hall… It was almost empty just a few people making their way out of the hall.

No.. Nooo. No.. This can’t be happening

She turned around and walk around the hall she saw a lady in blue from afar wand half ran towards her but when she got closer she realize it was someone else.

All her efforts had been in vain
She roamed the hall again before walking out when the event setters have started to undo their decorations and pack their ornaments

The drive back home was alot better… The road was free and in least than an hour she got home

She was exhausted from running around and driving…
She went to the kitchen to get a glass of water only to find Pascal staring at her in the living room

“christ! You scared me ”

“Where are you coming from ”

She was stunned by that question because she was usually the one asking this kind of questions

.”me… Am uhm ”
Coming from where I almost napped you and your whore together
Just be thankful to traffic.. I could have almost got U

“Where are coming from Lucia ”

“I went out and I got stucked in traffic ”

“You went out….. By what time ”

“I dont know…. Maybe around Eight pm, look I didn’t know the traffic would be this bad”

“What plans did you make to accommodate the kids while you were gone ”

Ohh No
She totally forgot…. She left the kids in the store
Shit… No wonder the girls kept calling her phone but she didn’t answer, she thought they were just going to bug her

This is a very stupid mistake
Ohhh God…..

“I….. I…. Thought I told ”

” told who…. I was trying to tell you that I was going out and I needed you to come pick up the kids but you hung up on me”

“Are You cr@zy.. Are you out of your mind… You just disappeared to God knows where and you are returning home few minutes to midnight and telling me that rubbish.. What if something bad had happened to the kids.. You didn’t leave them with anybody and you didn’t even pick their calls”

“I thought I told the girls to bring them home ”

“Will You keep quiet….You thought you told them to bring the kids home.. Did you hire those girls as your nanny… They called me when they couldn’t reach you.. You left them without a word and left our kids like that.. What is wrong with you.. Have you completely lost it….. What are you thinking of… What could be more important than our children… You hire and fire every maid.. You strip out Their school bus services… It is like all you think of is yourself and nobody else… What sort of madness is this ”

That’s not true. She’s not just thinking about herself.
It is always about you Pascal
You are driving her insane.

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