THE TRINITY : Episode 11 – 20



Sit down Jason, don’t go anywhere I have a lot to tell you.” Said Amah.

Jason sat down at the edge of his seat. He had a feeling that something akin to a moving train was about to hit him. He braced himself and waited for the hammer about to fall.

“You know, you have always thought that Ismael was born prematurely but he wasn’t. Helena was two months pregnant before you two got married.“ Amah revealed

The first hammer blow had fallen. Jason gripped the table tight. He didn’t want to believe her but this woman in front of him looked like she knew what she was saying. She was insinuating that his wife had cheated on him. He didn’t want to believe this. He needed to know more.

“Are you saying Ishmael is not my son, Amah? Jason asked, his tone weak.

Meanwhile, Michael was thinking of his next move. He wanted money from Helena. He had a grip on Helena going way back and through a combination of blackmail and emotions, he had held her.

Their relationship all started when Jason stood Helena up at a pub due to his having a flat tire. Michael was the one who had caused the tire puncture. Just as he had done with his brother’s other relationship, he had been monitoring this one and was waiting for the perfect time to strike.

The relationship had encountered some difficulties due to Jason’s workload. They had agreed to this date to patch things up. Somehow Michael got to know and planned that the meeting wouldn’t hold. He wanted Helena to be vulnerable.

That night, he showed up at the pub like a good, caring guy and engaged Helena in a conversation. He persuaded her to move to another pub and kept her company. Helena with the idea that she was with her fiancée’s brother let her guard down and freely poured out her heart to him. He eventually got her very drunk.

Michael taking advantage of the moment, took her back to his house and slept with her. That was the night she broke the chastity promise she had made with her best friend Sophie. That same night her virginity was broken, Ismael was conceived.

One thing led to another and through a combination of emotional blackmail, sex and his charm, Helena continued in a relationship with Michael even though she was in love with Jason. Losing her virginity to Michael made her vulnerable to him.

She found herself under Michael’s spell to the point that whenever Michael asked her for anything including money she always granted his wishes. She didn’t know he had gotten a job. He made it look as though without the money he was getting from her, life would be difficult.

Conscious of the fact that she was cheating on him, she also feared having her husband find out the truth and thus losing him. The thought of losing Jason made her very jealous and insecure. She nagged him all the time and became very possessive.

Jason was totally clueless as to what was going on. He couldn’t understand what was driving his wife to behave as badly towards him as she was.

He and Helena had agreed that she should not work for a while until their son had grown to a particular age. To compensate for her not working, he had ensured that she lacked nothing and was well taken care of. Jason felt that it was most probably the frustration of staying at home that was eating her up.

Matters came to a head when he saw some inappropriate text messages on her phone and confronted her. He didn’t know then that the text messages had come from Michael. After the issues with the text messages, Helena started accusing him of cheating on her and made his life even more miserable.

Michael picked up his phone now to call Helena to ask her for more money.

Back at Sophie’s house, Helena was in the middle of her confessions.

“I couldn’t keep my part of the promise as we planned. I broke it with this guy who is also the father of my son. My husband doesn’t know that he is not my son’s father. The worse thing is, I’m still addicted to this guy in as much as I know that he is just using me.” Helena was recounting her ordeal.

She started weeping bitterly as she spoke with Sophie. All the emotions and pain of the last couple of years seemed to come to a head. She felt shame, pain and relief as she poured her heart out. It didn’t feel like they had been apart for such a long time. Sophie could feel her pain and agony. She had known Helena well and could tell she was regretful.

“Calm down my dear, we would work this out; I will talk to your husband we would pray about it and I know that God will take charge of this.” Sophie assured her.

“Sophie, I can’t live my life like this anymore, I want to end this and be the happy woman I used to be. Please call him now, let him come here and end this once and for all.” Helena said.

“Are you sure about this, Helena, do you really want to do this now?” Sophie asked her.

“Sophie, I really can’t wait any longer,” Helena confirmed.

Back at the restaurant, Amah was battling it out with Jason. As convincing as Amah sounded, Jason was refusing to believe the fact that he was not the father of Helena’s child.

Before Amah could reveal who the father of the child was, Sophie’s phone call interrupted their conversation.

Jason was quite relieved to see Sophie’s call. He had heard enough and wanted to get out of this meeting. The call gave him the perfect opportunity.

Sophie requested that Jason should come to her place immediately. Jason didn’t hesitate.

“Amah, can we continue this some other time, it’s too much for me to take in all at once. I have to go somewhere.” Jason said and immediately walked out on Amah.

In no time, Jason got to Sophie’s house. He walked into the sitting room and was shocked to see his wife seated on the couch, her face buried in her hands weeping.

“What is going on here?” Jason asked.

Before Sophie could answer him, the doorbell rang. Sophie wanted to ignore the bell but the person ringing was very insistent. Sophie excused herself so she could go check on who was at the door.

She opened the door and looked into Michael’s face.

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