TRUTH AND LIES Season 2 Episodes 1 – 3


(Meeting him again)

Episode 1

Writer: Faith Lucky.

Alyssa’s Pov:
We arrived at the venue of the competition in Davao city and wow!
These place is incredible!

The buildings there were tall and magnificent and pretty ladies and boys were seen moving around.

I came out of the car with Mico while the drivers brought our luggage.

I almost kept my mouth open as I looked around in astonishment.
I didn’t even realise the people around were already taking pictures of I and Mico.

Just then, a lady dressed in suit walked up to us, smiling.

“Welcome, sir Mico; miss Alyssa. I hope your trip was pleasant?” She asked genially.

“Yes, ma’am” I replied with a smile but Mico didn’t say anything. He just kept his eyes on his phone.

“Please, come with me, Miss. I’ve been assigned to lead you to the contestants quarters” she said and I turned to Mico.

“Guess I’d have to meet up with you later” I told him.
“Okay, then. Bye” he replied and pecked my cheek and I started following the lady.

I kept looking around in amusement as I walked behind the lady who took me to a tall building.

We walked in and the first place we saw looked more like an office.

I saw a lot of men and women dressed in suits, walking up and down with files.
The whole place was neat and sparkled.

Then the lady led me to an elevator and my eyes beamed.
So, there’s an elevator?
Well obviously.
The buildings were too tall.

We took the elevator and I think we had gotten off at the third floor

We came out and wow!
Jesus! This is paradise!

We had gotten into a large room which seemed like a sitting room and I saw a lot of people over there, mostly ladies.

Oh, my God! Is this were the contestants would be staying?

“And this is the contestants dorm” the pretty lady said to me but I couldn’t even look at her as I just kept admiring the place.
I didn’t realise all the ladies in the room were now staring at me.

“Welcome, miss Alyssa” I heard someone say and I looked and noticed it was a woman in the room.
That was when I could think of paying attention to them.

I cleared my throat and walked in properly.

“Uh…good evening, ma. Good evening, everyone” I said nervously but only the woman and one other man in the room replied to it.

The other ladies just kept quiet.

Oh, my God!
I saw Samantha!

She was sitting with her legs, crossed, staring at me creepily.

I suddenly remembered what she said to me at Mico’s birthday party.
I can’t believe we were now opponents, with how dangerous I’ve heard she was.

“Please do have a seat, miss Alyssa” the woman said and I nodded and budged forward to take a seat.

Three ladies were already at the long couch in the front and I decided to join them.

“Alright, now we’re complete; I’d go straight to what I have to say” the woman continued and cleared her throat.

“It’s a privilege to welcome you all – the 30 different contestants from 30 cities in the Philippines.
My name is Mrs Emilia Jackson and I’m going to be one of your coordinators.

“As you all might already be informed, there’d be a little welcoming party in the next two hours and there you’ll all introduce and get to know yourselves.

“Now, I know this is a contest and you’ll see yourselves as rivals, but trust me, it doesn’t make you enemies.
You all should work hand in hand and avoid any form of dispute Because, anyone caught in the act will get disqualified.

“The competition would be commencing tomorrow and I’d suggest you all find out time and study because it isn’t going to be as it was in the inter school stage.
If you fail a single question or task, you’re out.

“We have everything you need over here and whenever there’s an announcement, it’d be passed on to you from the announcers in your different rooms”.


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