(Love in circles)


Jacqueline’s POV
I gave him a smile when the door pulled open to reveal his face..
“Quit flirting with your boss and come in” he said and I frowned then walked in when he stepped aside. He locked the door and moved to a couch, plopping himself to it.
“You’re two minutes early; that’s impressive and for the first time in four days.. I’m being impressed by you” he said, I smiled behind him.
“I’m glad about that” I said and he stood up.
“You’ll be cleaning just my room and the kitchen today” he said and I nodded “Don’t take, touch or break anything, just do your thing.. I’ll be watching and this time I won’t think twice before calling the cops on you” he said and I nearly rolled my eyes at him..
Grouchy much!
“Don’t worry Nik.. I don’t let my curiosity get me in trouble and I’ll be very careful not to break anything” I said and he first rolled his gaze up and down on me before walking away.
I took my bag down, tied my hair up in ponytails and walked to the kitchen.. I first started with the ice box, I cleaned and dusted, wiped and washed. Close to the door was a big garbage can, inside the can were ceramic cups, cutleries and plates.. Dirty and dusty..
I rolled my eyes..
“Who keeps dirty plates in the trash can?” I asked no one in particular.

That dude’s way weirder than I thought. I unpacked the dishes from the trash and put them into the sink, I wore the washing gloves and started washing them. I added the dusty pots and set of plates and other cutleries from the pack.

After washing and drying, I arranged the plates neatly on the drain board. I left the cup in the cabinet and the cutlery in the sideboard, close to the dinning table.
I rounded up with the kitchen works and moved to his bedroom, I unlocked it and walked in..
“Wow” a small smile curved across my lips as I took in first, the gigantic look of his room, second, the nice smell and third, the neatness and beauty. I could admit that this is the only room in this house that was impressive. It’s totally not the way a random guy’s room should look like. There was no bad girl drawing, half n@ked girls wall papers, scattered clothes and magazines, nor towels that wasn’t hanged and carelessly thrown undershorts. It was completely different and I was impressed greatly.
I started work either ways and scrubbed the floor.. There wasn’t much work to be done so after dressing his already made up king sized bed, I walked out of his room, closing the door behind.
I moved to the living room and glanced at the wall clock, I had about thirty minutes extra to work here. I nodded thoughtfully and walked to the kitchen, I took the medium sized pot among the set of pots and left it on the worktop. I walked to the refrigerator and pulled it open the checked into it.. There were no vegetables nor anything good enough to make a meal, it was completely packed up with can foods, soda packs and other fast foods. I was about closing it when my eyes caught a bag of big ripe apples, I took it out and added strawberries to it.
I could fix something with this.
I closed the fridge and set the fruits into a bowl, I added water and washed it. I took the apple and peeled off the outer layer, I looked around for a grater, seeing none I settled for the chopping board I set it on the chop board, picked a knife from the knife block and began slicing it.

I washed my hands after washing all the used dishes and moved out of the kitchen, I took a peek at the dinning table, smiling in approval of my works, I moved from it.
“Nik?” I called, walking to the hall which had rooms and straining my head for him. “Nicholas. Are you here?” I called again but heard nothing.
“I’m here! Don’t yell my house down!” I heard his voice from his game room. I walked to it and walked in. He stood from his racing game car and turned to me.
“What?” He asked, giving me a pissed look.
“Sorry if I disturbed but I kinda made a little meal for you. I was wondering if you’re okay with me doing that?”
“You should’ve asked before you did it” he said.
“Yeah sorry.. I wanted to surprise you a little” I said and his brows furrowed for a moment.
“How did you make it, last time I checked I didn’t store my fridge with food ingredients”
“Um yeah.. I saw some apples and strawberries so I oven-fried them into a pie” I said “Sorry I used your oven too without your consent but there was no other thing I could think off and don’t worry, I made sure to clean it pretty well, you won’t even notice it’s been used”
He gave me a straight face first, then started wiping his face with a napkin.
“Fortunately, I don’t eat oven-fried foods–
“What? I mean why” I asked suddenly feeling bad at my wasted effort.
“Haven’t tried them and since I was three and knowing that it’s from someone like you, I’m positive I won’t like if even though I decide to try it” he said and for the second time in almost three hours, I restrained myself from giving him an eye roll.
“Hey! I’m a really good cook. I might not be that great but I’m completely sure you’d like this one, just try it. It’s on the dinning”
“Wait. We both know you don’t like me so Why did you decide to make me a meal today? Do you by chance have other plans?” He asked.
“Other plans?” I repeated “sorry but I don’t think I understand what you mean–
“Are you trying to kill me Miss?” He asked and my eyes grew wide.
“What? No!. true I don’t like you but I don’t dislike you enough to kill you,” I said “And I prefer to be called Jacqueline if you don’t mind” I said.
Okay maybe trying to be a little nice to this dude is a totes bad idea. He’s some sorta sapiens that can never be pleased. Such a grouch!
“Then why make me a meal?” He asked.
“Well.. Cos I thought you’d want some and because I thought we could maybe be a little nicer to each other” I said.
“Nicer?,” he asked “Or so I could get to start seeing you the way you want me to?” He asked, making me stare unbelievably at him.
I sighed quietly, knowing I’ll be late if I keep interacting with this dude that can never be nice.
“See, if you don’t want to eat it because you think I might’ve poisoned it then I can dispose it”
He stood up and walked past me, finally having the freedom to roll my eyes, I did it and followed him to the living room. He moved to the dinning, stared at the food and then at me before pulling out a chair and sitting.
“I have to go now” I said, straining my hand and grabbing my bag. I turned to him and for a while, his gaze was on me. My brows furrowed and I wondered if I had something strange on my face. He looked away and grabbed the fork and knife.
“What happened to you?” He asked, his gaze on the food.
“Excuse me?” I said, confused.
“Your cheek. It’s bruised and blood stained” he said, digging the fork into the pie and cutting from it with the knife.
“Oh,” Was all I said. my hand moved to my cheek. The wound must’ve torn when I yawned or strained my cheeks.
“It’s nothing. I’ll just treat it when I get home” I said. Bending to buckle up my shoes properly.
“Whatever. Suit yourself” he said, acting all emotionless.
“And yeah, just so you know; my eating this doesn’t mean we’re friends or anything. I don’t make friends with my workers”
“Don’t worry Nick. I’ve given up trying to be your friend either, I hope you enjoy the pie” I said and walked out. Reaching outside, I sighed repeatedly and my face twitched as I thought about my grouchy boss.
Geez! Can I really keep up with someone like him. I placed a palm on my chest and took in gentle breathe to calm my nerves. I quickly used a napkin to wipe the blood from my cheeks then I applied a little ointment to stop the blood. I took In a mouthful of the clean air that smells of flowers.
“It’s okay Jacqueline, everything will be alright. You’ve survived this few days and you still can and besides working here’s just temporary. I can keep bearing with him” I assured myself, nodded to my words and walked to work.
I arrived early and did the deliveries which surprisingly was pretty much, I thought I’d have leg cramps after so much pedaling but good enough, I didn’t. After getting a pass and extra payment. I took a taxi to the next work.. I was just a minute late and Mr Sherlock pardoned me, well not after giving me those looks that’d make you wanna cry. I started work and after everything, went home with Noel. Once at home, I had my dinner, covered Allan’s with a paper towel to keep it warm and retired to bed.. Relieved that I didn’t get to see him.
The next morning, I readied myself for school, grabbed an apple for breakfast and walked to school.

Jason’s POV
“An F? Seriously Jason an F!?” My dad yelled, wagging his index finger to my face. I rolled my eyes.
What’s wrong with the old man? It’s not like I’ve gotten an F before or it’s an overall thing. I wonder what happened, I mean I’m pretty sure I did well in my test.. How come I failed?
Did those stupid teacher plan it? Was that why they had it sent to my dad? Geez how did this even happen.
I hope this doesn’t go round, I mean i’m one of the most admired and recognized student in amity senior high, I’m someone looked onto both by the sophomores and the juniors for first, my brilliance and then my rank in the basket ball team. Stuffs like this can bring me down.
How could principal Howard let this be?
Not anything but an F? An F!?
This is so fucked up.
“So you’re not say anything right? You’ll just stand there looking at me like a moron? I work my ass out trying to ensure you get the best of education and this is what you could produce.. Am F?!” He raged.
I sighed and shook my head. Mom wouldn’t have made this a big deal but dad! The old dude’s a hell raiser.
“I was framed dad! Those stupid staffs must’ve purposely done it knowing it was me. I mean can’t you see it? I’ve never gotten such an awful grade before and suddenly it happens.. I’m completely sure that it isn’t mine ” I said trying to get my dad convinced.
“Really?” He gave me a straight face “Not yours? And why would the teacher want to frame you?”
“I don’t know.. Maybe because I’ve always been the best. They’re just jealous dad” I said.
“That doesn’t make sense young man! All this is your fault, rather than focus on your school work you focus on your stupid racing and basketball practice.. I did a really big mistake getting you that car and from today I forbid you from using it–
“What?! You can’t do that dad! You can’t take my car cos of some stupid result”
“I got it for you so I have every right to ban you from using it. You’ll gain that ownership back when I see a positive improvement in your grades” dad said and before I could talk, he walked away. I hit my palm on my forehead..
“Mom, you can’t let dad take my sport car away.. You have to do something” I turned to mom.
“Sorry son. But I don’t think there’s anything I can do.. Your dad’s pretty mad at you”
“But it’s not my fault, why can’t any of you see it”
Mom started coming close to me but I held out an arm to her.
“If you can’t get him to change his mind then stay away from me!” I said, knowing it would get to her in a rather painful way..
“Jason.. You know how your dad is, nothing in this situation can make him change his mind and besides you did something wrong.. You should apologize to him and assure him that you’ll change. Who knows he could lessen your ban term” she said and I scoffed. Apologize?
“Seriously.. I did something wrong? None of you are ready to see that I’m being framed.. C’mon mom I’m Jason, not Nicholas, I’m human and sometimes we make mistakes–
“If you’re looking for a perfect son without error then why did you marry dad? Why didn’t you stay with your monstrous son because unlike him humans like me are bound to make mistakes! Excuse me” I said angrily and stomped away.
I got to my room and threw the pillows to the floor, I plopped to my bed and sigh..
I really have to know who gave me an F.. I’ll make sure he or she regrets it and I really hope this haven’t gone viral.
“Arrgh!” I gritted my teeth. I would’ve gone racing to clear my head but my
stupid dad already took my car keys. I stood up from my bed, grabbed my basketball bag, styled my hair a little more and walked out of my room.
“Jason, where are you going, your lunch’s ready” mom said once I got to the living room.
“I’ll pass” I simply answered and walked out of the house.
Throwing my bag to the backseat, I hopped into the driver’s side of my Camry and started driving.

The loud ringing of my alarm screeches reaches my ears, I groaned softly and hit it with my fist and immediately it crashed to the floor and stopped, I grumbled.. This is probably the fifth alarm clock I’m destroying in one week.. I wonder who keeps getting new ones and setting it on overnight. Definitely mom.
I rolled out of bed.
“Honey! Are you up?”
“I’m up mom”
“Okay. Get ready and come down for breakfast” she said.
I sat on my bed, staring at my room and at the same time getting myself fully awake. I stood up from my bed and walked to my bathroom.
After running a bath and brushing my teeth, I pulled on a clean shirt, got my lotion on myself and styled my hair.
I heard a knock.
“Yes, come in” I said, putting my dryer away.
“Good morning sir” a maid greeted. “I got your uniform ready” she said and I gestured for her to leave it on my bed, she did and dropped the shoes on my drawer. With a slight bow, she walked out.
I wore my dressing robe on and walked out of my room.

I walked down the hallway, passing the rows of blue and red locker. I got to mine and after opening it, I threw my bag into it and grabbed my book for first period. We had Spanish history.
“Yo man” I looked up to see Archie.
“Hey bro” I said, putting the lock on my locker. “Where’s James”
“Says he’ll be late. His dad’s still scolding him for getting a B in the test” he said.
“What, a B?” I asked. “How’s that possible.. I got an F–
“What! Are you kidding me man?”
“I wish I am” I said and started walking to class “Dad seized my car cos of it”
“Seriously man, how come? We all answered the same thing. I got a B too.. How did you get an F”
“I don’t know and you can’t tell anyone. I’m sure that result isn’t mine, I’m supposed to have gotten an A. I have to find out who got an A and if it’s some dumbie then I’ll know it belongs to me” I said.
“Yeah maybe. So I guess we’re sneaking into the principal office because the result haven’t been posted”
“That’s great cos I can’t let anyone else knowing that my fake result had an F”
We stood at the hallway while Archie peeped into the principal’s office, he came to me.
“She’s in” he said with a frown.
I was about taking my mobile out to give her an official call when she came out of her office and walked away.
“Okay. You’ll stay here and check for anyone while I do the main work” I said and he nodded. I looked around before moving into the office. I went straight to the file on the table, sat down and drew it close to me. I opened it and the first thing that caught my sight was the test result.. I peered in, searching through the B’s for an A.. I finally found it and I traced it to name.. Nicholas McDowell. I tilt my head and a frown squeezed it’s way to my face..
Wait.. Nicholas McDowell?? As in Nick? That monster! I’ll be fucking damned!
I looked down and realized I was squeezing up the file, I quickly closed it and stood up, anger welling through me.
For the record I know Nick could be a brilliant kid sometimes but knowing the fact that he topped me in a simple test angered me a lot.. I have to get back to him, I’ll surely make sure this doesn’t go viral.
Arrgh! Of all people I got gapped by a m0nster..

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