TRUTH AND LIES Episode 36,37,38&39


(Prom night)

The set-up

Episode 36

Written by Faith Lucky

Alyssa’s Pov:
The school was looking extra ordinarily beautiful tonight as a result of the decorations that had taken place around it for prom.

Everywhere shun dazzlingly with cool lights as natty students filled the surroundings.

The biggest hall in the school was being used for the prom and I could sight a lot of students in already.

After coming out of my ride, I stood and looked around, admiring the whole place and the next thing I heard were gasps and I noticed it were the students that were taken a backed by my appearance..

?Oh, my God, look at her dress…

?she’s so pretty…

? She really suits being Mico’s date…

? Look at her hair…

? Her gown is definitely the best…

I bent my head and smiled shyly.
The commentaries were driving me crazy.

I turned to go in but got blocked by someone who walked and stood in front of me.
I lifted my eyes and saw my prince charming standing in front of me.

Oh, my God; we’re actually putting on the same make of dress.
So lovely.

My cheeks suddenly turned red as I became nervous again.

“H…Hi” I said coldly as he looked at me.
I so wish he could take off this mask.

“Welcome, Alyssa” he said and stretched out his hand to me.

I inhaled deeply before putting my hand on his and we started walking in together.

“You look pretty” he said and I swear, my head became two.

I blushed in a smile as I bent my head and I heard him chuckle.

At the entrance of the hall, an electric lettering ran at the top and it read:

I smiled as we approached it.
I felt so honored being with that same Mico – something other ladies have been dying for.

But, why me?

At the door, two security men stood and they bowed at Mico – well, they were bowing at me as well because if they don’t, I’ll tell Mico to kick their asses.

We walked past them and immediately we got in, a ‘wow’ escaped my lips.
The hall was ineffable.

It was beautiful beyond words.

No wonder Mico High is the best school in the city.
They’re the best in everything they do.

Immediately, different camera men and even a lady who was a photographer crowded us and started taking pictures of us.
I think I might go blind at any moment
The flashes were getting much.

I tightened my grip on Mico and after a short while, he signalled them to move and they slowly started moving away, still taking endless pictures.

All the students turned and looked at us as we walked in and they were all
‘Oh, ny God
‘They look so cute’

The entire students were talking about us at that moment and my head just kept swealing and swealing.
I really hope I’m making Mico proud.

Just then, someone came up and interrupted the view.
It was Jeremy!

He walked up to us and stood in front us and we also stopped walking.

Oh, my; he’s really looking so cute.
But why did he stop in front us?

“Hey Mico” he said with a charming smile and shot me a stare.
“What do you want, Jeremy? This is a prom and not somewhere you can ask for a challenge” Mico asked and Jeremy chuckled.

“Chill Mico, I’m not here for trouble.
Although, you’re wrong; there can always be a challenge” he replied and I looked at him, wondering what he meant.
And at that point, he also looked at me.

“You look good, Alyssa” he told me and Mico scoffed.

“You can say that again Jeremy.” he replied.
“Now, if you’re just walking around, looking for pretty girls to compliment, then I’d suggest you move to the next one.”

Jeremy laughed a bit.

“I’m not that jobless, Mico. Besides, my date just arrived” he replied and looked at the entrance and Mico and I turned to see Alexa coming in

Wow! She was looking pretty.
The devil’s daughter.

She suddenly stopped walking when she saw I and Mico together and I figured she was jealous already.

Jeremy left us and went over to her and Mico smirked and continued walking with me.

But come to think of it, why didn’t Mico chose Alexa as his date to prom?
I thought they were close friends?

Anyway, let me just call it my lucky day.

He took me to a table and there I met his cousins who were with their dates as well.
I noticed they whispered something to each other and chuckled which kind of made me nervous.

“Alyssa!” One of them called as we finally got to them and Mico ushered me to a seat while he also sat next to me.

I smiled and looked at the cousins.
They were really so cute.

“Gd evening” I greeted, bowing my head a little.
“Gd evening, Alyssa. You’re looking good” one of them told me and I smiled again.

I looked at their dates and Oh ,one of them was Daisy.
“Hi” she waved at me and said.
“Hi ,Daisy” I replied and waved at the other lady.

“So, Alyssa, I guess you probably recognise me’ Angelo said and I nodded.

“Give her a break, ok?” Mico said to them and they chuckled.
“it’s funny to know the same waitress that spilled drink on you ended up as your date to prom, Mico’ Michael said and Angelo laughed

I smiled and bent my head and just then, Jeremy and Alexa showed up, holding hands together.
They walked pass us to the front and sat on a table ahead of us

I looked at Jeremy as he sat and couldn’t help but admire him.
He was putting on a red suit and his hair flopped over close to his eye.

I took my eyes back to Mico and was surprised to know he was looking at me the whole time.
Oh, God:
Hope he doesn’t think negatively about me looking at Jeremy.

After a short while, his sisters arrived, looking like princesses.

“Wow! Look whom we have here” they said as they got to our table.
“H…Hi” I greeted them nervously.
“HelloHello Alyssa. It’s nice finally getting to meet you” one of the twins said to me and I couldn’t tell who was who because they were identical.
But one of them had brown hair while the other was black

“Why don’t you give her a hug, girls?” Angelo said.
‘You know she’s your prom sister in law”.

I couldn’t help but laugh and the two twins also chuckled.

“I wish we could spend more time together, Alyssa. But too bad, we need to be with our dates at this moment” Karen said.

“Don’t be offended, Karen. But how many dates to prom do you have for this year?” Michael asked and Karen grinned at him
“And what does that mean? How many dates am I supposed to have?” She asked.
“Well, you know you were crushing on a lot of guys. So I wanted to know if you were able to make a choice” Michael replied and everyone laughed, except for Karen who scrawled her eyes at him.
“No matter what you do, Michael; you can’t ruin my joy this evening” she told him and turned back to me.
“See you later, Alyssa” she said and started catwalking away.
“Bye.” The twins also said with a warm smile and left with Karen.

I smiled at them as they walked away.
They were so lovely.
Everything about Mico was lovely.

After a while, the main program commenced and the entire hall became filled up.
A lot of activities took place and soon, a prom competition was started. It was tagged “how much do you know your prom date?”

Angelo and his date – daisy – went out for the competition and about nine other couples participated.
Then the competition commenced and each of the couples were asked to back each other.
Then the male date would be asked some questions about his date and anyone who answered all the questions correctly would be the winner.

Everybody was Interested and the questions started and that was when the real comedy began.

Angelo’s case was the worst as he couldn’t even answer a single question.
He was asked what color of hair Daisy was putting on and he replied ‘orange’ whereas it was brown.

He was also asked the colour of shoes she was putting on and he replied -pink’ whereas it was blue.

The laughter in the hall at that moment was too much as the game was just too funny.

After a while, the game came to an end and a particular couples were the winners.

After the competition, the prom dance was announced and I heard it was the dance that would determine the prom king and Queen.

Urgh! The dreadful moment.
I’m not a good dancer.

Everyone stood up with their dates and I also stood up with Mico and just then, Mr Fredo – the principal showed up with Mrs Houston.

“Mico and Alyssa!” He called excitedly, smiling widely.
“What a pleasant site. You look good, Alyssa” he told me and I smiled.
“Good evening sir” I greeted.
“Good evening Mr Fredo” Mico also said.
“Good evening lovelies. You both look good together, I must say.”

“Good evening Mrs Houston” I greeted.
“Oh dear. Good evening.” She replied with a smile.
but why is she With Mr Fredo?
Could they be having an affair?

I heard her husband was late. And Mr Fredo was divorced.
They could be a perfect match, anyway.

“Okay, Mico. I came late. So, enjoy the prom” Mr Fredo said as he patted Mico on the shoulders and started walking away.

I wonder why he’s late.

“You’re looking gorgeous, Alyssa” Mrs Houston said in a smile and followed Mr Fredo behind.

I smiled and looked at her.
She was really a pretty woman.
I wonder how Samantha would be.

Next, the names of the people to have the first dance were called out and My name and Mico’s were on the list.
Oops; Jeremy and Alexa’s names were also on the list.

We all went out as we were all called and the music was turned on for us.
It was a slow romantic song.

I turned to Mico and placed my hand on his and he held my waist.
Goose bumps.

“Have you ever been to a dance?” He asked as I placed my other hand on his shoulder and we started moving slowly to the beat.

“Mmm. Not really sir” I replied and he smiled.

“Have you danced with a guy before?” He asked and I felt I might dancing the wrong way that’s making him ask me all these questions.

“No sir”. I replied, a little twitchily.
“So…you’ve never had a boyfriend?” He asked again and my eyes widened.
What has boyfriend got to do with this?

I scoffed and looked at him.

“He must’ve been lucky” he cut in and my heart gave a mighty leap.
What makes him say so?

“But I…I don’t have a boyfriend, sir” I told him and he chuckled.

Then he sent his hands deeper into my waist and I almost gasped.
No one has ever done this to me before.

I lowered my gaze to his shirt and I think I heard him laugh.

Oh, my Mico .
I can’t believe I’m really dancing with him.
I hope I don’t have mouth odor.
As for him, the only odor that comes out from his mouth is cuteness.
I so much love this guy.

We continued dancing and he twirled me around and when I turned, my eyes met with Jeremy’s who was also dancing with Alex a.

My heart skipped a bit and I couldn’t tell why.

He also continued staring at me and suddenly, he smiled and fortunately, Mico twirled me again and I was able to turn away from him.

After a while of dancing, the dance came to an end and we all returned to our seats.

Alexa’s Pov:
I walked into one of the restrooms with Jeremy behind, wondering what he wanted to say to me.
He had told me to follow him there that he had something important to tell me and that is why we’re here.

“So, what is it?” I asked as I watch him close the door.

Surprisingly, he came to me and leaned me against the wall.

Then he sent his hands to my waist and kissed my neck.
What does he think he’s doing?

“Chill Alexa” he cut me off and sent his hand Into the opened space of my own from behind.

“Simply because I’m your date to prom doesn’t make me your girlfriend, Jeremy” I said and he chuckled softly and brought his lips very close to mine.

“You don’t need to be my girlfriend before I get what I want” he replied and pecked my lips.

Then he rose the tip of my gown but I quickly brought down his hands.

“Chillax Alexa” he said in an endearing tone and lifted it slowly.
“Remember, you still need me to do something for you” he added and I lost control of my actions and gave in.


Jeremy’s Pov”
I watched Alexa as she arranged her gown and ran out of the restroom, feeling a little bashful.
I kicked the wall immediately she left as I suddenly became angry.

Everybody was cheap.
I could get any lady I wanted. But it pains me to know that Alyssa of a lady is proving to be different.

Now, even Alexa has been used by me. I’ve had my way with so many pretty ladies already.
Even the almighty Samantha has been on my bed .
Although, she was drunk, but yes, it still happened.

So, why was that Alyssa proving stubborn? Why did she have to say no to me?

I’ve never been rejected by a lady and I’m not going to let it happen now.
I’ll definitely get her, even if it means killing the devil.

Well, for now, I need to fulfil my promise to Alexa.
Besides, it’s also going to help me punish Alyssa a bit.

So, it’s time. I concluded and brought out my phone.


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