By Chidimma M.


It was 2PM already so Ricardo went to pay Logan a visit. It was time for Valentina to go and fetch for Minnie and Myles as requested.

Valentina walked out of the company and made to hail a cab but two men stopped her.

“Boss asked you to use his car when going to fetch his kids” One of them spoke.

“Oh…” Was all she could say.

“What was I expecting, trying to go and fetch the kids of billionaire in cab… Ridiculous” Valentina shook her head.

UNBREAK MY HEART : CHAPTER 21 – 40. Thingscouplesdo

Ricardo’s bodyguards escorted her to the car. They all entered and the driver drove off, heading to the children’s school.

The car stopped in front of Sunshine Elementary School. Valentina nodded, impressed with the structure of the school. It was sure a school where only rich kids could attend.

Valentina got down the car and stood in front of the gate, where the other parents stood waiting for their kids too.



“Check out the new bag that dad got for me” A boy named Orion said to Leslie.

“Wow, you look good in it” Leslie smiled.

“Thanks, come let’s go play on the swing” Orion held Leslie by the hand and pulled her to the swing.

“I’ll be the first!!” Leslie sat down while Orion pushed her.

Myles could be seen sitting down on the stairs, playing with the stones while frowning. Ever since they finished the soup, Leslie has been glued to that Orion guy.

“Hey Myles, let’s go maybe dad is outside waiting for us.” Minnie said.

“I don’t wanna go yet” Myles frowned.

“Why the face?” Minnie sat down beside him.

“Who else apart that onion over there” Myles frowned.

“It’s Orion not onion…wait, don’t tell me you’re jealous” Minnie smirked

“What!! No!!” Myles snapped but Minnie just laughed.

“Myles is jealous of Orion!!” Minnie laughed.

Myles hissed and looked front. He frowned when he saw Valentina standing by the gate…

“Hey isn’t that nanny Tina?” Myles asked.

“Yeah it’s her. Nanny Tina!!” Minnie waved when Valentina looked their way.

Valentina smiled and entered the gate. Minnie stood up and ran then jumped on her. Valentina chuckled and carried her…

“I missed you” Minnie poured.

“Me too cutie” Valentina smiled and kssed her cheek.

Myles stood up and dipped his hands in his pocket then strolled to them with a straight face.

“Myles, how are you champ?” Valentina smiled. Myles looked away and simply nodded.

“He’s moody because his crush is playing with another guy” Minnie said.

“Hey!! Big mouth!!” Myles frowned.

“There she is” Minnie pointed at Leslie who was now coming their way.

“Hi Minnie” Leslie waved at Minnie who was still clinging onto Valentina.

“Hi friend!” Minnie smiled.

“Here’s my nanny. She’s pretty right?” Minnie said and Leslie nodded.

“Awn you girls are too sweet” Valentina gushed.

“I’ll love to stay here longer but sadly we’ll have to leave. You two need to rest for our trip tomorrow.” Valentina said.

Minnie nodded and waved at Leslie.

“Bye Leslie, see you in two weeks time!” Minnie a kss at her. Leslie smiled and blew a kss at her too.

“Bye Leslie” Myles said and smiled.

Leslie smiled and stood on her toes then pecked him on the cheek.

“Bye Myles, will miss you!” Leslie smiled and ran to her mother who just arrived to pick her up.

Myles cheek immediately grew red….

“Let’s go Myles… I’m sure you won’t sleep today because of that peck” Valentina said walking to the car with Minnie.

“Stop teasing me!!” Myles yelled, running behind them…

“I still can’t believe you actually came to visit me” Logan said walking to the studio with Ricardo.

“What? I’m traveling tomorrow… Had to inform you before I leave” Ricardo said.

“Wow, cool!!” Logan smiled.

They entered the studio and met Kristina taking pictures in a new branded crop top and bump short with her hair curled up.

“She’s adapting real quick” Ricardo smiled, referring to Kristina.

“Yeah” Logan nodded, he just couldn’t get his eyes off her.

Ricardo noticed it and simply smiled.

“I see you are starting to catch feelings for her. Can’t believe the playboy Logan has a heart” Ricardo smirked.

“Huh? Well I don’t understand myself theses days. And your sister is really hard to get.” Logan scratched his head.

“You don’t expect her to throw herself to you after you broke her heart. You were her first love dude” Ricardo said.

“Well I ain’t gonna interfere with your issues. Just remember, if you play with her I’m gonna play with your bones” Ricardo added…

“Bro!!” Kristina hugged Ricardo.

“How was I?” She asked.

“Perfect as usual.” Ricardo smiled.

They discussed for a while before Ricardo left for his meeting. Kristina looked at Logan and turned to walk away…

“Hey!” Logan caught her by the wrist. He turned her to him.

“Please can you stop being so cold to me?” Logan said.

Kristina looked at him for a while. She smiled and looked his hand holding her wrist.

“I’m not, I’m just being professional” Kristina said.

“I know you’re doing this to get back at me. Alright, I’m sorry… I’m sorry about what happened for the past years, I’m sorry for breaking your heart. I was just too…too”

“You did nothing wrong. I can’t force you to accept me, the heart can’t be controlled” Kristina said.

She removed his hand from hers…

“I’m keeping my distant because I don’t want those feelings to grow back again. I don’t know how I’ll feel if my heart gets broken twice by the same person” Kristina said and turned then left…

Logan sighed, now he gets it all. He simply walked away not knowing what to say again…


Ricardo drove into his mansion and packed his car at the garage. He got down and entered his house.

“It’s my turn!!” Minnie’s voice could be heard.

“No its mine! Last night was your turn to choose which movie to watch!!” Myles said.

They kept pulling the remote control till Ricardo stepped in and took the remote controller from them.

“It’s no one’s turn. Go and sleep, we’re leaving very early tomorrow in the morning” Ricardo said switching off the flat screen TV.

“Dad…” Myles and Minnie whined, going to their room.

Ricardo chuckled and went to his room. He wasn’t really feeling that hungry tonight.

He removed his coat and dresses then entered the bathroom. As usual, he ran the shower and ruffled his hair then closed his eyes.

“You should also stop dwelling on the past, not all women are like your ex” Valentina’s word rang in his head.

“She’s right” He muttered and picked his towel then wiped himself up before tying another round his waist.

He walked to his wardrobe then brought out a black shirt with blue shorts. Once he was done dressing, he walked to the drawer and brought out a box.

In thay box was pictures of him and Evelyn, all the places they went, their marriage rings and pictures and also the letter she left before leaving.

He carried the box and entered his bathroom with a lighter. He brought out the pictures and letter then burnt it one then threw it in the toilet. He looked at the marriage

“I’ve been holding onto to these for the past five years, thinking that you will change your mind and come back to me. Guess I was wrong… Goodbye Evelyn” Ricardo said and threw the ring in the toilet.

He flushed the ashes and ring down the toilet and stood up. A smile broke up his lips unknowingly…

“Just one way to go and… Done!” Valentina fell on the bed together with Iris. They’ve been trying for about 5 minutes to close Valentina’s last luggage.

“Do you need to take all these?” Iris asked.

“Of course! I wanna enjoy Paris to the fullest. Who knows? Maybe this is the last time I’ll go there” She shrugged.

Iris simply chuckled and yawned.

“Feeling sleepy already?” Valentina said and Iris nodded.

Iris hugged Valentina’s tightly.

“I wanna sleep here tonight…please??” Iris mumbled and pouted.

Valentina chuckled and nodded. They both crawled under the blanket and hugged each other.

“Val…” Iris called.


“Do you think that dad misses us?” Iris asked.

“Well yeah, I’m sure he watches over us whenever he is.” Valentina smiled.

Iris nodded and closed her eyes. She snuggled with Valentina’s bbs.

“So soft and comfortable. Your hubby will surely enjoy” Iris muttered.

“Pe.rvert!!” Valentina snapped.

Iris laughed and smiled, she slowly drifted off to sleep. Valentina followed suit…

Peggy opened the door to check up on them. She smiled when she saw them sleeping.

“I hope you stay united and together once you learn the truth about your existence” Peggy said sadly. She closed the door and walked away…

“Quick Tina! It’s almost 9AM!!” Iris said.

It was Saturday so no school for her. She helped Valentina carry her things to the cab waiting outside for them.

“I’m coming” Valentina ran out of the house while tying her hair up.

She was wearing a long sleeve red gown than ended above her knees.

“How do I look?” She turned around for Peggy to see.

“Are you planning on seducing your boss? If you’re planning then I approve in advance” Peggy winked.

“Mom!!!!” Valentina chuckled.

Peggy hugged her tightly.

“I’m gonna miss you Tina, come back safe for us okay” Peggy said and Valentina nodded.

Valentina walked to Iris and hugged her too.

“Will miss you sis” Iris pouted.

“Me too, will video call you once I get there” Valentina pecked her and entered the cab.

Iris and Peggy waved at her as the cab drove off. She waved back too whike smiling.

“Paris,,, here I come” Valentina smiled.


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