TO LIVE FOREVER: Episode 1 – 10

? To Live Forever ?

? Prologue ?

Written by Tamara Blair

Claribel Johnson is a beautiful, intelligent and the most popular girl in Forcados High School.

Every girl wants to be her friend and every girl are jealous of her.
But Claribel isn’t what everyone think she is,on the outside,her life seems to be full of happiness but on the outside Claribel has alot of pains and problems she has to bear.

Adrian Coleman is the new guy in school but already as a spot with the popular kids in school not just because he is extremely handsome and intelligent but because of his thick British accent.

Girls literally fall at his feet but surprisedly, Adrian doesn’t have time for them.

Being so popular, Claribel and Adrian see each other all the time, Claribel soon discovers something about Adrian that no one knows.

Situations bring two of them closer making them open up to each other about their pains and problems

Watch how they help each other grow through their pain.
And maybe fall in love along the way.

You need to read this intriguing story filled with intense emotions,toxic relationships and trying to learn how to stop the pain.


?To Live Forever ?

? Chapter 1?

Written by: Tamara Blair

? Author’s P.o.v?
It’s early on a monday sunny morning, the light from the sun seems to penetrate through the window.

With the light rays shining on Claribel,she doesn’t seem to wake up.

Suddenly,her room window open and someone jumps into her room.

Shannon,Claribel’s best friend sighed in frustration as she saw Claribel sleeping like a log of wood.

“I told her not to deprive herself from sleep at night but she never listens”Shannon muttered to herself.

She jumps on the bed,then shakes Claribel vigorously but instead of waking up,Claribel became more comfortable in the bed.

“Are you kidding me right now?”

“Claribel,wake the f*ck up”

“We are going to be late for school”

Everything went on deaf ears.

“OMG,we have a maths test today”Shannon said and Claribel sprang from the bed.

“What test?why didn’t i know about it?”Claribel asked.

“There’s no test,i said that so that you would stand up”

“Oh, Shannon, don’t do that next time,you know how much i..

“Yeah,yeah,how much you love tests,you are such a nerd,now come on, get ready or we will be late for school”

“ did you get in here without my dad noticing?”

“I snuck in through the window”

“Shannon, don’t do that next time,you could have hurt yourself”

“Oh, please,you sound like my mom,it wasn’t even that high”

“You are unbelievable”

Claribel stood up from the bed and headed to the bathroom with a towel in her hand.

? Claribel?
Last night was a train wreck,my dad came home in his normal state.

I opened up the shower, immediately the water hit me,i felr a tingling sensation on my shoulder.

I looked at it and i saw an open wound,it was from last night.

I endured the pain and let the watee hit my skin.

I was in the bathroom for so minutes,my mind going through some thoughts.

“Are you sleeping in there?”Shannon asked from outside.

She has always been a drama queen.

“Coming” I said as i turned off the shower.

I step out with a towel around my body.

“You took forever in there”

“Shannon,i was only there for like a few minutes”

“Yeah,well,you….wait, what’s that on your shoulder?”

She stood up from the bed and moved closer to me,i tried to cover the wound but she quickly held my hand.

“My goodness,Clary, what is this?”

“It’s nothing,i will attend to it”

“What do you mean by “it’s nothing”..this is a fresh wound,did he do this to you?”She asked and i nodded affrimatively.

“Claribel,this can’t go on for long,you have to stand up to him”

“He is my father”

“So you are going to let him keep on beating you up when he feels like it?”

“Remember,he has been the one taking care of me”

“How?in what way?He doesn’t give you money for food or to take care of yourself,if not for your scholarship,i don’t know how you will be coping with school fees”

“I have a job, Shannon and the pay is good”

“Working as a waitress in a fancy restaurant late at night isn’t good for you”

“I work for my own money,i don’t want to be like other girls in school who sleep with guys for money,i won’t succumb to that”

“I know,Clary,you should know that you are one strong girl”

“Thanks,now i need to put on my clothes”

“Aren’t you going to put body lotion on?”

“No,we don’t have time”

“Clary, it’s amazing how your skin still glows,no wonder other girls envy you”
“We are here”Shannon said as she parked her car in front of the school.

I haven’t been able to buy my own car so Shannon takes me wherever i want to go, it’s not like i go out.

“Let’s go or we will miss first period” Shannon said as we both got down from the car.

Forcados high, the only place that people see me differently, they don’t pity me.

Am a totally different person here.

I was pulled out of my thoughts as i felt Shannon’s hand drag me towards the entrance.

As we got in,we received many high-fives from students and so many l*ustful looks from guys.

It’s always like this everyday, Shannon and I happen to be the most popular girl in school.

I really don’t even know how that happened but i think it was when i helped Dylan win a maths contest.

Speaking of Dylan,he came towards me and gave me a surprise kss on the cheek.

He and i look like we are dating but he hasn’t asked me out yet and am not even sure of my feelings for him.

“Hey,babe, you look gorgeous this morning” he said and i giggled.


He took my hands in his and intertwined together, People start looking at us,i was getting deadly glares from girls.

We were both going to class when Dylan bumped into a guy witg glasses.

“Are you blind or what?”Dylan yelled at him.

Did I forget to mention that Dylan is a spoilt brat?

His parents own half of our school so he thinks he can do anything.

“ sorry”

The boy glasses fell so he was trying to look for it.

“Where is my glasses? I can’t see without them”

Dylan and i saw the glasses on the floor,Dylan smirked and tried to step on his glasses.

“Dylan,No” I said stopping him from crushing the glasses.


“It’s not nice, seriously,he can’t see with it, let’s just give it to him”

“Okay, whatever,you do that while i go to class”

He walked away,i bend down and picked up the glasses then gave it to the boy to wear.

“Thank you”

“It’s not a problem”

“You are not like them,you are nicer”

“Thanks but i have to go”

Classes went by smoothly,now it waa time for lunch.

I went to the cafeteria with Dylan since Shannon had something to do.

We sat at the popular table,where basketball team mates seat,the cheerleaders.

They were either eating or kssing each other.

“Sorry,am late”Shannon said as she sat down beside me.

“No problem, let’s just eat,am hungry”

Shannon was about to say something when he walked in.

Every girl started giggling,well except for i and Shannon.

He sat down in front of i and Shannon along side his friend,Isaac.

Adrian Coleman,he just moved to our school last two weeks and the girls were already crazy about him.

He was in the basketball team with Dylan and already part of the popular kids.

He had a hair color like the sand at the beach, almost white and deep blue eyes, with a really pink lip.

He also had a thick British accent,i guessed he is from London.

He bonded well with Isaac,they seem to be so close.

Audbrey,one of the cheerleaders quickly ran to sit beside Adrian,she wrapped her arms around him but he removed it.

I wanted to laugh but I don’t want any drama from Audbrey.

“So how are you doing,babe?” Isaac asked Shannon,who only rolled her eyes.

“Your playboy lines won’t work on me,Isaac”

“It will, very soon”

“Adrian,how are you doing?”Shannon asked.

“Am good”

He hardly talks but when he does you would wish he never stopped.

“Two weeks in the school and you are already toping the class,Claribel might have a competition”

“I don’t see her as a competition”He said and i scoffed.

“So you think you can beat me in class?”

“I don’t think,i know”

How rude of him.

“Okay,enough of studying,who is going to Alex’s birthday party tonight?”Dylan asked.

Everyone started say yes to the party,if you are a popular kid,you have to go to parties.

“What about you, babe?”Dylan asked me.

“I don’t think I can come”


“I have other things to do”

“Clary, just come,it will be fun” Shannon said and i sighed in defeat.

“Okay, fine”

“And Adrian, are you coming?”

“Sure”He replied while looking at me.

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