By Terri Savage

Episode 61

Naomi felt nothing but pain and regret, if she hadn’t dated him before this won’t be happening to her, she never knew James is such a bea$t in human form, how could he do such a thing to a woman he claims he loves, it’s crystal clear he wanted her body and nothing else

Her mind drifted back to Shelton and she cried even more harder

* How will he react if he ever found out James forcefully had his way with her ” She thought crying heavily

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After some minutes he groaned pleasurably and pulled out of her releasing on her thighs

” Ahh, God, it has being so long I have a taste of you, I must say you are still sweet and tight,, that ba$tard of a boyfriend of yours surely enjoy you a lot ” He said getting down from the b.ed

” I love you Naomi but you pushed me to do this,, if you would have peacefully agreed, I wouldn’t have use force on you, I bet your hatred for me will grow more ,, but you know what ion give a dmn any more,, you’re now my captive,, I will be doing this more often, if I can’t have you no one will,, I will be wiping your boyfriend off very soon ” He said and that statement got Naomi to raised her face up

” Don’t dare touch Shelton,, you have me leave him alone please ” She said, she is already tired of crying or rather the glands responsible for tears aren’t secreting any longer,, cos she cried a lot

” Oh, poor Naomi, you love him that much,, but I am sorry he doesn’t deserve you ” He replied and went out immediately

” Don’t James,, you are a mon$ter,, you won’t get away with this ” She yelled

” Shelton baby,, I miss you so much ” She said hugging her knees

She stood up after some minutes and marched in to the bathroom, she faced the mirror and saw her red her eyes are, just a day here is almost killing her it felt like it’s years already

She open the tap and washed his disgusting cvm off her body

” I believe Shelton will find me,, I need to be strong ” She muttered sadly


Shelton’s place**

He just drank the last cup of beer in his hand

He stood up and walked to the fridge taking another black beer

He poured it into the cup and drank it , smiling like he is loosing his mind

” I feel so useless,, I couldn’t even protect the love of my life ”

He felt restless since he came back from the police station and after seeing James his mind is pin pointing at him

He ran his hand through his hair

” Why did I feel like she is in so much pains, Noami forgive me,, I won’t spare the person ” He said and just then an idea came to his mind, he took out his phone and called Victor

He picked after the second ring

? Fk you Shelton, I was about to kiss her ” Victor said immediately he picked the call, he is sleeping when the call came in

? Be serious for once,, I need your help on something but I will tell you everything tomorrow in school ” He said

? You don’t sound so good, is everything alright,, did your girlfriend broke your heart ? ” Victor said teasingly

? Ba$tard,, good night ” He said

” I hope my plan will work out perfect *


Fernando mansion**

Mia keep tossing on the bed endlessly, she can’t sleep no matter how hard she tried

She climbed down from the bed and slip into slippers

” May be I should just make coffee ” She said, walking out of her room

She got down stairs and was surprised as she saw Marcus watching a Korean action movie

He turned immediately noticing her presence

” Hey.. You’re not asleep yet ? ” He asked with a knowing smile

” I can’t sleep ” She pouted

” Okay ” He said

” What movie is that ? ” She asked sitting beside him

” A MAN CALLED GOD ” He replied, with his eyes focusing on the movie

She quickly look at him and smiled

” He is handsome, why am I just realizing it all of a sudden *

” Mia what is wrong with you,, what am I thinking,, I will be getting engage soon ” She snapped at herself

” Seems the movie is so interesting,, can I watch it with you? ” She asked

” Why not,, you can ” He replied

” I need coffee but Ion know how to do it,, let me get the maids ” She said and tried to stand but he stop her from doing so

” I will make the coffee for you ” He said

” Really ” She said surprisingly

” Yeah, we are friends, we got to be looking out for each other ” He said and left to the kitchen

” He is so sweet, guess I was the reason behind his cold altitude towards me ,, I am happy we sort out our differences ” She said

He returned with the coffee and gave it to her

” Thanks ” She said

” It’s nothing,, enjoy ” He replied

She took a sip from it and couldn’t hide her pleasure,, it’s the best coffee she has taste ever

” It is good, no words to describe it,,, you will be teaching me this soon ” She said and he chuckled

She drank it all and soon her eyes started feeling heavy

Marcus felt something on his shoulder, he turned and saw Mia sleeping soundly on his shoulders, he looked at her face, pulling the strands of hairs covering her face

” She looks so peaceful while sleeping but in reality she is a brat ” He muttered silently

” Good night ”


A bar **

It is late already as many people are going home right now,, but among these people, one is not ready to go home as she kept ordering for drinks non stop

” I think you have enough drinks miss ” The bartender said

” You have no right to tell what to do ” Susie replied drunkenly

She has been drinking since, she hate everyone now especially Jenny

Thought she has found love at last but the wtch come to destroy everything, she thought drinking will help forget everything but the pain is still there

” I want to close miss,, it is late ”

” I don’t want to leave ” She replied,, maybe she doesn’t know what she was saying

” Miss start going now, ” The bartender said collecting the cup from her forcefully

She angrily threw so cash at him and started staggering out causing him

” Ba$tard,, do you know how it feel to see the person you have feelings for kssing another person ” She said

She got outside and started struggling to open her car door

In that moment Jake came out and saw her struggling with her car door

He had just finished having fun with a b*tch

” Another p*ssy to bang tonight ” He said moving closer, his eyes bulge as it turn out to be Susie,

” She is drunk,, guess it is cos of that dk head Victor ” He muttered

” Hey handsome,, you are .. ” She couldn’t finished her words as she collapsed on Jake

” Sht, hey wake up ,, no she can’t just sleep, what do I do ” He said confusedly

” I don’t even know her house ”

” Wait ,, Victor house is not far from this bar,, let me take her there maybe they can sort out their issues ” He said and took her into car

He got in and brought the car to life before driving away

He drove into the compound and halted the car

He brought out his phone dialling Victor’s line, he didn’t pick after it ring numerous times

” pick up the call ” He said trying again, luckily this time he pick up

? What is it Jake ? ” He asked groaning

? I am outside your house with Susie ,, she got drunk.. come out ” He replied disconnecting the call immediately

” Is he serious now ” Victor said going out

He got outside and truly he is there in Susie’s car

” Hey buddy,, I bring your secret admirer,, come get her ” He said opening the door

Victor moved towards the car and looked at susie who is busy sleeping, he took her out in his arms

” Thanks buddy ” He said

” I am just looking out for my friend property ” He said

” What !”

” Don’t give me that look, if it hadn’t been about your plan to disclose Jenny dirty doing,, you will be by now trying to woo her,, I think I have done my part,, good night ”

” Wait Jake you’re leaving,, it is late ” He said stopping him

” I can get home,, beside I don’t want to disturb you too,, Good buddy ” He replied and started moving towards the gate

” Fk you Jake,, I hate you ” He said

” And I love you buddy,, happy womb shifting ” He shouted

” He is so crazy ” He muttered

He glance at Susie in his arms and took her upstairs directly to his room

He laid her on the bed and took her heels off before covering her properly with the duvet

” Good night pretty ” He said starring long at her cute face

He smiled and went to sleep on the sofa beside the bed

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