(Love in circles )


Jason’s POV
“I got English. You?” I asked
“Spanish class” Archie said with a growl.. “My timetable’s all shitty this year”.. James and I laughed while James pathetically gave him a tap and in return got a glare from Archie.
“Speaking of shitty, how’s it going with you and that Jackie girl?” Archie asked while we journeyed to our different classes.
“Better than you can imagine.. She’s so gullible and cheap. It’s no sweat at all” I said.
“Nick wouldn’t like that news” Archie said.
“After my plans today become successful, I’m sure he won’t like anything” I said. I glanced over at James and noticed his gloomy mood, I think Archie noticed it too because he suddenly tapped him.
“James.. What’s up with you man?” He asked and James shook his head negatively.
“Nothing’s wrong. I’ll just head to class first” he said and walked away.
Archie and I exchanged questioning glances, shrugged and parted to our class.

Jacqueline’s POV
I worked at the deliveries after school and after working at Nick’s.. I recall how I had drugged Allan’s lunch since he isn’t home, I wrapped it in a paper towel, pulled into one of my nice dresses and a fancy sandal that I got from mom and I left for work.
I finished working at the deliveries few minutes to eight, I hurried to the bus station.. Arranging my hair and pinning my French plait with a hairpin. I reached the bus station and sat on the bench, waiting for Jason and rechecking myself up.

After staying for more minutes waiting for Jason, I was beginning to doubt if he was actually going to come when a car pulled up in front of me and he came out, dressed in a plain white shirt with a black denim jacket and a black pant.
I stood up as he walked to me.
“Hey.. Sorry I’m late, did you wait for too long”
“Not too long. Can we go now?”
We got into his car and he started driving.. It was a silent ride with only the stereo releasing soft music. Feeling nervous, I looked out of the window and watched stuffs disappear to shorten the journey.. The car suddenly stopped and I turned to Jason.. “We’re here” he beamed a smile at me and we got down.
He came to my side and from the look of the exterior of the not-so-large building before me made me realize we weren’t in a restaurant nor a park.
I could hear one of Cardi’s track booming from the inside.. The feel of a warm and soft touch on my fingers took my out of my thoughts and I faced down to see Jason’s palm around mine.. I traced it to his face and he gave me a smile and nudged me to come on. We went in and the first thing that greeted me was first the blaring sound of music gushing from the sound box.. My face twitched as I surveyed the environment.. On the dancefloor were teenage boys and girls dancing dirty and by the corner I saw a dude making out with a girl… Almost stark naked!.. Why would Jason bring me here?
I felt a pull and saw Jason moving me further to the room, reluctantly I moved along and passing between the crazy crowd, we found our way to the pub and took seats… While Jason talked to the barman, I looked around me and the freaky/disgusting sight almost made me throw up. I turned my gaze back to Jason to see him filling a glass in front of me with drink.. He gave it to me and filled his, I lifted the glass to my lips, feeling dehydrated, I took a long sip and pulled the glass cup away from my lips when the taste hit me.. It tasted bitter and metallic, it took a lot of courage not to spit it out so I took it in with a twitched expression. The intoxicating feeling got to my head and with that simple taste, I began feeling too heavy for myself.. I blinked and thanks to the loud music, I couldn’t fall asleep. Everything was starting to make me go tipsy-turvy.
“You don’t take alcohol?” Jason shouted because of the music and through it, I heard him.. Not having strength to speak, I nodded a yes.
“Wanna leave?”..
Yes please.. My insides screamed but I couldn’t say it so I nodded again and Jason emptied his glass before standing up.
“Come.. I already booked us a room” he said to me and I stood. Successfully passing through the crowd of wasted people and n@ked lovers making out in corners, we reached a lane with doors at each corner.. Jason led and we reached the last door.
“Why are we here?” I asked, tugging at our palms that was clasped against each others.. Jason gave me a look..
“Why? Are you scared?” He asked “you think I wanna do something bad to you?”
“No..I don’t but I just don’t feel comfortable around here”
“So you’re implying that we leave?” He asked and I nodded.. He smirked. “Why? Is it because of Nicholas? He already knows we’re coming here”
“It’s not about Nicholas and–
The buzz sound emanating from my bag cut my sentence, I gave him a look and he unlocked our palms while I moved a step backwards.. I reached for my phone inside my bag and checked.. It was a missed call from Nicholas, I called him.
“Hey, why did you call?”
“Oh um.. That was a mistake–
“Okay. I’m hanging up”
“How’s your date going?”
“Great.. Why?” I asked..
“You know what; that call wasn’t a mistake.. I called because I need some coffee”
“But I’m on a date.. How do you expect me to get you coffee?”
“10 minutes is what I can give you and trust me you won’t want to keep me hanging again cos you won’t like the jail term for theft and you won’t also like being in jail”
“Theft?! But what did I st–
I sighed at the call got disconnected and after another frustrating sigh, I dumped my phone back into my bag and moved to where Jason was waiting.. I noticed he had finished unlocking the door.
I feel so bad that I’ll have to ditch him but seriously I don’t like being here either even though I’m with someone I’ve been craving to stay so close to.. I don’t just think being at a clubhouse is fun, it’s starting to disgust me.. And Nicholas, I’m hundred percent positive he’ll waste no time in calling the cops if I decide to stay..
“Um Jason I really want to hang out with you but something’s up and I have to go now” I said, giving him an apologetic look.
“Is it Nicholas?” He asked and I nodded. He frowned. I wanted to ask how he knew but realizing how my time’s ticking away at each moment made me not to.
“Do you mind driving me back to the bus station?” I asked.
“Sorry but I already paid for this room”
“Alright then.. I’ll just find my way back” I said and turned to go but a hard grip suddenly pulled me back and my back hit the wall.. I winced.
“You’re going nowhere!”
I gave Jason a questioning look..
“I already paid for this room and we’re both using it, even though you don’t want to”
“What?” I unrest myself from the wall “I already said I can’t and besides what’s so special about this room that you want to use it with me?” I asked.
“You want to know?” He asked and unexpectedly crashed his lips on mine.. For a while I think I would say I liked the fact that my crush was kissing me but again I had a feeling of deja vu… The feeling of helplessness and inferiority rose up in me and I saw myself being forced against my will to do something I didn’t want to do, it was like another Allan was taking over me.. I felt a mist of tears clouding my sight.. I pushed Jason off me and with ragged breathing I tried to walk past him but he pulled me back and I hit my back once more on the wall..
“W-what do you want from me?” I mumbled to him and he chuckled.
“You’re more stupid than I thought.. It’s surprising how Nick thinks I can’t get a bitch like you” he said and I gave him a look.. Has he been playing with me all this while??
Gosh.. How could I have thought he was actually catching feelings for me too?? I should’ve known he was only trying to get into my pant…
I’m so stupid.
He forcefully tried to kiss me again and knowingly I pushed my head to the side of the wall and with so much dexterity I pushed him off and somehow my hand moved to his face and slapped his cheek..
I could swear I wasn’t myself..
It’s like I’m with another Allan and all the memories I’ve been wanting to push aside came back fresh to my mind..
Helplessness, dejected, unwanted, inferior.. It all rose like a bile to my throat and it was too rocky to take in.
“Get away from me” I seethe.. Staring at Jason with so much anger.. I was beginning to feel weak but at the same time I had to find strength.
“I can’t bitch. I’m going to have you and prove to Nicholas that everything around him is worthless and useless. I can’t let that loser win again” he said and I tried to run but he rushed to my front and caged me to the wall.. I felt patsy..

Nicholas POV
I took a spoonful from my dinner and chew absentmindedly on it, letting my mind drift to my thoughts..
The date’s today?
Ugh! Why do I feel so perturbed about all this.. She seem pretty okay with it so why am I not okay about it? It’s not like it’s my business..
“Fvck!” I sighed and pushed my back to the dinning chair.. What’s up with me??
She might’ve think it was going to be an ordinary date and hold on.. She said it was a friendly hangout. She definitely don’t know about his crazy plans.. What if–
Arrgh! “It’s none of my business” and besides I told her not to go but she seem pretty determined to go.. I tried my best and honestly I shouldn’t have done any of that… It’s her life. If she doesn’t want him then she can simply leave there. It’s not much of a biggie.
I stood up, took my untouched food to the sink and left it, I washed my hands, dried it and walk to my room.. I laid upward on my bed and watched the slow running of the ceiling fan.. A sigh passed through my lip.
They’d probably be in a hotel room doing–
Oh dang it! I need to get these stuff out of my head.. Why do I feel so restless? I tried my best so why do my conscience still prick me.. It’s probably because I’m doing nothing. I should get those disturbing steam off. I grabbed my phone and with a press on the power button it turned on and I scrolled through my dialer.. I clicked on her contact and watched it ring.. It rang and without an answer got disconnected.. They’re probably having fun. Why did I even think of calling. I stood up from my bed and was walking out when my phone started ringing, I checked and it was her.. Okay what do I say was the reason behind my calling her?? Jeez.. I’m clueless.
I picked before it would stop ringing..
“Hey, why did you call?” Her voice came out softly, probably because of the music playing in the background.. Wait are they in a club??
He’ll probably try to get her drunk and.. It’s not my problem.
“Oh um.. That was a mistake–
“Okay. I’m hanging up” she cut my statement short.. Why’s she in a hurry..
“Wait..” I said before I could think of a next word..
“How’s your date going?” I said thoughtlessly again.
“Great.. Why?” I asked..
Great? I remember she denied it being a date yesterday and now she’s agreeing to what she opposed.. I was about ending the call when I recalled the letter I had read yesterday..
Jason must be up to something.. He might make her too tipsy to retaliate when he finally starts whatever his stupid plan is and knowing how gullible and stupid she might be.. She’ll cluelessly fall for it..
“You know what; that call wasn’t a mistake.. I called because… I need some coffee”
“But I’m on a date.. How do you expect me to get you coffee?”
Okay she doesn’t seem to be wanting help but damn.. I’ve started it, I have to finish it.
“10 minutes is what I can give you and trust me you won’t want to keep me hanging again cos you won’t like the jail term for theft and you won’t also like being in jail”
“Theft?! But what did I st–
*click* I disconnected the call and threw the phone to my bed.. I’ve probably made a really great mistake but I feel less burdened now and honestly, I could use some steaming coffee.

Jacqueline’s POV
“Jason.. T-this isn’t you.. Please stop” I said as the tears stung the corner of my eyes… I could’ve screamed my lungs out but it would be useless. No one would hear and even if someone eventually does they’ll be too wasted to help..
He scoffed “This is actually the real me. Let me tell you this, it’s all a game.. The nice act, smiles and everything was fake.. I just need to deal with Nicholas for topping me and trust me he’s not gonna help you–
While he talked my hand tried to reach the door which still had the key on it.
“.. I plan on destroying him…
My hand finally reached the keys and I pulled it out then tightly held a key in my fist.. With all my strength, I drew it toward him and dug the edge into his palm.. Once he released me to tend to his injury, I dashed out of the club.. Successfully pushing through the crowd.. I got to the exterior and hailed a cab, I rushed into it and gave him Nicholas address number.. As the car moved, I reminiscence on all the event I just went through..
Nicholas knew about this? That’s probably why he called and lied it was a mistake.. Geez!! He actually saved me from making a mistake.. I’m pretty sure I would’ve moved into that room with Jason if Nicholas call hadn’t come in.. I sighed.. I’m so stupid.
“Ms we’re here” the taxi stopped and I paid before moving down.. I walked into the house and knocked on the door.. Once it slipped open I couldn’t restrain myself from giving Nicholas a hug.. He staggered back, obviously caught by surprise and after realizing myself.. I pulled away.
“W-what was that f-for?” He asked, stepping away from me.. I smiled. He might try to deny it but I know it all now.. He helped me.
“You wanted coffee right? I’ll make you some” I said, walking past him to the kitchen.
“A-actually I don’t need that anymore” he said and I turned to him. “You were taking time so I made some for myself” he said and I walked back.
“So how did your date go?”
“Why do you seem so curious about it?” I asked and he shrugged.
“Curious?” He scoffed “I’m not– you know what? Just forget I asked” he said and moved to the couch.. He sat on it.
“Someone couldn’t sleep without seeing my face” I teased, moving to sit on the sofa. He gave me a blank stare then huskily said.
“You wish”
I smirked.
“You know what, rather than sitting here feeling all comfy why don’t you get me some iced tea” he said..
“On it”
I went to the mug of coffee, poured some quantity to a cup and added ice cube into it and walked to the living room and stretched the glass to him..
“What’s this?” He asked, I was about asking what he was talking about when he took the coffee from my palm, left it on coffee table and grabbed my hand.. He was talking about a rough deep scar etch on my palm.. It ran from my wrist to my elbow side.. I forgot to pull my jacket on.
I remembered it was one of the injuries Allan gave me with a broken bottle..
“I-it’s nothing” I took my hand from his grip.. I get uncomfortable when my injuries are being inquired.
“No. I’ve seen a similar one on your neck, it’s like it was pierced into you–
“I already said it’s nothing” I said, looking at his eyes. “Are you concerned about me now?”
“What? No” he awkwardly looked away, grabbed his glass of iced tea and took his attention to it.
“You can leave now. I don’t need anything else” he said to me, his gaze away..
“Sure and thanks” I walked to my jacket and grabbed it before walking out…
I took a cab home, my mind drifting mindlessly to today’s event, I paid the cabbie when he dropped me home and walked up the stairs to our house.. I reached the door and opened it, it gave way and I sighed hopefully.. I walked in and noticed the darkness surrounding the living room, only the moonlight gave little rays of light.. I ran my hand through the walls and reached for the switch, I turned the lights on and almost immediately froze on my spot..
On the couch was Allan, looking directly at me.. My bag dropped.

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