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Police cars could be seen outside the hospital, sirens blaring and doctors and nurses being investigated by the police.

The reporters could be seen doing interviews too, a car suddenly stopped and Elias rushed out of it.

He ran into the hospital and saw Zoey speaking to a detective, he rushed towards her and tap her impatiently.

“Zoey,” he called. “Excuse me, detective,” Zoey said and walked towards an elevator with Elias beside her.

“Where is Romina?” He asked and Zoey pressed a button on the elevator, the elevator door opened and they stepped in.

UNFORSEEN LOVE SEASON 2: EPISODE 1 – 10. Thingscouplesdo

“In the crime scene,” she replied and Elias tap his feet impatiently on the floor, he stepped out of the elevator first and rushed towards the ward.

He opened the door and met Nanny Gloria patting Romina gently it seemed like she has been crying.

“Romina,” Elias called and she stood up, she rushed to hug him and he wrapped his arms around her.

“Hey, calm down,” he said and helped her sit on the bed. “What happened?” He inquired.

“We came to check up on her, and she was gone,” Romina sobbed.

“She disappeared, there was no trace…, no leaf absolute nothing to follow,” Zoey said beside him.

“Romina,” Elias called as he held her shoulder. “I don’t want to lose my mom, not again! I was going to have to get and this ¢raziness was going to end! Why does she have to go missing? Just why!?!” She screamed.

“Romina,” he called but she was not listening, her heart was shattered and it was driving her crazy.

“I don’t wanna lose my mom,” she cried. “Get a grip of yourself!! Elias snapped and she calmed down.

Beads of sweat were running down her head, her eyes were watery and it took nothing for the tears to fall on her cheeks.

“We are going to find your mom,” he assured and she nodded. “I… I reported that imposter,” she stuttered.

“Neil could be an accomplice too,” Nanny Gloria said and wiped her tears.

“The detective is doing all he can, they are trying to retrieve some CCTV footage,” Zoey said.

“Everything is going to be fine,” Elias assured and hugged Romina.



Neil was standing beside a window in a wooden house, his hands were dipped into his pocket.

Jerry walked into the room with a grin. “What took you so long?” Niel asked, and turned around.

“Romina gave my name to the police, I am now a prime suspect. I had to lay low so they won’t trace me here,” Jerry replied.

“You are a suspect?” Neil asked, as his eyes broaden in astonishment.

“Yes, it’s crazy. Why would she think I kidnapped her mother?” He asked rhetorically.

“You are more useful than I thought,” Niel said with a smirk.

“What do you mean?” Jerry asked. “Think of it as a compliment,” Neil replied and Mrs. Zaragoza who was lying on the bed raised a finger.

“What are we going to do? I can’t leave the country with the police behind my back,” Jerry uttered as his hand unconsciously tap his lap and his breathing was unstable.

“Don’t look tense,” Neil said with a smirk and he closed his eyes, he opened them again and his eyes met with the moving finger.

“She moved her finger!” Jerry screamed and Neil turned around, he saw Mrs. Zaragoza blink her eyes.

Neil rushed towards the bee and sat beside her, Jerry moved closer too as they both waited for her to be fully awake.

“Where am I?” Mrs. Zaragoza inquired as she stared around the room. “Eme… You…. You are,” Neil stuttered

She studies Neil’s face for a moment and asked. “Who are you?” She asked.

“I…. I am…. Wait, you don’t recognize me?” Neil asked and she studied his face again.

“Am I supposed to?” She asked and Jerry figured out that she was suffering from Amnesia.

“He is your son,” Jerry blurted and Neil’s eyes widened, she turned to look at Jerry then back at Neil.

“I have a son?” She asked and Neil furrowed his brows at her. “You don’t remember anything?” Neil asked.

“I’m not sure….,” she trailed off and sat up. “What do you remember?” Neil asked.

“Umm..,” she groaned and held her forehead. “Nothing,” she said and rested her head on the bedboard.

“Don’t force it, you should rest for the meantime. I’ll get you something,” he said and helped her get back in bed before leaving the room.

“Jerry,” Neil called and he followed him out of the room.

“Why did you do that? We had no idea if she was pretending and you told her I was her son? How can you be so dumb?!” Neil fired at Jerry.

“You are the dumb one, I guess,” Jerry replied and walked towards the small dining table, he picked banana and started peeling it.

“She is vulnerable and you should use her to your advantage,” Jerry said and he furrowed his brows.

“Neil, she is clueless about the past. She doesn’t even remember who she is, you can plant a new memory in her, she is going to believe whatever you tell her,” Jerry said.

“You want me to pretend to be his son?” Neil asked. “Exactly, make her see you as a hero and Romina as…”

“The Villain,” they completed the sentence together.

“I never knew you were smart,” Neil said with a smirk.

Later at night, Mrs. Zaragoza walked to the living room and met Neil setting the table.

“Mister,” she called and Neil raised his head with a smile. “Mother,” he called and walked to her, he walked her to the dining table and helped her sit.

“Thank you,” Mrs. Zaragoza appreciated. “I’m your son, it’s only proper if I do this,” he replied and Mrs. Zaragoza watched him uncomfortably, she was not familiar with him or anything around.

“You should eat,” he said after dishing her food. “Can you tell me how I lost my memory?” She requested.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea,” he replied. “I need to know who I am and what happened to me,” she said on the verge of tears and Neil nodded.

“You had an accident with dad four years ago, you have been comatose since then, you had surgery yesterday and here we are,” he explained briefly.

“What about your dad?” She asked. “We were unable to save him,” he replied.

“What is your name?” She asked. “Neil… Neil Zaragoza,” he responded.

“Can you tell me more about us?” She requested and Neil nodded.

After hours of narration, Mrs. Zaragoza stood by the window and stared at the beautiful sky.

“You should rest,” Neil said behind her. “I have been sleeping for four years,” she said with a chuckle.

“Are you sad?” He asked and walked closer to her. “I don’t know, I am confused despite knowing the truth it does not feel like reality to me,” she said and shrugged.

“I don’t know what’s wrong Neil but I feel like I am still sleeping,” she said and he walked closer, he hugged her and she relaxed in his arms



Romina, Elias, and Zoey were sited on the couch discussing with the detective.

“There is no sign of Jerry leaving the country,” he reported.

“You can’t be sure, he is a cunning man,” Romina said. “He had Mr. Zaragoza’s face there is a possibility he is wearing a mask, we can’t identify him if he takes the mask off,” Zoey said.

“That’s right,” Romina muttered. “What about Neil?” Elias asked.

“There is no sign of him too,” the detective replied.

The doorbell rang and everyone’s attention was diverted, a maid went to open the door and Neil walked in.

“Speaking of the devil!” Romina growled and stood up but she halt immediately after her mother walked in.

“Mrs. Zaragoza,” Zoey called with a smile. “Mom!” Romina screamed and rushed to hug her.

The detective and Elias stood up with their faces broadened in surprise, nanny Gloria walked out of the kitchen looking confused but her confusion cleared when she saw Mrs. Zaragoza.

“Mom,” Romina called as he hugged her more tightly but Mrs. Zaragoza didn’t flinch.

Romina disengage from the hug and turned Mrs. Zaragoza around to be sure she was unhurt.

“You b@stard what did you do with her? Why did you kidnap her?!” Romina yelled hitting Neil’s chest.

“What are you talking about?” Neil asked with an innocent expression.

“Don’t play the saint! My mom has been missing for a week and you showed up with her, don’t tell me you just happened to bump into her. You definitely kidnapped her!” Romina yell.

“Why are you accusing my son?” Mrs. Zaragoza asked and Romina was dumbfounded.

She turned to face her mom who looked pretty annoyed. “Why are you accusing my son of kidnapping?” Mrs. Zaragoza asked.

“Mom, you called Neil son?” Romina asked. “Yes, he is my son,” she replied and Neil smiled mischievously.


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