(The Unknown)

Episode 10

Writer: Faith Lucky.

Alyssa’s Pov:
I leaned on the door as the dizziness and weakness overwhelmed me.

I dropped on the floor and Jeremy came to me and carried me to the bed.

The drugs were alreadyalready taking effect on me and I wss too weak to fight back.

“Jeremy, please” I said tearfully as he placed me on the bed and got on top of me again.

He kissed my neck and took off my shirt and tears came rolling down my cheeks.

He sent his hands to my back and reached for the hook of my b*a .

I held his hands but it didn’t stop him from doing what he wanted.
He unhooked my bra.

But just then, his phone started ringing.
He hit the bed head and groaned.

Then, he left me and brought the phone out of his pocket and answered the call.

I sat up immediately and covered my body with the duvet, still crying profusely.

“Yes?” He said on the phone, looking at me.

I had no idea whom he was talking to but he kind of looked troubled and couldn’t take his eyes off me.

He dropped the call and my heart started beating rapidly again.

I was still weeping uncontrollably.

He sent his fingers into his hair and faced the wall.

Then he turned back to me, his eyes looking red and sore.

“I’m sorry” he said under his breath and flounced out of the room.

the drug had taken effect on me and I had dozed off and woken up later in the evening.
I was so frustrated and scared, remembering what Jeremy had almost done to me.

What if the call hadn’t come in?
Or what if he tries it again?

I stood up and looked through the window.
The day had gotten dark and I had still not eaten something reasonable.
I was starving.

I suddenly remembered Jeremy’s brother had said he’d be back by today for the ‘game’.

I wish I could get out of here.
I wonder what they are going to do to me.

I itched my head and felt something – it was my hair pin.

I pulled it out and looked at it as a thought suddenly niggled at me.

The pin had a sharp edge and I suddenly thought of something.

I went to the windows and checked out the curtains on them.
They were chiffon made.

I took the hair pin and cut down the curtains from the hangers.
I cut every single one of them and carefully tied them together from their edges.

In the end, I was getting something that looked like a rope.

I quickly took the long curtains and tied them on the edge of the window.

Then, I threw it out and it fell out and almost touched the floor.
Oh, God!
Please, don’t let me get caught.

The window was already opened and I held the curtain and slowly started climbing out through it.

I held it firmly and climbed downwards with it and…Holy Christ!
I was able to get to the floor!


I was really standing outside.
I was able to leave the room.

I looked left and right and spotted two men coming from the left.

I quickly ran and hid behind a shelf and watched them pass.

Then, I came out and started tiptoeing away, hoping I don’t get caught.
It seems most of the men had gone out with Jeremy’s brother to wherever it is he must’ve gone to.
And thank God it was dark.

I continued tiptoeing in the dark spotlights and although I sighted some of the men, I made sure they didn’t see me.

soon, I was able to make it to the fence and I climbed on it and jumped out. But unfortunately, it was too high and I fractured my leg while jumping to the ground.

I felt pains, but didn’t let it weigh me down as I had to take hold of this great opportunity and run away.

I stood up and started running with pains and difficulties.
I just hope Jeremy doesn’t realise my absence soon enough.

I started running on the dark quiet street and wondered what part of the world this building was in.
There were no other houses around and there was no way I could get help.

I continued running, my heart beating rapidly, my breath coming out heavily, my legs aching like they wanted to pull off.

Oh, God; please help me.
I need to get out of here.

I ran for a long time and finally spotted the road.
Oh, thank goodness!

I put in more effort and got to the road and prayed I find a car or someone soon enough.

But the road was deserted.

I continued running and after some time, I sighted a car coming from a distance.

Oh, Jesus!

I stopped and started waving to the car but it drove pass on a high speed like it had seen no one important.

Oh, God!

Why does this have to happen?
How do I call for help?


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