(Love in circles)

Jacqueline’s POV

I started the morning the next day with first a splitting headache .. After pulling into a baggy short, a shirt with no undergarment and packing my hair up with a bandana. I walked to the living room, picked up the list of chores Allan left for me and sighing after realizing he already left for work.. I started by clearing up last night’s mess. I packed up the pieces of broken bottles, vacuumed and mopped the blood stain and other part.. I started dusting the chairs and when I got to the couch, the same couch where Allan had forced himself on me.. I gradually breathed out the memory away, I continued with the cleaning.. Dabbing sweat off with the back of my palm.
I was moving to the next chair when my legs kicked a metallic object, I faced down, bent and picked it up.
A locket!

It had a picture of my parent in it, they had toothy smiles and without you knowing you’d figure it held happiness and so much peace. I squeezed it gently in my palm, a smile crossing my lips.. Going down into the beautiful and ugly memory lane. One harmless want took their life.
Allan must’ve dropped it. I tucked it into my short. “I’ll return it when I’m done”
I took the bucket and mop to Allan’s room, after cleaning the necessities and keeping the locket on his drawer table, close to his bed; I walked out and quickly did the rest of the work. I did the laundry; both Allan’s and mine. packed up the groceries and old boxes that had mostly, old school paper works and old uniforms. It was far past school time when I finished, so I decided to skip school for the day. I walked to my room, ran a bath, dressed up and went down to make breakfast for myself. I took it in a plate to the living room, sat on a chair, turned on the television and switched channels to a geographical sitcom before relaxing to watch; something I haven’t done in ages.
I took my phone beside me when it buzzed a message in.. From Martha.
?.. And you’re not in school because?? I smiled, settled the phone in my both palm and made to reply..

Nicholas POV
I slid into the driver’s when I heard the sound of my phone ringing, I took it from my pocket and checked the caller.. Dad!
The old man really knows how to call at the wrong time.
“Yes dad” I said into the phone, using my free hand to close the car door and start the car.
“Morning son. I got your call, how’ve you been?”
He’s just getting my call? Classic dad.
“Good. I called to inform you that I’ve gotten a house help..
“Oh really. That’s good! So is she staying full time or–
“Who said it’s a ‘she’?” I asked, driving out if the gate. The phone stuck now between my shoulder and ear.
“Isn’t it? Wait did you get some girlie househelp!?” His sharp voice pricked my ear and I endured it with a closed eye. Good thing there was no oncoming vehicle.
“Bring it down old man,” I joked “I was only pulling your legs. I got a girl,” I said and I heard him sigh..
“So tell me, how’s she.. I mean her working capabilities”
“Manageable. For her age you’d say she’s doing a good job and yeah she’s working part time ”
“Okay but you have to make her improve or you could get someone else.. like a nanny?”
“No, I’m satisfied with this one and you promised to let me handle it, so don’t make decisions for me on it”
“It’s just an opinion.. Just do a good job, I have to go now”
“Yeah sure” I said and he hung up. I took the phone down and concentrated fully on getting to school.
I parked and got down, slung my backpack to my back and walked to the class. After answering my name for homeroom, I entered the class for first period.
I saw a note underneath my desk, I first put down my book before pulling it out.. I scanned the class and met Jason gaze on me, he had a smirk on and I needed no soothsayer to tell me he was the culprit. I gave him a disgusted expression and tore the paper into shreds with my gaze still on him.. His countenance twitched to a frown and I gratefully pulled a smirk on and turned my attention and gaze to the board. It totally felt like dèja vu.

We had practicals after lunchtime was over and I pulled my lab coat over my uniform grabbed my research note.. I bang my locker close and walked down the hall to the biology lab.. As I walked my eyes scanned around for her.
Last night I had stayed out late, not because I was expecting her though but because I couldn’t get some sleep..I got so bored, I had to use her to get some of those steam off, She happens to know how to do it. She’s the first girl I’ve been this interactive and grouchy too and honestly, being that way to a girl like her lighten my mood. I got to the stairs and walked alongside my classmates. I tilt my head again but she wasn’t. Okay.. I think she’s trying to act tough and she doesn’t need to. I already know she has a thing on for me.
“Excuse me” I walked past a guy who was beginning to walk like his legs were made of jelly. I walked into the laboratory.. Went to my seat and sat, the teams joined me and Mrs Brown joined us later. She introduced the topic to us and instructed us on how the experiment would go. After a brief practical she let us do it teamwork and pen down our different observations. She gave each group a different type of specimen.

“Miss Shelton, please get the notes” she instructed the girl who went round and collected all our notes. “Diana, assist her with the specimens” another girl took the trays which had dead insects on them from our table.
“So guys, there’s a new post on the board, you all are to check it before going to class and for those thinking it’s not important, it is, because your grade for this session also rests on it. That’s all, Have a nice day” she said and walk out.. The two girls following her. As everyone gathered in small groups to talk about it, I took off my magnifying glass, pocketed it and walked out of the laboratory.. I went were the stairs was located, moved to the bulletin board and peered into it. True enough there was a new post and the important stuff Mrs Brown talked about is a test.
Ah! Thought it was a new list of high school projections.
I used the stairs down to my locker, opened it and folded my lab coat in it, I put the glass in the right place and closed it. I took out my phone and was walking down the hall to class, I operated it and just as I started swiping through my applications, a message buzzed in. I checked and it was from an unknown ID.. I deleted it without checking and clicked on her name.
?3 minutes..
I read the last text I sent to her. I moved to the rail, rested my back on it and typed a text to her.
?What punishment do you think is right for disobedience..
I waited for a response.
?A sack letter?
My brows furrowed.
?Agreed. How about I add a jail term to it since you still owe me?
It took minutes before a reply came.
?Nah.. That would be completely inhuman!?
I smiled.
?Good thing I’m not human, so it’s fair?
?No! I mean we both agreed on leaving the cops from this?
?Decisions, just like people change sometimes?
?Yeah right but please don’t get me arrested.. I would’ve come last night but something urgent came up.. Something I couldn’t ignore?
?Something like??
?Uh.. Sleep?
?Thoughtful excuse..?
?So? I’m forgiven right?
?I don’t forgive but I’ll let this pass? I texted.
I smiled a little and was about quitting the message app when another message popped up from her. I checked it.
?I love you so much girl, you have no idea how spending a day at home is like.. I’ll be looking forward to knowing everything about your blind date. See ya tomorrow ?
My brows furrowed after I read the message, just as I stared confused another message popped in.
?OMG! Wrong message.. Sorry Nik, it was a mistake. Just ignore it okay? I’ll see you at Work?
I shook my head.. Stupid!
That explains why I haven’t seen her on this floor trying to peek glances at me.
I tuck the phone in my pant pocket and continued my journey to class.

Jason’s POV
I threw my bag at a maid and walked into the house.. “Mom! I’m home!” I announced and seconds later my mom rushed out her.. Her both palm covered in flour.
“Welcome honey, how was school?”
“As it always have been” I responded. She walked to me, obviously wanting a hug.. I pulled back and held a restraining hand.
“There’s no way I’m letting you touch me with those hands”
“Oops, sorry son I almost forgot I had flour on me. I was getting your favorite desert prepared ahead for dinner. Can I at least get a kiss then?”
“Sure thing” I walked to her and placed a kiss on her forehead.
“Don’t stand there looking gormless, take that to my room!” I said to the Maid and she bowed before walking away.
“You should go shower and come down for lunch” she said, I nodded and walked to my room.
After showering, I Pulled into a black jean, a red shirt and styled my hair. I grabbed my racecar keys and walked out to the living room. Mom was getting the dishes ready.
“Mom, I’ll pass lunch today. I’m among the first racers and I can’t be late”
“That’s risky Jay, what if you get into an accident because you don’t have strength. Can’t you just have a bite or two?”
“No mom. I promise I’ll grab something on my way”
“I love you mom, bye.” I hurried out of the house, I hopped into my sport car and drove off.
“Hey man” James walked to me when I was parking at the venue, I got down and shook hands with him.
“Anything up?”
“You’re just in time, Mike’s getting the sets ready” he said.
“Where’s Archie?”
“Says he’ll be late today, he’s on the third” he said and I nodded “This baby looks super duper.. The best of many kinds” he said, referring to my car.
“You bet,” I threw the keys at him and he caught it. “Warm it up, I’ll just grab a quick bite before the game begins”
“With all pleasures dude” he says, patted my back and moved into it.
“Hey! Be careful with it, except you have a hundred million to pay” I said and he smiled with a nod.

After racing.. Archie, James and I sat on the grass, picking at the chopped barbecue in a plate and talking about sports.
“Does Nicholas now have a girlfriend?” Archie asked, earning a look from me and James.
“Whoa.. Crappy dude finally decides to man up” Archie said, picking a meat.
“That’s impossible” I said. “And why are you asking that?”
“Well because for few days now I’ve been seeing him talking to this hottie, I heard she’s in the junior’s–
“Wait Nick talked to a lady?”
“I saw it man. Two times.. I couldn’t believe it at first too until I saw it happen a second time”
I gave him a questioning look.. “Who’s she?” I asked.
“The only thing I got was her name.. Jacqueline Dawson and yes, I have a pics too” he said and my teeth gritted.. Anger welling up. I took the phone from him and stared at the picture of a young girl in a uniform and she had a wide grin across her lips.
Is that dude trying to be happy.. Jeez! Such a joke. That can never happen.
“Hey dude.. What’s up with the blank look, ain’t you happy for your bro?”
“That wasn’t a funny James,” I warned and he shrugged.
“Have you ever seen a monster happy?” I asked.
“Uh No” Archie answered. “Because I haven’t seen one”
“Then Nick can never be happy! That can’t happen”
“Okay bruh.. You keep calling Nick a monster but honestly I’ve not notice anything monstrous about him. Is there something else we should know?”
“There is and trust me you’ll be knowing about it soon cos In a short while, I’m ending everything but first I have to get her..he can’t have a girl before me. I’ll get her and right before him, I’ll ruin her and win”
“And who’s her?” Archie asked. I stood up and grabbed my phone before answering..
“Jacqueline Dawson”
With that.. I walked away.

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