TO LIVE FOREVER-By Tamara Blair: Episode 41-The End

? To Live Forever ?

? Chapter 41?

Written by: Tamara Blair

? Claribel’s P.o.v?

“ are Hailey?” I asked and she nodded.

I thought Hailey lives in England,why did she come here?

“You mustbe wondering why i came here and how.
Well, Adrian over here came over to England to look for me”

“He what?” I asked in shock and looked over at Adrian.

“Yes,babe..i mean Claribel,i went over to England since i know you want me to do that and i really needed to apologise for what i did to Hailey”

“He looked for me and found me,he told me about you and he kept on apologizing on our way here”

“Adrian,give i and Hailey some time alone”

“Okay” He said and walked away, Hailey and i sat facing each other.

“How did you like..cope with everything,your parents kicked you out, Adrian didn’t offer you a place to stay,it must have been hard”

“It was at first,i kept looking for a place to stay until a guy helped me,i stayed with him.
During my time with him, I hated Adrian so so much”

“I would hate him too”

“I got a job as a waitress,i went back to school and fortunately,i and Micheal.. that’s the name of the guy that saved me,we started dating..i love him so much”

“You are strong”

“Not as strong as you, Adrian told me everything you have been through since when you were little,I admire your resilience and strength” She said and i smiled.


“He loves you, Adrian loves and i hope you forgive him, he’s so sorry for what he did,he was a difficult guy and he was always getting into fights but he has changed”

“I love a whole lot”

“Should we call him in and put him out of his misery?”

“Nah,let him suffer a little bit more” i said and we started laughing
? Adrian’s P.o.v?
Few hours later, Hailey had to leave because she had a flight to England that night.

Claribel and i sat in complete silence,i just hope she has forgiven me.

“Adrian” She called out and i looked at her,she gestured for me to move closer.

“I love you,you know that,right?”

“I know and i love you..Am sorry,Claribel”

She stood up and sat on my lap, she leaned in and kissed my cheek.

“I forgive you and i miss you so much” I smiled, then kssed her.
Few months later.

? Claribel’s P.o.v?
“Adrian,i already told you for the umpteenth time,that guy wasn’t staring at me”

We went to a nearby restaurant and Adrian almost punched the waiter because he thinks he was staring at me.

“Babe,i saw him,he was literally drooling,i told you it was a bad idea to wear those yoga pants,it brings out the shape of your a*s wonderfully” He said and i swatted his arm.

“You are the biggest pervert ever”.

We walked back to his house and got to the living room.

“Your mom is still on a vacation?”

“Yeah and that Robert guy won’t stop asking about her”

“Robert? Your neighbor?”

“Yeah,i think he likes her.. Gross”

“It is not Gross, it’s amazing,your mom is still young amd beautiful,she deserves a boyfriend”


He carried me bridal style amd started taking the stairs to his room,he placed me on the bed and started kssing my neck.

“I want you” He said against my neck.

“Then take me” He tried to pull away but i held him.

“I can’t,you are not ready”

“Yes,i am,i want you just the same way you want me”

“Are you sure?” I nodded,then he got down from me.

“So aren’t you gonna start taking my clothes off,like in the movies?” I asked shyly and he chuckled.

“Nope,You will do it yourself”


“Yeah and i want to watch you take them off”

“Are you for real?”

“Yeah,i will sit here,while stand over there and take your clothes off”

He sat upright on the bed,while i stood in front of him and started taking my clothes off.

“Do it slowly,i want to remember every moment”

I could see it in his eyes that he finds pleasure in seeing me take my clothes off slowly.

His eyes were on me until i was stark n*ked,i started feeling shy,he noticed.

“Don’t feel shy, it’s just me”

He started tracing invisible lines from my navel down to my h!ps,he stood up and pulled me closer.

“You are so beautiful”

He claimed my lips and made us fall on the bed,he pressed his body against me and i could feel his hardness.

“Your body is driving me cr@zy” He began to take off his clothes in a haste.

We were now both n*ked,his l!ps went everywhere, all over my body making me m0an.

“Keep moaning,it drives me cr@zy” He whispered in my ears, then he suddenly pulled away.

“What?” I asked, disappointed at the fact that he stopped.

“We have to use protection,wait,i have c*nd0ms in my drawer”


“Want to put them on me?”

“I don’t know how to” I said and be chuckled.

“Okay,let me teach you”

He brought out a packet foil and opened it.
“So you take the rubber and place it”

He held my hands as I wore it for him.


“Now can we go back to what we were doing?”

“Someone’s in a rush” I kssed him immediately, dragging him back to the b*ed.

I don’t regret doing this, I told myself that i would give myself to the man i love and that’s what am doing.

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