UNTIL THE END OF TIME: Chapter 41-50

?Until The End Of Time ?

? Chapter 41?

Written by: Tamara Blair

? Mariana’s P.o.v?
Now I kinda understand what Jasper meant by aggressive,He is a bit r0ugh but i really don’t care,I have been dying to do this,We both have been sx st@rved for a long time.

He placed rough ksses on my ne.ck,my collarbone.
“You are so fre.aking beautiful, absolutely g0rgeous” I smiled at him,He attacked my left b*0b like a hungry lion making me m0an.

He bit, scked and rolled his t0ngue over my npp.les,He continued to kss me down to my belly button,his hands grazed my h0neyp0t.

He looked up at me before l00king d0wn.
“Can i?”

“Yes, please”

He places himself between my th!ghs,his t0ngue g0es d0wn to my area,his first lck is sl0w and inten$e making my l.egs tremble against him,i put my hands 0n h.is ha!r to stabilize myself.

“Fk,Mari,You taste so good”
His t0ngue fl!cks over my cl!t and i ga$p when he scks on it insistently. There are like no words to explain what he is d0ing to me right now, it’s like he knows my b0dy and what it wants.

“You ready?” I nodded and closed my eyes as i felt him go ins!de me sl0wly.

“Oh my goodness” He stopped moving ins!de 0f me.
“Should i st0p?”

“Jasper,we both know that you can’t stop now,your eyes says it all so keep going,am fine”

It’s been so long since i have done this and i feel a little p@in, Jasper is so b!g.

His wh0le length is finally in me and i feel so full,so complete.
“G0sh,You are so t!ght and so sw.eet” He placed my l.egs on his sh0ulder and started thru$ting int0 me at a fast pace, my fingernails dipping int0 his skin.

“It’s never felt this good,never”

He intertwined our h@nds as his pace became so fast, The only things that could be heard was Jasper telling me how beautiful i looked and my m0ans,it filled the whole r00m.
Hours Later.
I woke up with a lot of p@in,i managed to get my eyes open. I was alone on the b.ed,i was still n@ked and i was so extremely s0re in between my l.egs.

I managed to get off the b.ed and i stood in front of a mirror, I gasped at what i saw, my entire b0dy was filled with r.ed sc@rs,my neck,my br*@st,l.egs, everywhere.

I looked at the b.ed and it was a mess, the pillows were destroyed, everything was in a complete mess,Did we really do all these last night.

Last night was amazing,a little painful at the end but Jasper gave me 0rg@sms that i lost count,i wore his hoodie on his b.ed.

I tried to walk but i was in so much pain,i managed to move a few steps but i fell making a loud noise.

The door opened wide and Alice walked in.
“What.the.h.ell.happened.here?” She looked around the almost destroyed room.

“What happened to you? You have so many scars on your body.. Wait, You and Jasper..oh my goodness.. Mariana,how are you still alive?”

” I wanted it,Alice”

“But you are in pain,You can’t even stand or walk”
“Where’s Jasper?”

“Rooftop,He doesn’t look happy”
“I don’t know,maybe because he feels guilty for causing you pa!n”
“I need to talk to him”

“Not now,You are in p@in,I can feel it,I’ll carry you to my mom, She’ll know what to do”
“Can you carry me?”

“Of course, Remember am a Zoron and i have carried things that weighed more than you, let’s go”

Alice carried me bridal style to her mom’s room.
“I put a healing liquid in your bathing water,Dip your whole body in the water and the scars and pain will vanish”

“Mari,You know my son did his very best to be gentle with you.. He’s a Zoron,he can’t help it”

“I know and am not angry”

After taking my bath, the sc@rs were completely gone along with the pain, the healing liquid worked perfectly, it’s like nothing happened to me,Now time to find that dkhead of a boyfriend.

I was about to leave his room when i felt a sudden pain in my head,I closed my eyes to ease the pain but instead i saw blurry images of something.

“Where’s that drink my mom gave me?” I asked myself as i went through my duffel bag,I finally found it and drank it all, the pain immediately vanished.

“My mom haven’t told me what this drink is for but at least it’s helping”
I went over to the rooftop of Jasper’s house,He was sh!rtless and his back was facing me, He’s so h0t.

“I think am liking the idea of you without a sh!rt on” I sat beside him and wrapped my hands around him.

“You should be resting”
“Am not tired,I just want to be with you..Why are you here?”
“I woke up and you weren’t by my side”

“I needed some time alone”
“Why’s that? Did i do something wrong?”

“No,You didn’t but i did..I hurt you, Mariana”

“Hurt me? How?”
“Don’t pretend,Babe..I saw the bruises on your body, everywhere”

“Look at me now,am okay,No bruises,am fine”
“My mom obviously helped you”
“Jasper,am fine..Am okay with everything..Last night was amazing,we enjoyed ourselves at least i did”

“You think i didn’t enjoy myself? Mari, Last night was the best night of my life, Nothing could compare to what we had last night”

“So what’s the problem?”
“Mari,You screamed in pain,I felt it,I was causing you pain but i couldn’t stop myself”
I hugged him, placing my head on his b@re che$t.

“Jasper, please stop blaming yourself,I wanted this,You didn’t force yourself on me,I wanted it infact i was the one who seduced you so please stop, let’s forget about this and move forward”

His hands came into my hair and kssed my forehead.
“I love you so much”
“I love you too,Now let’s go eat,am hungryyy”

“You are always hungry” He carried me bridal style and we left the roof top.

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