THE TRINITY : Episode 11 – 20



Startled, they tore away from their kiss, and turned to see Amah sprawled on the bed, her head against the headboard patiently looking at them.

Time was far well spent and Jason got ready to go. Sophie found herself quite at home with him. She had enjoyed his company so much and didn’t want him to leave. She found herself thinking that Jason was far better company than Michael. Just before he got into his car, Jason informed Sophie that after Nicky’s burial, he had something urgent he would love to discuss with her.

Sophie wasn’t quite sure the real reason for the bad blood between Michael and Jason. It was obvious they knew each other and had history. But what exactly their relationship was and what might have happened to cause such bad blood was beyond her.

She thought to herself that Jason was truly a man of mystery. He seemed to hold the answer to several questions; Questions regarding his relationship with Michael as well as regarding her sister Nicky. She was definitely interested in unravelling this mystery.

Before he drove off, they both agreed to a lunch date for the following afternoon.

Sophie found herself looking forward to the next day and the lunch date with Jason.

She had really enjoyed her day with him and she found herself comparing him severally to Michael. Both men seemed a whole world apart. At a point she questioned herself as to why she was thinking so much of Jason. She consoled herself with the thought that she was empathizing with him regarding his situation with his wife. Something else in her seemed to suggest that it was more than this.

Back at the guesthouse, Michael and Helena stood in shock at the sight of Amah. Michael knew this wasn’t good for him. He quickly looked around for his clothes but they were nowhere in sight. Amah apparently had hidden them.

Amah sat back on the bed with a drink in her hand and just watched as they embarrassingly looked for their clothes.

Helena ran back into the bathroom to get a towel or something to cover up herself.

As soon as she left, Michael went straight to where Amah was. First he stood by the bed too embarrassed to know what to do and trying hard to come up with an excuse.

Finally, he realized that there was no way he was going to get out of this that easily. He remembered his encounter with Amah at the office less than 9 hours ago. The way she had slapped away his ring and her words kept ringing in his ears.

Amah meanwhile was enjoying all the drama. She knew it would be tough for him to wriggle away this time. She had Michael right where she wanted him.

There was some silence in the room. The tension was so high that you could cut it with a knife.

Helena stayed put in the bathroom. She didn’t know who the woman was but she was definitely up to something.

“How could Michael have been so stupid and foolish not to lock the door?” Helena thought to herself.

After a while, Michael knelt down on his knees and started pleading with Amah.

“Why are you pleading?” Asked Amah

“I already knew you were sleeping with your brother’s wife. Oh! Michael have you forgotten so soon? Have you forgotten the question I put to you in the office just a few hours ago?”

“Anyway, I knew you would both be here that’s why I decided to show up. I wanted to let you know I have you in my palms. Michael you are still my man no matter whom you sleep with. However, you should worry more about my mouth. It doesn’t keep secrets. “ Amah said.

“Please lady, it is the work of the Devil don’t tell my husband, I beg of you” Helena said from the bathroom. “Please name your price and I will honor it. Just don’t tell my husband please,” She continued.

“Please, don’t do this; I will do anything you ask ” Michael also added.

Amah found the situation very amusing. “So it has gotten to this, paying me to keep my mouth shut. Anyway that’s a fair deal, I could do with some money but hey I still can’t trust my mouth.” She said.

Michael quickly reached for Helena’s handbag. He knew that there would be some money in it. At least if nothing, there would be the balance of the money she was to bring to him. He found a thick wad of note in it and handed it over to Amah.

“Please, take this for now,” Michael pleaded.

Amah stared at him, took the money from him and slowly counted. It was quite obvious that she was enjoying everything especially the pain and discomfort that she was putting both of them through.

After counting, Amah got up from the bed, put the money in her bag and walked up to Michael.

She gave him a good hot kiss and whispered to him

“This is not the end boy. The game has just begun. See you later” She said.

Amah turned round and started walking out of the room. She paused at the door and spoke out loudly to Helena

“Helena, say hi to Ismael for me. I pray he doesn’t take after his father’s character.” And with that, she walked out.

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