TRUTH AND LIES Episodes 59 – 61


(The final stage)

Episode 59

Writer: Faith Lucky.

Alyssa’s Pov continues:
“My…my new house?” I stuttered confoundedly and he nodded.

” he also ordered us to stay here as your drivers” he said, referring to himself and the driver of the blue car.

Hold on; is he trying to say I own the two cars?
But I also saw two cars in the garage.

No. That is a dream. I’m probably sleeping.
What is going on?

“Kapatid!” I heard Maja’s voice and turned to see her running from the house towards me.
Why a she here?

She ran to me and jumped on me.

“Kapatid! Finally you’re here. The lady had said you’d be here any minute.

“Can you believe this is our house? Some people just came to the old house this morning and asked us to follow them here, saying it was now out new house and it was a gift from Mico

“They didn’t even allow us to take a pin from the old house. They said all we needed was right here and it’s true, Kapatid. They have all the best things here.
I even have my own room and there’s a big TV in it together with a lot of toys.

“And the kitchen…christ! It’s superb.
It looks just like a supermarket.
I think you need to hurry up and get brother Jake out if it.
He’s been consuming everything eatable in it…”

She kept on talking but I was speechless as I couldn’t understand what was going on.
I looked into her face and it was covered with chocolates.

Just then, I saw my mum walking out with a lady who was dressed in suit.

“Alyssa” my mum called ecstatically, smiling.
I can’t remember the last time my mum smiled at me.

“Alyssa, can you believe this is now out house? They said Mico gave it to you and we’ll now be staying here. Finally you made me proud.” She said happily and walked away, probably going to take a look around the house.

“Please ma’am Alyssa, Come with me” the lady dressed in suit said and I muddledly followed.
I just hope this is not some kind of film trick.
I couldn’t even say a word.

She walked me into the sitting room and my bedazzlement increased.
God of heaven!

Who could had decorated this place? Even the ties were HD made.

We took the stairs that led us to a passage and there we found about three rooms by the right.

She took me to the second door and opened it and my eyes glinted.
was this really a room?

The floors were tied and the Ac was on and there was a big flat screen TV in front of the room.

The bed was big and looked comfy and there were about two laptops on a table by the corner of the room.

Then there was a big mirror pinned on the wall and in front of the big mirror there was a big make up table with different make up item’s on it.
Is this real?

“ThisThis will be your room, ma’am Alyssa” the lady said and signalled me to follow her.

She led me to a smaller door which was in the room and opened it and we walked in together.

Holy Christ!
It was a dressing room and looked like a boutique.

Uncountable clothes were hung around and the big shoe shelf was filled to the brim with assorted shoes.

There was a big mirror as well and there was a table that contained deodorants and cosmetics and jewelries.

I covered my mouth with my palm as uncontrollable tears started running down my cheeks.

The lady smiled and held my hand.

“I understand how you feel ma’am Alyssa. You were just meant to be lucky” she said genially and I wept more.

Then she proffered some documents she was holding.

“These are the documents to the house. Please go through them and sign them. I’ll be waiting outside” she said as she handed me them to me and left the room.

I opened the documents and looked into it.
This wasn’t a dream. I was really going to be the owner of the house.
I can’t believe I’ve been so blessed.

I brought out my phone and tired calling Mico.
It ringed for a long time but he didn’t pick up.

I called for about three more times but there was still no reply.

I guess he knew what I wanted to say.

I sat on the floor and wept profusely.
How did this even happen?
How did I become so lucky?

What did I do to deserve all these?

I sat at the back seat as the car drove and parked in front of the school and the door was opened for me to come out.

Immediately I stepped outside, all eyes turned on me and I suddenly became nervous.
All the students around started giggling, smiling and talking about me.

I took in a deep breath and started walking away.

“Hi Alyssa…”

“Good morning…”

“Hey pretty…”

“Mrs Mico…”
They all kept waving and smiling at me and I smiled nervously and waved back at them.

Gosh! None of these ladies had ever wanted to talk to me.
I can’t believe I just became a celebrity overnight.

I had barely gone far when I saw Mico’s cars driving in and I stopped walking.

I stood and watched as the cars stopped and he came out from one of them, lookin so cute.

Oh, my Mico!

immediately, I ran to him and jumped on him, holding him tight.
He held me and chuckled.

“Hey, do you want to eat me up?” He asked with a little laughter as I still held onto him.

“Thank you” I whimpered and sniffed on his shirt.
and he rubbed my back.

I unlocked from the hug and looked at him, trying not to shed a tear.

“I…I saw the house, the car, the…”
“Alyssa” he called and placed his index finger on my lips.

“You have nothing to thank me for. You deserve all of it”.

I smiled ruefully and embraced him again.
The students were already screaming and taking pictures and videos. But I didn’t care at that moment.
All that mattered to Me was Mico.

“I love you” I whispered, still embracing him and he pecked my ear.
Then we unlocked from the hug.

“You know what?” He said, holding my cheeks.
“We need to go on a date; but that’d be after you win the contest and become the representative of Manilla.
So promise me you’re going to win” he said and I nodded with a smile.

“Let’s go” he told me and we held hands together and started walking into the school.

All the students couldn’t hide their amusement and they all kept recording the whole thing.

“Alyssa” I heard someone call my name and I turned and noticed it was Pia.

She smiled and waved at me and I waved back at her.

How drastically everything changed.

We continued walking and the students kept smiling and waving at us.

I love you Mico.


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